Thursday, 10 August 2017

Life Plan - Starting A Mobile Bike Business

You don't start your bike business because of what you don't have. You don't start because you don't realise yet that the fruit of everything good in life begins with a challenge.

Sounds familiar. Do you keep puting things off? Making up excuses to start or do anything?

"If you don’t take your own dreams seriously, who will?"

This post is something I put here to help those who have the idea to start a business, who talk about it to their friends and then think about what can go wrong or put off till tomorrow. Then ends up getting frustrated that they can't make a start.
(I can never emphasise enough the importance of making a simple to do list!) It must come from you to want to make a go in life.............We all see things differently, like fear, taking a risk that can stop us from doing the things we really want to do. The successful people know how to overcome this, they also know it means hard work, it's ongoing and there is no quick way to succeed long term. The things we have in common is we all started with little money and little knowledge but by thinking big, having a vision of what we want to achieve by focusing and putting the time into learning new skills puts us in a better position.

Preparation is key - If you just sold your house and had a moving date in say 3 months time.
Would you:
1 Wait until the day before?
2 Let your partner organise everything?
3 Start a to do list?
I would also ask friends to collect storage boxes, have a tidy up and sell unwanted items/give to charity shops, organise my things to be stored in order and label the boxes for easy unpacking. Also start searching storage units if necessary.
If you picked 1 or 2 then you need to start by changing your mindset of getting things done. I am afraid to tell you there is no easy or quick way to anything longterm in life. You just have to be strong and get on with it!

I don't see money as the main motivational source, rather I focus on my passion and keep pushing forward with what I love to do.
I have big ambitions - I start with by focusing on what I want done, rather than how I am going to do it.

Once I made the decision I Act on it!
Focus on what I need to do to get started, and I do not dwell over every single factor.
Even if you are debt, you can do this by taking baby steps on the way to being debt free.
I do to create a plan of action - You don't need to know every element to occupy your mind right now with things that you don't need to deal with. Just a  simple to do list, you can work off daily

But that is me and my way of thinking. How about you?

"Don't just aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference. Even you to can be great"

Tell me a job you have loved? If you are only chasing the dollar. then you will have job's that will pay a little more than the last

Are your decisions - 
Based on financial rewards?
Based on how easy the work maybe?
Based on long term goals?

A job can be - That you are looking forward to getting up in the morning and makes you excited doing. If thats not you, then today is the first day of your new way of doing things............

Chat over a coffee

Identify the greatness within you, because greatness lies within you

Your skills - list your skills
Easy to talk to
Mechanical skills
A willingness to learn new things
Use what you have learned from your old jobs, to do what it takes to do the things you want to do/build
Passion - You have passion.

"Passion is an emotion and you need to act on it. Make a decision from it and don't be afraid to fail" 

Your own worst enemy (We are all our worst enemy and we need to recognise it)
Be honest with yourself!
Rushing into things without thinking about the consequences.
You could work at the things that you want - at the moment you don't know what you want and end up jumping at the first idea that comes to your mind. As you see it as a quick fix of making you feel good.
You can think whats good for you long term. Without rushing into it - one step at a time, by doing small things. This way it feels you are moving forward and achieving your goal.
It takes the time to develop, keep your head down and work at it. Stop checking how far you have got, just keep working at it.
By doing things regularly, you start to see results.

What are your financial priorities? If you don’t know the answer offhand, it’s easy to get it. Just look back at your bank statements, credit card statements for the last six months. Whether you like it or not, where you’ve been spending a lot of money is where your priorities are. If you’d like to value experiences more than “stuff,” you may need to make some changes.

You say you don't know why you are getting stressed!!!!!!
Be honest with yourself:
Financial debt - Means stress - depression that turns in to hating your life.
Do you waste a lot of food, buying junk food and drinking alcohol most days?.
My advice is; if you can't afford it, then DONT buy it! Think first; do you really need it or can you make do? It takes a lot of hard work to earn your money, so spend it wisely.

Let me ask you. How much do you want to have your own business?
Then do what it takes, your out goings and spending is the first place to look. Do you need the latest phone, do you need sky TV, do you spend a lot of time browsing online shops like Amazon, do you buy "stuff" on credit card? It's not you don't have the money to start your business, it's you are wasting the money.
And then you are just working to buy stuff" and pay the bank the interest!

Health - look after yourself is the most important thing in life.
If you don't change your ways, you will see the same results. Change one bad habit at a time to a good habit. You have to work at it, there is no easy way to good health, it's a lifestyle change. Your body needs rest and foods to help recover.

If you don't have the energy to do things, then you should look at your lifestyle. This could go deeper into the way you are thinking.
This is where you may need to see someone to talk to and they can help you. We all have to think realistically and know there are good and bad days. And we are learning new things every day. If you did something wrong in the past, then tell yourself you did the best you could at the time with what you knew then. Don't say should have done, say I could have done.
If you never managed money well in the past, well now is time to say, that way has not worked and time to find a new way. Firstly, you need to know why you are spending too much money? Is it a feel good factor? Short term? Do you buy junk food to feel good?
Secondly, you need to know what you want to achieve?

Whole Recovery - helping you pick up the pieces

Maybe you would like to talk with Steve Jessop E: The Whole Recovery concept promotes the rebuilding and pulling together of all aspects of the individual's life which have been impacted through substance misuse.

Cycling can help with depression 

Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? If so then you could be spending your time wisely and start towards building your own business. Learn how to build a website, there are many free platforms like, learn how to market yourself on line and it's all free.

Immerse yourself with mechanical skills online with Parktool videos, you can never learn enough, also search where you can find technical information and join related bicycle forums. If this seems like hard work, or you are not interested, then maybe you have failed at the first hurdle and working for yourself is not for you.

Self discipline
There is nothing easy in life that's worth while. That will be easy in life its all going to be up hill. It's not going to come to you and it's not going to fall on your lap.
If you are only chasing what's easy then eventually you will get bored and you will plateau, where if you are chasing the things that excite you - the people, the work, the stuff you get passionate about - you will actually make way more.

You need to think and take one step at a time. Make those decisions in your life today. To get to those goals you must apply discipline and consistency every day

First - be honest with yourself
There is no quick fix, it's on going.
Things don't go right if you rush into new projects, they will never get completed or worked on.
Make small changes by taking one step at a time
Second - Know what you want
Third - make a plan to pay off your debts and then start a savings plan

Making notes is my way to make a plan and act on it and you can do the same.

Start today by Making a list of 100 things that you want to do................... and list them as most important and group them to what you want to achieve in the next year, 5 years, or 10 years.

Remeber there is no quick way to anything in life. You can buy a ready meal and pop in the oven or you can shop for fresh products, go home prepare and cook. How you decide to live your life will give you different results.

This Blog — and Posts — are for the small tribe of people willing to do what it takes to get massive results (Build the best mobile workshop in the world and work it).

My goal is to share the knowledge

I ask you that you:

  1. Read
  2. Taking Action


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Essential Tools To Run Any Mobile Bike Business

If you are new to mechanics, then it could be a big learning curve being in a workshop environment.
After buying the biggest van you can afford, next will be building the workshop in the back of your van and then kitting it out with a full set of quality bicycle tools for you to use and make a living from. You get your first phone call, then the jobs start rolling in. Will you be setup ready or will you see how it goes?

"The tools required to perform the basic of jobs, need to be at arm's length"

I put this short post on this Blog, as I am surprised by how people try start and run a mobile bike business disorganised. They spend the money on tools, training, and a van but work in a mess!

Our Cycle Tech mechanics once they have met me and I am happy they will fit in, before joining our network. They will spend a day or two with me talking shop and getting their hands dirty, to cover the setup and everyday running of a mobile bike business.

"Use the correct tool for the job"

You can't run any business professionally unless you are organised to cope with day to day tasks. You make your living from these essential tools and they need to be found easily.

The Essentials:
  • Diary to book jobs in and organise your day
  • Work in progress - Note book to keep a note of ongoing jobs 
  • Order book
  • Clip board and check list to tick of work carried out, to report extra work and to give an estimate. 
  • Tools and tool roll - See: Bicycle Tools 
These are the essentials to run your bike business, there is a lot more to this business that you can find on this website. See: Index

CK Magma Tool Roll, can be used as a roll or hanging

CK Magma Tool Roll - Used on work bench

You need to make a living from your tools.
Tools also need to be looked after, kept clean, checked for wear and damage

Do you have the mechanical skills and motivation for running a mobile bike business?

Start your bike business today:

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Are Mobile Mechanics Replacing Traditional Bike Shops?

Customers want the widest choice of bikes, parts, and accessories offered by the Internet which many shops find difficult to compete with. Once the Internet bike has been purchased the customer has no affiliation with a shop, which is why they then call the Mobile Mechanic. A good example is many customers buy the Boardman brand from Halfords direct or via The Cycle to Work Scheme and most often like the knowledge of having a mobile mechanic assemble it and check it over before they use it.

"Cycling is still booming, yet many traditional bike shops are not seeing their margins grow. Shops are not economical, you may need to work 7 days a week and bring the wife into work for free just to make ends meet."

Many high street shops have been declining for years and the traditional bike shop has managed to hang on for the longest, but at what expense? You can't keep holding large amounts of stock and selling by giving big discounts to match online, while rent and rates keep rising it is easy to be eating into your profit or even into savings. 

It's now an interesting time in the bike trade. 
Customers are expecting a demanding level of convenience, that our mobile business service can offer. A unique service for customers that traditional bike shop may not give.

Customers value convenience, Cycle Tech UK can tap into that. - The future of the mobile bike shop is continuing to grow worldwide, and is a service that is very convenient, making riders life a whole lot easier getting their bike serviced or repaired at their home or place of work. No more trying to put the bike(s) in the back of the car and then having to return, or worst still to be told to bring it back in 4 weeks time.

"People will miss the bike shop once its gone, but if they don't use it then they will loose it"

Are Mobile Mechanics Replacing Traditional Bike Shops

"Cycle Tech UK is at the heart of cycling " 
The workshop that comes to the customer, instead of the customer going to the shop, where we have the ability to interact directly with the customer where the mechanic works closely. Talking with the customer direct - makes explaining what work is required a lot easier face to face than over the phone. Along with offering any free cycling advice. Customer's feel they have had good value with a mobile service, they return and they soon tell their friends.
Our Mobile Mechanics come from all walks of life. But what they all have in common is they are professional, a passion for bicycles, able to focus and continue to learn new skills.
With their knowledge and input they have become an asset to our network of great business owners.

Anyone who makes an inquiry to start their own bike business is sent an information brochure about our network and a confidential questionnaire for them to fill in, then a meeting is arranged to find out if this business is for them and if they will fit in with Cycle Tech UK. Once accepted they will undergo "minimum" level 2 training and by the end of year one in business, have completed high-end wheel building, disc brake & suspension, BOSCH e-bike training, along with updates, trade days to network and learn the latest product knowledge. Cycle Tech UK mechanics also receive a welcome pack of business information I have put together over the last 10 years to help get their business off the ground and onto the road. Including what to stock, suppliers info, tooling, insurance, what type of van and how to kit it out. Each mechanic will spend a day with me or a lead member to go over business best practices, what's included in a service (How to look, feel hear for faults the M -Check) that are included in our service checklist.

Cycle Tech UK is not a franchise, (though we do have an agreement and territory similar to a franchise) we are a cooperative of like-minded businessmen with a large network of bicycle mechanics that offer support in business and mechanical that we share within our group. Promoting, bulk buying stock and helping new business start ups, how not to waste time and money starting and running their own bike business all under the Cycle Tech UK name and branding. The largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the world, we also have worldwide associated mobile mechanics in our network, that continues to grow.

Time will tell if the franchise setup in USA and Canada pays off. They have definitely moved things forward and caused a stir in the bike trade at a crucial time in the bike industry! But it will be interesting to see if the mobile franchise system will grow and the mechanics make a profit from their large investments! The UK is different to the North America, there is already a large network of mobile mechanics already setup here, that's established and continues to grow within the cycling community.

A typical Mobile outfit

As well as offering mobile repair and service, new bike builds, warranty, home mechanics school, bike fit, we also cover large cycle events with mechanical support in the UK and Europe, our latest mechanical support where 7 Cycle Tech UK mechanics supported the Dragon Ride over 3 days. We also run bike clinics, Dr. Bike and mobile workshop at various train stations. 4 of our mechanics have also now opened shops.

Even if we get a call to a puncture, it can normally be more, if you are removing a rear wheel it will quite often mean adjusting brakes and gears. And the customer likes our service and will say "can you look at some more bikes while you are here", we have a fully equipped workshop, carrying workshop parts, and specialist tools allowing us to do first fix first go. We have a minimum call out charge to cover costs.

What is growing - is fitting customers own parts they supply - Cycle Tech UK fit these parts subject to our terms and we charge a little extra, we work with it. Online is not going away and this can also help in busy times, customers supplying parts frees our time up and helps with cash flow.

We work closely with our trade suppliers, we like to support them. If we can find cheaper online we let them know! Trade suppliers have a wealth of knowledge that can save the mechanic time.
It doe's take the time to learn what each supplier supplies and how each one run's their business. There is a lot of competition between trade and online, especially with click & collect, free returns, 10% extra discount to British Cycling Members, and choice of delivery addresses. Where if we are working at a location where there are more than 20 bikes we can have parts sent to site.

"Parts are sold online cheaper than what can be brought at trade. That means the shops and mobile are supporting the Internet by buying online

Shops could do better by making more sales to customers who do enter their shop and not letting them walk out without a sale, who then they buy online instead.
Many trade suppliers are trying to get people back into shops (And cycle to work) - with buy on-line and collect from the shop and this can help with cash flow, the customer can buy bicycles over 2 years with no deposit, can only be a good thing. Better than having a min of 5 bikes of each brand in stock and with no stock available in the busy summer months as waiting for next years models to arrive!
There needs to be a back of mechanical support available for warranty issues, repairs, and servicing. I believe that the mobile when setup correctly is ideal to offer this service direct to the customer.

We do often find that suppliers can be out of stock of large numbers of everyday parts!!! This could be to do with new products/next year's models due to be available soon.

Mobile will NOT kill off the bike shop there is room for both. 
There is now more choice for customers and there is a market for both. But to make your business work you need to know what your customers want. These days they expect everything cheap and done quick.

Going mobile is not for everyone - How you set up your business, where you are, open to learning/ customers needs, how quick you get up to speed, your skills, your professionalism, grow your business slowly and being nice to customers will determine your outcome.

"What we do know for mobile or bike shops is that are looking at offering a delivery service. That if you are not setup correctly and organised then you will be doing more miles than minutes"

Our aim over the next 5 years is to help more people to cycle, double the market share "sales", invest in quality service and always looking to change to our customer's needs.
We also have an App. Pocket Cycle Tech The Internet has lots of How To instruction guides and Pocket Cycle Tech does not seek to replace that. Instead, its aim is to help keep an accurate record of how a bike is used to assist the user or a cycle mechanic understands how a bike has been used to ensure maintenance is effective and cost efficient. Secondly, it provides a set of hints to guide a user or mechanic to likely causes of particular symptoms. Initially, it is only available for Android but an iPhone version is planned for Autumn 2017.

What can be done to get more people to start cycling and keep them cycling all year round? 

  • To use as main transportation, by having more bike lanes needed particularly to schools, shops, business parks, and linking up with train stations. 
  • Sell more city type bikes that are made more durable
  • Get more involved and do everything you can to make bicycling in your town's area comfortable and safe for normal average people.

You may like to read:
BEING DIFFERENT - STAYING AHEAD by Liam FitzPatrick BikeBiz Bike Trade Media

Join our network of mobile bicycle mechanics today.
Our business support cut the learning curve and setup in half, so you don’t need to spend years in trial and error. This translates into CONFIDENCE.

If you would like to receive a copy of our  information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact Martin Wilkins

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Dragon Ride L'Etape Wales 2017 Mechanical Support

Cycle Tech UK supports the 2017 Dragon Ride The Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales returned for its 14th year in 2017. In addition to the one day Dragon Ride on Sunday 14th June, some riders participated in the Dragon Tour: two additional days of cycling for those who are up for a multi-day challenge. The Dragon Ride distances ranged from 100km up to the massive 305km Dragon Devil ride, with a total of 3,544 riders participating.

Cycle Tech  UK provided 7 mechanics in their vans to support the Dragon Ride, with two of these also supporting the Dragon Tour. For the Ride they were stationed at feed stations and strategic points on the route. Sunday weather was wet, dry, sunny and windy.

These events are a good opportunity to market our network as riders come from all over the UK, it's always a busy day and riders tend to come all at once, with wanting tubes and borrow the pump being the main issues but anything can happen on the day!

A BIG thank you to our mechanics for supporting and keeping riders wheels turning.....................

Van used as bike rack!!

Phil at feed station 2 had a constant stream of riders coming over to the van from 10 until 2, to have various ailments fixed. These included punctures, tyre replacements, chain replacement, vanishing chain ring bolts and brake blocks, worn out cleats, broken pedals as well as gear indexing and end stop adjustments. The feed stations were well provisioned with energy products, food, water and toilets, although a bike rack would have been a bonus considering the number of riders parked on the van.

Top of first big climb. Bit windy up here!!

First of the riders passing mechanical support
(Bike stand makes a good van defender)

Map - Dragon Ride L'Etape Wales

Last day at the L'Etape Wales Dragon Ride and we meet The Devil!!

If you like to be part of our network of mobile bicycle repair specialists and start your own bike business, then get in contact today

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Business Hacks - To Start Your Bike Business Today

Wasting time and money is very common in starting any new business in the early days.

Every mobile bike business is faced with the dilemma of how best to maximise return of investment and to start making a profit.

Cycle Tech UK have a network of business owners who have been there. Cycle Tech UK have listed all money wasting ways and how best to invest your time/money for mobile bike business owners as part of our welcome pack to help you better invest your businesses money and time.
  • Bad Advertising & Marketing 
  • Custom Websites
  • Too Small Van
  • Not being organised
  • Lack of business & technical support 
  • Pricing for services
  • The right suppliers, stock and tooling
  • Not understanding cash-flow
  • And more..............
What if there was a way to start your own local bike business and you knew you was going to spend your investment wisely and get a fast return.

"Working with Cycle Tech UK will allow you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls often associated with mobile bike repair start-ups"

Well by joining our network of business owners you can do just that and have contacts in the trade along with support from the largest network of mobile bicycle repair specialists.

The mobile workshop is at the heart of cycling
Mobile has changed the way repairs are carried out to suit the modern day consumer. Providing localised mobile bike servicing and repairs to a growing market in high demand.

Our network of mobile mechanics are all unique by giving our customers an unforgettable experience and ease of service at their home or place of work. Customers who have engaged with Cycle Tech UK recall this positive experience and share with their friends, work colleagues and fellow club riders.

Business Hacks -Maximizing your business potential

"By spending a day with me - not just getting your hands dirty, but also talking shop over a Colombian coffee inside the mobile workshop"

Members of Cycle Tech UK have the chance to spend a day with me or a lead Member. Going over tricks and tips needed before you are out on the road meeting your own customers.

 Custom-built-workshops, that you can DIY!

Cycle Tech UK will also give you the support to start and run your own bike business.
  1. Investment - Showing you where to spend you money wisely and getting a fast return
  2. Van - The mobile workshop, Buy the BIGGEST van you can afford
  3. Sign write your van - Be seen, our branding can secure a long-term name & success
  4. Tools - buy the best, you need to make your living from these tools. Tool kits from Park tool and different brands have specialist tools that you will need out on the road.
  5. Get mechanical experience - Easy when you know how! 2 week Training course is a start, but also networking with those who have already been there and knowing how to check a bike for problems/faults before the customer finds it. Gone are the days of untrained mechanics, now it's a trusted team of both qualified and ongoing training technicians working in fully-equipped mobile workshops. Where workshops can display their first class services direct to customers, show what's wrong direct with customer and give advice are the ones who can generate customer trust and in turn credibility that sees customers return time and time again.
  6. Product knowledge - Having mechanical/business support backup for those what to do moments, makes your mobile bike shop look more professional. 
  7. Kit your mobile workshop out - Custom-built-workshops "there's a places for everything and everything is in its place" Being organised is key to operating a successful workshop. The quicker you can find the parts, tools you need and have the space to perform each task easily, the quicker the job will be done correct first time and you can be on to the next lucrative repair, improving your potential turnover.
  8. Pricing - Have a price list/menu, the biggest problem in any business is not charging enough for your services.
  9. Stock list - Knowing what to stock, of workshop/fast moving parts and building on the small parts. 
  10. Suppliers - Buying from trade suppliers will give you the best deals on bulk buys and those hard to find parts that consume time finding! Having trade accounts is essential for all bike businesses to be able to do warranty work. 
  11. Being found - Established 2007, knowing what works and what to avoid when it comes to advertising. Our on-line presence; web, facebook, map and postcode search we share with our business partners making it easy to find a local mechanic. 
  12. And most important - It's our responsibility knowing who our customers are, what they need and the many ways we can help them. Then we can be efficient in what we do and we can also offer advice to match their cycling needs, telling them to pump their tyres up regularly to the correct pressure, what are the best wheels for their type of cycling...............
Service check lists, price menu, essential tools and stock lists

Start your own bike business today
Join today - Business and Technical support, trade contacts, welcome pack, day with me, branding, your local work area, support network.

Having established a large footprint within the UK cycling market, Cycle Tech UK is looking to capitalise on the many considerable opportunities that lay ahead. 

Cycle Tech UK is looking to continue to grow with the right individuals, in this exciting and hugely expanding industry.

We have great bunch of Cycle Technicians and are proud of our achievements, if you like to be part of our network, then get in touch today.

This is over 20 years of mobile mechanical-tested advice. I've made plenty of mistakes on my way and I've documented them on this Blog, along with tips, tricks, hacks, and stories, so that you too can be a mobile mechanic with ease.

Our network has the information in a welcome pack that is second to none. I couldn't be more proud of it - the ultimate resource for mobile bicycle mechanics. I leave no stone unturned so you can start your own mobile bike business with the utmost confidence and learn how to embrace a life of endless satisfaction - it is possible, my friends. Join our network today. 

I'm not a flashy salesman - I will just tell you how it is and then you can make your own mind up if this business is for you.

"I'm someone who started his career in a bike shop, getting his hands dirty. Now proud to be helping others endure their own bike business and making it a livelihood they can be proud of"

I can show you how to start your own professional mobile bike business for under £15k

Always happy to meet and answer your questions
over a coffee.

With over 20 years experience running mobile mechanical businesses. 

 If you would like to receive a copy of our  information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact Martin Wilkins

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

e Bike Training And Seminars

Being part of any network is good for business, our network members benefit form being kept up to date with the latest e bike training.

"Continuous Learning: An Essential Strategy for your Personal Success"

Product Knowledge is key to a growing business
  • Cycle Tech UK encourages ongoing training to its Members. 
  • Cycle Tech UK Gathers, shares and exploits technical and business knowledge with its Members.
  • Our Members think up clever new products, services and share ideas. 
  • Networking - Training days, trade days are great ways to see new products, network with people working as mobile and meet contacts in the trade. 
Join our network of BOSCH eBike experts - our Cycle Tech UK mechanics are now BOSCH eBike trained

ebco e Bike Training And Seminars BOSCH & Tranz X

e bike training certificates 

e bike training manuals, parts catalog & diagnostic kit Shimano Steps & BOSCH systems

You like to start and grow your own bike business and stay ahead of the competition, then why not join our Network "Cycle Tech UK" The largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the world.

We are looking for hungry individuals to become our network partners operating their own local mobile repair business in territories that complement our established network throughout the UK

If you would like to receive a copy of our information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Bike Shop and Mobile Repair Service

Our 4th Cycle Tech has now opened a bike shop and continues with offering a mobile service

Cycle Tech Hertfordshire

Contact: Mike Narramore
Call: 07767305064

97 Old Watford Road St Albans AL2 3UN

Open Day

CTH Cycles

 Salsa Bicycle


To start your bikes shop email today 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Just Start Your Bike Business - As You Will Never Be 100% Ready

Do you dream BIG?
  • Do you think every day about working for yourself
  • Can you visualise fixing bikes and meeting cyclists 
  • Do you read, research bicycle mechanics and everything cycling related every day
Then its time to put your dream into reality

You have a dream to start your own bike business, your passion with cycling is very strong and have been thinking of this idea for a while now. So you have started a business plan but now see pitfalls in your research that stop you from starting..............................
Then you could just start your bike business, before you tell yourself the reasons why you can't.

"don't wait for opportunity, create it"

Chase the paper or the dream

By doing what you enjoy and the money will come. Work on yourself, success is something you attract and not something your pursue. If you want to get paid more, then work more and give more.
If you are expecting to earn £25k or more you will be disappointed, you need to turn your expectation in to apreastiastion. That's the day you become wealthy

"don't start a business just to make money, start a business to change people's lives"

Common questions I get asked:
  • I need an idea of setup costs and possible income etc?
  • How many customers do you think I need to be able to earn £25k?
  • How many jobs per day and how much income do I need to do per day?
."In the bike trade they say. to make a million you need to spend 2 million"

This is not exactly easy to answer as it will depend a lot on the size and standard of your mobile bike shop. However, most people who start a mobile bike shop that will be around a transit high roof long wheel base will spend around £25k setting up their business. The lowest amount you could probably get away with is £20k.

The following will factor into how well you will do

You can put bike shops and mobile bike businesses into 3 categories:
  1. The hungriest -Those who run a successful business, by just doing it and making it work. These businessmen have invested over £25k on setup, get involved in networking, make smart decisions and plan. 
  2. The hobbiest - Those who run a business for pleasure and happy to make £20k / year. 
  3. The And those who go bust after 1 year.
How do you intend to run your mobile bike business?
  • What size van
  • Buy used, new or lease 
  • Have you run a business before
  • Do you have money to invest
  • Do you have mechanical skills
  • Do you know how much you should charge
  • Can you get up in the mornings
  • Are you disciplined 
Getting up to speed
  • May take you 6 months or 10 years
By joining a network of established like-minded mechanics who have years of experiences and contacts in the trade, will give your business the kick start it needs. 

"Stay hungry - You may have the passion to start your bike business. But you must first know the reason why and what you want to achieve from running your own business?"

Meet Martin; Founder of Cycle Tech UK 
For a coffee and chat to find out if this business is for you!

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We are looking for hungry individuals to become our network partners operating their own local mobile repair business in territories that complement our established network throughout the UK

If you would like to receive a copy of our information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Remove Cannondale Road Bike BB30 Crank - Without Special Tool

Onsite repairs from the "van"

You are servicing a Cannondale Synapse with a 3 piece crank and the bb30 is worn and you don't have the recommended tool?


Cannondale Synapse

Place drift through axle 
Find a drift that fits inside the axle and 5 mm shorter! (92 mm)

Screw back in crank arm plug

And use Park Tool CCP-22 extractor tool

Extract crank arm off

Carefully remove spacers

Water droplets inside bottom bracket

Drift I used was a tap holding tool

Spacers and seals placed on the axle and cable tied for safe keeping

Monday, 6 February 2017

Oxford Safety Supplies - Workwear For Bicycle Mechanics

Top quality workwear for professional mobile bicycle mechanics

Oxford Safety Supplies

Cycle Tech UK Mechanics have access to order online, that includes full workwear, artwork, embroidery or printed logo to back of T-Shirts.



Baseball Cap

T -Shirt


Friday, 27 January 2017

Every Bicycle Needs A Mechanic

Mobile bicycle mechanics give a more personal relationship

  • Cycle Tech UK focus on the professionalism of the bicycle mechanic
  • We are changing the image of the bikeshop mechanic and customers believe in our mechanics
  • We interact with other mechanics and share ideas. We get along, as we have a common interest of bicycle mechanics
  • We don't complain, we just get on with every job and give the best advice 

"Every bike needs a mechanic" which I think is an obvious truth, yet many bike owners don't conceive of it

The reality is, that when a bike comes to us for fixing, we find other items that are also show signs of wear, that we can use the opportunity to sell further parts and labour.

If I can fix it and there is money to be made, I will
Back in 2007 when I setup Cycle Tech "The mobile bike shop" I worked on everything that came to me. None of this “Take it back to where it came from”

Every Bicycle Needs A Mechanic

At the heart of cycling

Cycle Tech UK - The largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the world.
Being part of any network is good for business and working under our logo gives you credibility. 

Claim your territory today and join the rapidly expanding Cycle Tech UK Team. Opportunities available across the UK.

Cycle Tech UK do the donkey work, so you can build your own bike business and get up and running more quickly. 

For a information brochure to learn more and a meeting with me to see if this business is for you. Please email

Martin has over 20 years of running mobile mechanical onsite repair business.

See Index for more posts and how to start a mobile bicycle repair business today.

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