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How to start a mobile bicycle business? Buy the BIGGEST van and join Cycle Tech UK

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Cycle Tech UK - The Mobile Workshop

The Mobile Bicycle Workshop First Est 2007

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Our Mission Taking the bike shop to the customer - To build the biggest cycling network of professional mobile bicycle mechanics in the UK, offering countless opportunities for bicycle mechanics and helping more people to cycle.

Hi Martin
You should start a Guru business on the side. You are the flagship mobile cycle repair specialist in the UK. As such you should be recognised. And with time you will.
Karl Murphy. KM Cycle Repairs Belfast
Martin It was you and your business that inspired me to start my own business over here in Canada.
Troy Mitchell. The Mobile Bicycle Shop Ltd
Hi Martin, The advertising and website publicity is overwhelming! I had an email from a company that organises charity rides from London to Paris. They got my name from the Cyclefix listings for London, thanks for putting me at the top, I'm not sure I deserve top billing!
Hi Martin
Just looked up from my floor laying to find your site generated my first enquirys.
Ian. Spenny Cycles Ltd Solihull