Sunday, 30 July 2017

Essential Tools To Run Any Mobile Bike Business

If you are new to mechanics, then it could be a big learning curve being in a workshop environment.
After buying the biggest van you can afford, next will be building the workshop in the back of your van and then kitting it out with a full set of quality bicycle tools for you to use and make a living from. You get your first phone call, then the jobs start rolling in. Will you be setup ready or will you see how it goes?

"The tools required to perform the basic of jobs, need to be at arm's length"

I put this short post on this Blog, as I am surprised by how people try start and run a mobile bike business disorganised. They spend the money on tools, training, and a van but work in a mess!

Our Cycle Tech mechanics once they have met me and I am happy they will fit in, before joining our network. They will spend a day or two with me talking shop and getting their hands dirty, to cover the setup and everyday running of a mobile bike business.

"Use the correct tool for the job"

You can't run any business professionally unless you are organised to cope with day to day tasks. You make your living from these essential tools and they need to be found easily.

The Essentials:
  • Diary to book jobs in and organise your day
  • Work in progress - Note book to keep a note of ongoing jobs 
  • Order book
  • Clip board and check list to tick of work carried out, to report extra work and to give an estimate. 
  • Tools and tool roll - See: Bicycle Tools 
These are the essentials to run your bike business, there is a lot more to this business that you can find on this website. See: Index

CK Magma Tool Roll, can be used as a roll or hanging

CK Magma Tool Roll - Used on work bench

You need to make a living from your tools.
Tools also need to be looked after, kept clean, checked for wear and damage

Do you have the mechanical skills and motivation for running a mobile bike business?

Start your bike business today:

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