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Start 2017 with your own bike business

Looking at starting your own bike business or a change of career? Then Cycle Tech UK is where it can all start.
Start and grow your own bike business by joining our growing network of mobile bicycle mechanics, who own their own bike business, that offers a local service to cyclists that has the support of a national operation.

"Start 2017 by not living someone else's dream, working the 9 - 5 grind and start building your own dream"

Why a Mobile Bike Business

Place yourself in the shoes of a cyclist and consider their options they have, when it comes to getting their bike fixed, where to take it, how they will get their bike there and back. 
How about a family who have 4 bikes that need checking over before they go on their summer holiday - they may have a bike carrier, but can they park outside the shop, will the bikes all be ready in time, does the shop have enough space at this busy time of year.  
More people whether new to cycling or not are buying bicycles online, who will they use to assemble their new bike or to take care of servicing and any warranty issues? As many shop's will not carry out any work on a bike they did not sell, or the customer does not want the inconvenience of taking their bike to a shop.  
Now walk yourself through the customer experience of a mobile planned business, asking yourself: What will make people find and choose about this type of business over a shop, and what will keep them coming back?
  • Saving the customer time - Onsite service at their home or place of work, who have a busy lifestyle. Our business is about helping those people, by being convenient, saving time, which means more people cycling.  
  • Talking with the customer direct - makes explaining what work is required a lot easier face to face then over the phone. Along with offering any free cycling advice. 
  • Customer's feel they have had good value with a mobile service and they soon tell their friends. 
Mobile Bicycle Repair Onsite Service

Your business our network

Our members have come from all types of backgrounds and with the right business start-up they have grown their own bike business and helped other members grow theirs. We are proud to be part of the largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the world.
Now that we have built a good foundation, that puts us in an ideal position to offer our home bike build services to cyclists that are buying more and more online. That also brings in service and warranty issues that be carried out onsite, direct with the customer and fits in with their busy lifestyles.

Start a business with Cycle Tech UK - mobile bike business opportunity. 
  • Discover about our network of mobile bicycle repair specialists - a cooperative of likeminded mechanics/businessmen 
  • Great business name and logo - that has a proven record, established and continuing to grow
  • It's your own bike business - we are not a franchise. You have a territory and minimum professional setup but the business is yours, use your own creativity and personality to be individual, that is nationally reconsidered, with support and linked in with our business partners.   
  • Start Here - We are here to tell you how it really is and if this is something you really want to do then we will show you how. 
"Start your own bike business, carry only what you need and find a way to make a living from it. Anyone can do it!"

With over 75 mobile mechanics across the UK

About Cycle Tech UK

Is a mobile bicycle repair business with over 75 Mobile Cycle Technicians open or under development across the UK. As bicycle ridership is booming, cyclists (increasingly millennials) are demanding a convenient solution for all their bike needs. By bringing a fully equipped mobile workshop to the customer, Cycle Tech UK provides the ultimate consumer convenience offering service, parts & accessories and new bike sales. 

Network Of Mobile Bicycle Repair Specialists
Claim your territory today and join the rapidly expanding Cycle Tech UK Team. Opportunities available across the UK.

For a information brochure to learn more and a meeting with me to see if this business is for you. Please email

Martin has over 20 years of running mobile mechanical onsite repair business.

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