Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Beeline Bikes - Mobile Bike Shop | North America

The future of the mobile bike shop is continuing to grow worldwide and is a service that is very convenient making riders life a whole lot easier getting their bike(s) serviced or repaired.

This video from the cool Beeline mobile bike mechanics from over the pond in the USA, who have done a great job with their mobile workshops.

Video: See inside the trucks The Mobile Bike Shop - tools and stock

They use two large vans "Trucks" Mercedes Sprinter and The Ford Transit

Pete Smalls Marketing Director - Beeline Bikes

"Bring connivance to the customer, you can go online and schedule appointment and a friendly mechanic will show up at your location of choice" 

"Started with one truck in the Bay area San Francisco, now have 31 trucks across the US and have serviced over 12,000 bikes to-date"

Mark Altamirano - Beeline mechanic

"You are looking at bringing the bike shop to the customer instead of the customer having to go to the bike shop" 

"Gives me the ability to interact with my customers a little bit more. We work closely and we are not drawing a line between the customer and the mechanic. So that's a pretty big deal" 

Pete Smalls Marketing Director - Beeline Bikes

"We got the mobile bike shop right here behind me, we use the two different vehicles as the platform the Mercedes Sprinter and The Ford Transit. Its the perfect vehicle for a bike nerd, you could take this on any bike trip you can imagine, through a sleeping bag on the floor and you are set to go!

Mark Altamirano - Beeline mechanic

"Let's take a look at it. So the idea is to keep everyone rolling on their bikes, so we are fully inventoried, ready to do most service. I have a selection of wheels, I have all the parts do a pad service on Mountain bikes, road bikes, we also have full cable sets to replace all the cabling and shifting. The ability to replace any broken spokes, we have a complete spoke library.
This is a great magnetic stand, so everything really clung to the tool bench. A complete selection of chains, if I do to do any sort of tube replacement, I think I have got it covered here. Truing stand complete with dial gauge and then I have my wall mounted service stand. So there you have it my compact mobile shop"

Pete Smalls Marketing Director - Beeline Bikes

" It a really interested time in the bike industry, I think customers are demanding a level of convenience that traditionally may not get in every bike shop out there and presents a unique  opportunity for businesses like ours"

Mark Altamirano - Beeline mechanic

Lots of folk out there don't have a lot of time, you just want to pull up your app and you want to ride your bike tomorrow, this all fits in with them. I don't know a lot about surfing, but I feel like I am in the line up and I am getting ready for the really big wave. And to me this really feels like a really big wave, the next big ride, so this is the best way to spend my time for sure, I can keep spreading the love because I want to get everyone on bicycles"

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