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Excellent business opportunity with all the advantages of a franchise,

but without the ongoing franchise costs!

I can help you today with our strategies and resources to start and grow your business. 
Giving you a sense of stability and freedom in what you enjoy:
  • Do you want the freedom of being your own boss and stability with the support of a national network, working in one of the fastest growing leisure sectors?
  • Do you have around £10k to invest?
  • Do you share the same passion? Are you like minded and keen to help others?

Then please do get in touch with Martin Wilkins at for an information brochure to explain in more detail the benefits, to arrange a meeting and possible the next step in your journey to start your own bike business...................

Cycling is an addictive sport. All over the world, folks are getting on bikes and never getting off. Whether it’s for fun or exercise, or relied upon as a source of transportation, bikes are undoubtedly well-loved. Retail expert: Phil Chang network Hubba

UK'S Growth for The Mobile Bicycle Workshop 
A short comment before explaining the positive side to being mobile:

You may be seeing more and more cyclists, but many bike shops have been seeing a slowdown in bike sales for sometime now. As with many types of businesses they are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with online sales. Bikeshops are finding it harder and harder to make a good mark up on sales of bikes and accessories, to cover costs of business, let alone making a living from.
It takes more than a bike shop specialising to keep customers coming back, it also takes being established, having a team who have good product knowledge and the very best customer care (Knows what the customer wants and how to treat them) But many customers seem to be only window shopping "to get the right information" before buying online! Shoppers like to buy cheap and not for value. To make it worse, many shop's are not receiving the support and back up from many of the big suppliers. Especially with new businesses, like help with buying the right products and choosing the right brands.

As a group of bicycle mechanics whether shop based or mobile, we often see the same situations coming though the workshop: -
  • Customers who have brought the wrong size bike or even the wrong type of bike for their needs/use.
  • Customers may have been confused buying a new bicycle, with the variety of wheel sizing, gearing and braking systems now available. 
  • Bikes that have not been assembled correctly or poor quality bikes that are not safe.
  • Those new to cycling, rarely been shown or told about how to use the gears and pump up tyres on a regular basis. 
  • Those who have bought high end road bikes and join a cycling club, find if difficult riding in a group at high speed and many give up as not been shown or explained before investing in a new bicycle. 
  • Not all cities are embracing cyclists, with heavy traffic and minimal cycle paths. While road bikes and commuters are still in large numbers, we are seeing more people returning/turning to mountain bikes and riding off road only. 
Long term, all the above means not a good buying experience and not enjoying cycling to its full preternatural.

"In any service type business we are always learning how to be better and one thing is there is not a quick way. Those new to the bike trade will soon find out, it works different from any other type of business you may have worked in"

There's a growing requirement for Mobile Bicycle Repairs which include anything from:

High demand, we fit in with customer's busy life. 
Work direct with customer. We can easily show and explain everything we do or advise. 
Save the customer time and inconvenience of taking their bikes to the bikeshop.   
Customer feels they have had good value form our friendly services. 


High on-line sales (That require correct setup) 
More cyclists turning to the Internet to buy their new bicycle.
Our network is ideally setup to fit in with the way many customers now choose to buy online. 
Less returns to the supplier Specialist mechanics and tools required


Cyclists particulate road bikes require bike fit to rider. 
optimise comfort, maximise your efficiency and prevent injuries.


e bikes - the fastest growing sector in cycling, with BOSCH leading the way.


Factory built wheels combined with poor roads soon need mechanical attention. 
High demand for specialist hand built wheels to touring, mountain and road bikes.


Anything mechanical requires repairs and new parts need replacing regularly. Many new bicycles come with cheap components and require upgrades.

Typical Mobile Bicycle Workshop Setup
  • Sales of Tyres, tubes, brakes, gears and accessories from the van
  • Di2 upgrades
  • Suspension service
  • Frame prep
  • Ongoing service and maintenance..............
Whether a child's bike handle bars have come lose or a full overhaul service is required, Cycle Tech UK make the whole experiences for the customer much more simpler, by making a home visit in a mobile workshop. All with free cycling advice from a friendly mobile bicycle mechanic and customers are happy to tell their friends about our unique services. 

All in all, 2017 looks to be a big year for cyclists and our mechanics are ready to cater the changing market.

Thank you for reading my post. Martin - encouraging more people to have start their own bike business and to get more people cycling.

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