Thursday, 1 June 2017

Business Hacks - To Start Your Bike Business Today

Wasting time and money is very common in starting any new business in the early days.

Every mobile bike business is faced with the dilemma of how best to maximise return of investment and to start making a profit.

Cycle Tech UK have a network of business owners who have been there. Cycle Tech UK have listed all money wasting ways and how best to invest your time/money for mobile bike business owners as part of our welcome pack to help you better invest your businesses money and time.
  • Bad Advertising & Marketing 
  • Custom Websites
  • Too Small Van
  • Not being organised
  • Lack of business & technical support 
  • Pricing for services
  • The right suppliers, stock and tooling
  • Not understanding cash-flow
  • And more..............
What if there was a way to start your own local bike business and you knew you was going to spend your investment wisely and get a fast return.

"Working with Cycle Tech UK will allow you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls often associated with mobile bike repair start-ups"

Well by joining our network of business owners you can do just that and have contacts in the trade along with support from the largest network of mobile bicycle repair specialists.

The mobile workshop is at the heart of cycling
Mobile has changed the way repairs are carried out to suit the modern day consumer. Providing localised mobile bike servicing and repairs to a growing market in high demand.

Our network of mobile mechanics are all unique by giving our customers an unforgettable experience and ease of service at their home or place of work. Customers who have engaged with Cycle Tech UK recall this positive experience and share with their friends, work colleagues and fellow club riders.

Business Hacks -Maximizing your business potential

"By spending a day with me - not just getting your hands dirty, but also talking shop over a Colombian coffee inside the mobile workshop"

Members of Cycle Tech UK have the chance to spend a day with me or a lead Member. Going over tricks and tips needed before you are out on the road meeting your own customers.

 Custom-built-workshops, that you can DIY!

Cycle Tech UK will also give you the support to start and run your own bike business.
  1. Investment - Showing you where to spend you money wisely and getting a fast return
  2. Van - The mobile workshop, Buy the BIGGEST van you can afford
  3. Sign write your van - Be seen, our branding can secure a long-term name & success
  4. Tools - buy the best, you need to make your living from these tools. Tool kits from Park tool and different brands have specialist tools that you will need out on the road.
  5. Get mechanical experience - Easy when you know how! 2 week Training course is a start, but also networking with those who have already been there and knowing how to check a bike for problems/faults before the customer finds it. Gone are the days of untrained mechanics, now it's a trusted team of both qualified and ongoing training technicians working in fully-equipped mobile workshops. Where workshops can display their first class services direct to customers, show what's wrong direct with customer and give advice are the ones who can generate customer trust and in turn credibility that sees customers return time and time again.
  6. Product knowledge - Having mechanical/business support backup for those what to do moments, makes your mobile bike shop look more professional. 
  7. Kit your mobile workshop out - Custom-built-workshops "there's a places for everything and everything is in its place" Being organised is key to operating a successful workshop. The quicker you can find the parts, tools you need and have the space to perform each task easily, the quicker the job will be done correct first time and you can be on to the next lucrative repair, improving your potential turnover.
  8. Pricing - Have a price list/menu, the biggest problem in any business is not charging enough for your services.
  9. Stock list - Knowing what to stock, of workshop/fast moving parts and building on the small parts. 
  10. Suppliers - Buying from trade suppliers will give you the best deals on bulk buys and those hard to find parts that consume time finding! Having trade accounts is essential for all bike businesses to be able to do warranty work. 
  11. Being found - Established 2007, knowing what works and what to avoid when it comes to advertising. Our on-line presence; web, facebook, map and postcode search we share with our business partners making it easy to find a local mechanic. 
  12. And most important - It's our responsibility knowing who our customers are, what they need and the many ways we can help them. Then we can be efficient in what we do and we can also offer advice to match their cycling needs, telling them to pump their tyres up regularly to the correct pressure, what are the best wheels for their type of cycling...............
Service check lists, price menu, essential tools and stock lists

Start your own bike business today
Join today - Business and Technical support, trade contacts, welcome pack, day with me, branding, your local work area, support network.

Having established a large footprint within the UK cycling market, Cycle Tech UK is looking to capitalise on the many considerable opportunities that lay ahead. 

Cycle Tech UK is looking to continue to grow with the right individuals, in this exciting and hugely expanding industry.

We have great bunch of Cycle Technicians and are proud of our achievements, if you like to be part of our network, then get in touch today.

This is over 20 years of mobile mechanical-tested advice. I've made plenty of mistakes on my way and I've documented them on this Blog, along with tips, tricks, hacks, and stories, so that you too can be a mobile mechanic with ease.

Our network has the information in a welcome pack that is second to none. I couldn't be more proud of it - the ultimate resource for mobile bicycle mechanics. I leave no stone unturned so you can start your own mobile bike business with the utmost confidence and learn how to embrace a life of endless satisfaction - it is possible, my friends. Join our network today. 

I'm not a flashy salesman - I will just tell you how it is and then you can make your own mind up if this business is for you.

"I'm someone who started his career in a bike shop, getting his hands dirty. Now proud to be helping others endure their own bike business and making it a livelihood they can be proud of"

I can show you how to start your own professional mobile bike business for under £15k

Always happy to meet and answer your questions
over a coffee.

With over 20 years experience running mobile mechanical businesses. 

 If you would like to receive a copy of our  information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact Martin Wilkins

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