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Commitment To Your Mobile Bicycle Repair Business

Whilst motivation and passion helps with setting goals, taking action to start your business and vision. It's your commitment that matters for long term success. You can't have motivation and passion everyday, but you can have commitment to function at your best, practically and emotionally every day, by having the right attitude and able to make smart decisions.

A great step forward towards success is having a plan that has been carefully prepared, then all that remains is to carry it out.

"Carrying out the plan is about having responsibility and being disciplined"

1st make a list of what you need to do the job. See: Business Planning

2nd preparing solutions to overcome anything that might stop you from succeeding
  • Hurdles
  • Barriers
  • Pitfalls
"Turning failure in to a challenge and problems in to situations, is an opportunity to develop yourself and your skills"

How much commitment and sacrifice will you make, not only to start your business but for the long road ahead?

Success has to be worth the price you pay for it! See: Make it happen - Your mobile business a success

"Success is when you are on the road to making something you enjoy happen, taking those small steps at a time to achieve it, by continuing learning new things and maintaining what you have achieved. We soon forget the hard work once we get what we want and the value of material things that we can buy so easy without working hard and saving for"

Commitment to your mobile bicycle business:
  • Responsibility is all about managing your time, feelings and getting down to business without excuses. 
  • If you have responsibility for your plan, then you must be held accountable for it.
  • The chances of success increase when we have deadlines and progress reports on how it is all going, making you feel obligated to act. 
  • When you become accountable, you will audit the way the things are going. Then you will step in quickly, if things are not going according to plan. 
  • Borrowing money - if its within your means. It you really want to make this business happen, then first cut back on your personal expenses and pay off any loans. Even get a part time job, better still a job in a bike shop and then start fixing friends bikes for money. 
"Having a good idea and being organised is the easy bit, but being disciplined and doing what needs to be done to make your business a success is where most people fail"

Immersing yourself 
By networking and surrounding yourself with positive people and businessmen

Cycle Tech UK "The Largest Network Of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics"  
Our business is based on having good foundation, like minded mechanics, (Businessmen) who put in as well as take out, a great system, we make it by being different and built slowly taking one pedal stroke at a time.

I can guide you step by step from setup to running your mobile bike business and you will have more chances of running a successful business:
  • Choosing the right van "The Mobile Workshop" See: Mobile bicycle mechanic business van & storage
  • Contacts in the bike trade (Trade suppliers) 
  • Organise your mobile workshop and the day to day running of your business 
  • Tools and stock - Essential tools, specialist tools, equipment and setup workshop stock of parts
  • Get you up to speed - Confidence with fixing/repairing and making the right decisions
  • Cash flow management
  • Technical and business support - Trade secrets & group support      
  • Great branding, website business listing and postcode search 
  • Ownership of your own local business, but with being part of a national network and cycle assembly group. 
Our entry level mobile workshop setup

Don't believe everything on this Blog. By that I mean limiting your belief that we must be all things to all customers and how you should run your business in order to be successful. I am here as a guide, helping you gain confidence in yourself and remove fear of starting your own bike business, that you can do it how you want to work, by using your talents and creative thinking. In the end it is your bike business.

For a information brochure and a meeting with me to see if this business is for you. Please email

Martin has over 20 years of running mobile mechanical onsite repair business.

See Index for more posts and how to start a mobile bicycle repair business today.

Martin Cycle Tech UK

"Anything in life is only important as you want it to be" 

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