Thursday, 29 September 2016

Brizebox - Parcel Delivery Box

Brizebox is giving on-line shoppers peace of mind by providing secure package delivery when they’re not at home.

No more waiting at home for a delivery or a delivery that requires a signature.

Brian Willcox, the owner of Brizebo: said, “I am passionate about engineering as well as being a regular on-line shopper. My experience of parcels being idly left outside my home, awkward Post Office collection hours and grumpy neighbours got me thinking about the problems faced today by on-line consumers and couriers alike.”

Made of zinc-coated sheet metal and for strength and durability, lever mechanisms, locks and hinges are made of stainless steel. To prevent water ingress rubber seals are used on the drawer and door.

Ideal for mobile bike mechanics who are working away from home and can't be in to places at once. Now you can continue to book work in each day, knowing your deliveries will be take care of. 


Find out more about Brizebox and to buy click image.

Click to buy and more about Brizebox

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Beeline Bikes - Mobile Bike Shop | North America

The future of the mobile bike shop is continuing to grow worldwide and is a service that is very convenient making riders life a whole lot easier getting their bike(s) serviced or repaired.

This video from the cool Beeline mobile bike mechanics from over the pond in the USA, who have done a great job with their mobile workshops.

Video: See inside the trucks The Mobile Bike Shop - tools and stock

They use two large vans "Trucks" Mercedes Sprinter and The Ford Transit

Pete Smalls Marketing Director - Beeline Bikes

"Bring connivance to the customer, you can go online and schedule appointment and a friendly mechanic will show up at your location of choice" 

"Started with one truck in the Bay area San Francisco, now have 31 trucks across the US and have serviced over 12,000 bikes to-date"

Mark Altamirano - Beeline mechanic

"You are looking at bringing the bike shop to the customer instead of the customer having to go to the bike shop" 

"Gives me the ability to interact with my customers a little bit more. We work closely and we are not drawing a line between the customer and the mechanic. So that's a pretty big deal" 

Pete Smalls Marketing Director - Beeline Bikes

"We got the mobile bike shop right here behind me, we use the two different vehicles as the platform the Mercedes Sprinter and The Ford Transit. Its the perfect vehicle for a bike nerd, you could take this on any bike trip you can imagine, through a sleeping bag on the floor and you are set to go!

Mark Altamirano - Beeline mechanic

"Let's take a look at it. So the idea is to keep everyone rolling on their bikes, so we are fully inventoried, ready to do most service. I have a selection of wheels, I have all the parts do a pad service on Mountain bikes, road bikes, we also have full cable sets to replace all the cabling and shifting. The ability to replace any broken spokes, we have a complete spoke library.
This is a great magnetic stand, so everything really clung to the tool bench. A complete selection of chains, if I do to do any sort of tube replacement, I think I have got it covered here. Truing stand complete with dial gauge and then I have my wall mounted service stand. So there you have it my compact mobile shop"

Pete Smalls Marketing Director - Beeline Bikes

" It a really interested time in the bike industry, I think customers are demanding a level of convenience that traditionally may not get in every bike shop out there and presents a unique  opportunity for businesses like ours"

Mark Altamirano - Beeline mechanic

Lots of folk out there don't have a lot of time, you just want to pull up your app and you want to ride your bike tomorrow, this all fits in with them. I don't know a lot about surfing, but I feel like I am in the line up and I am getting ready for the really big wave. And to me this really feels like a really big wave, the next big ride, so this is the best way to spend my time for sure, I can keep spreading the love because I want to get everyone on bicycles"

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Meet Me At This years Cycle Show At The NEC September 22nd

A really good show for you to meet me, with asking any of your questions, meet other mechanics and able to network with lot's of very useful meetings with our suppliers and seeing what's new and interesting.

Great opportunity, Can you afford not to go?

I can get you a ticket or signup HERE

This is something I arrange every year, to those looking to start their new bike business and established businesses. It's always great to meet and share ideas.

Hope you can make it there

Talking business

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Create Your Mobile Bike Business With Cycle Tech UK

Looking for a change of career with labor of love in the fastest growing leisure sector?

Do you talk, eat, sleep bikes and hungry for work? Then contact me today

Here at Cycle Tech UK we can help you on the road to create your own bike business. One of our goals is to make your life easier when it comes to creating your bike business, by choosing the right size van The Bicycle Workshop, suppliers, stock, tools, training, insurance and branding.

By joining Cycle Tech UK is a great opportunity for you to run your own business whilst having the support of a wider network. As you will be associated with an established brand name, you will also have access to a larger customer base.

  1. Your finances - Assess how much you can afford to invest and how much are you prepared to borrow. 
  2. Yourself - What is your skill-set and what do you enjoy doing?
  3. Research - It's a good idea to talk with current Members of Cycle Tech UK about their experience.
  4. Professional advice - If you are new to working for yourself, then talk with a financial adviser or accountant before starting your business, to find out what type of business (i.e. Sole trader or Limited Company) will work for you. 
  5. Your commitment - You need to make sure you are committed to make your business work.

This Post is a recap of what Cycle Tech UK can offer you, I have talked a lot on this Blog about how we can do amazing work together, being part of a national group we can all benefit and keep Great Britain cycling. I recommend you to read HERE first if not done so.

Mobile Bicycle Repair Business

  • Low cost setup £10,000.00
  • Service base business - Your time for money 
  • Your own business "Not a franchise" with support from Cycle Tech UK
  • Cycle Tech UK - Give you the chance to earn money and grow
  • Full time

Mobile bicycle repairs

Cycling - Fastest growing leisure sector:

Cycling is continuing to grow and for the service's of a mobile bike mechanic are in high demand  across the UK.
  • The number of cycling clubs have grown and new one's have started over the last 10 years
  • Growing number of woman and young adults taking up cycling 
  • Cycling is highly promoted and with the impact of British Cycling in Rio and the effect of Tour de France wins and other gold medals won by the GB cycling team over the last 8 years
  • Tax free Cycle to work schemes available
  • The number of cycle events all year round, along with Dr Bike, bike week and national bike day
  • The large range of different types of new bicycles now available online
  • Once cyclist take up cycling, not unusual for them to own 3 or more bikes 
  • New bike models and updates every year for those who like keeping up with the latest technology - electric bikes, electric gear change, disc brakes, etc......
  • Facebook fan/club pages of old retro bikes being collected and restored
  • Electric bikes built more reliable, with sales growing every year. While helping those new to cycling who need assistance with peddling.
  • Urbanisation and Traffic congestion - more people living and working in urban areas, meaning cycling shorter distances more between the home and the workplace
  • Cycling is a great stress reliever, fun, healthy, cheap transport and great for the environment. That can be done solo or with a group of friends. Also fits in with the growing number of coffee shop.  
  • Cycling levels in city's are expected to increase as investment in friendly cycle paths

Would you like to start your own bike business, capitalize on the growing market and meet the demands of customers needs with bicycle service and repairs?

Then the mobile bike repairs specialist Cycle Tech UK can help you do that!

How to Start today:
  1. Support from friends and family
  2. Signup to Cycle Tech UK
  3. A day with me on the road
  4. Make a list of small steps to do
  5. Celebrate each small achievement with a coffee and/or a cycle ride with friend(s) 

Cycle Tech UK can help you with:
  1. Know what you want to achieve
  2. How to use your Talents
  3. Make a Career from it

Start your dream job today - Mobile Bike Business With Cycle Tech UK

Our Mission - Help others on their journey, by helping more people to start their own mobile bike business under the Cycle Tech UK name and to expand our network. Our branding is known to offer a local service with national support. As an cooperative we can then help more people to cycle.

Being part of Cycle Tech UK - As a group we can offer:
  • National Event Support
  • National Cycle Assembly for new bikes sold online
  • National marketing
  • Business and technical help and support
  • Local service without being to corporate  
  • Dr Bike sessions with local authorities and corporate days    
What you can expect from our Network:
  • Closed fb group support for all Members
  • Group networking, team events and AGM
  • Kept updated with new training skills and products
  • Welcome pack with all the trade information
  • Day with me or lead Member
  • Open trade accounts and bulk buying discounts
  • Insurance specialist
  • Stock and tool lists 
  • Lear how to manage your time
  • Pricing - Give the customer value for our services and they feel that we have taken care of them and their bikes(s)
Salesman - I share Not sell, helping with your goals. By sharing industry knowledge with one another, increases the chances of your business making a worthwhile return. Working together improves the state of affairs.

 Cycle Tech UK Mobile bicycle mechanic

A mechanic should be:
  • Dedicated to help others
  • Committed to being proof the mobile bike business product works
  • Known for being friendly
  • Improving and developing themselves
  • Motivated and driven
  • Fun
  • Set your own work hours
  • Work full time or part time
  • Build online and in person
  • Motivation and accountability
  • Meet amazing people
  • Have fun
  • Sense of freedom
  • Recognition
  • Personal development
  • Full time career (Part time only if moving to full time within 6 months, can also join 1 year before starting to get business help and contacts to help organise your planed start date)
  • Business name - Cycle Tech your work area
  • No need to be a mechanic already - See which training school
I can help you today with our strategies and resources to start and grow your business to help you help your own customers. Giving you a sense of stability and freedom in what you enjoy:
  • Do you want the freedom of being your own boss and stability with the support of a national network, working in one of the fastest growing leisure sectors?
  • Do you have around £10k to invest?
  • Do you share the same passion? Are you like minded and care to help others?
Then please do get in touch with Martin Wilkins at for an information brochure to explain in more detail the benefits, to arrange a meeting and possible the next step in your journey to start your own bike business.