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The hardest thing when starting a new mobile bike business, is finding trade suppliers that will supple you. 

"Thank you for your recent application.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to provide an account for you as you do not comply with our current terms of trading.

Currently all accounts need to operate from a commercial business premises."

Cycle Tech UK supplies it's members a stock list, set-up parts at trade and open trade accounts. You will need to carry a stock of  parts: This will consist of workshop parts and consumables for a range of bikes.

Top Tip
Don’t squander funds by working with inefficient or overpriced suppliers. Shop around for the best deals. I can help you find trade suppliers, open trade accounts and what to stock.

Storage & Display Back of van

To get you started, parts can be supplied at trade on your first order. (Non members + 10%)
Cycle Tech UK can provide a set-up stock list and RRP price list. Cycle Tech and members are also welcome to spend a day with me on the road or at The Saturday Bike Shop. Going over parts, tools, pricing and taking photos for your website and taking a look at the mobile workshop! More info email 

Tubes 26"

Cassettes & Gear mech's

There is a wide range of cassettes to stock and road bike's are becoming more popular with different ratios and group sets.

  • Learning to manage stock efficiently and correctly will allow your business to stock a sufficient quantity of parts to meet customer needs. Not enough inventory causes delays and is bad for business. Excessive inventory costs a business money.
  • Start off by buying fast moving parts and keep a stock list, this will help when replacing parts sold when making your next order.
  • To get carriage paid you may need to place a minimum order.
  • (product knowledge) Once you are familiar with what you need and you have a better understanding of your suppliers you can bulk buy.

Storing and stocking a range of tyres 

  • Forward ordering can be difficult to judge, it's having enough of the right stock at the right time. 
  • The bread and butter products "The fast moving" continue to sell while the dead sock needs to be minimised by predicting customers spending habits. 

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Don't know what to stock, where to buy from, stock control? Then I can help you.
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