Van Running Costs

How much does it cost per mile to run a van?
  • Fuel. If you have a well maintained van, then 28mpg should be achievable. Taking in to account your van will be partly loaded with tools, stock and doing lots of short journeys with stopping and starting.  
  • Servicing, Tyres, Parts. 25,000 miles a year over 3 years. That's going to be 1 or 2 sets of tyres, 3 services, a set of brakes each year and a exhaust. (A second-hand van will also need 3 MOT'S)
  • Van Insurance. Van drivers often pay higher premiums
  • Depreciation. The value you'll get when you sell/trade in after 3 - 4 years. DON'T forget to take in to account; you will need to replace your van, as this will be one of the biggest costs you will need to recover.
More Costs:
  • Time. The time it takes you to travel. Time = money
  • Road Tax.
  • Financing Charges.
  • Breakdown Insurance.
  • Plus your business costs.
The likely cost is going to be £1 per mile.

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