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Why I help Others To Start Their Own Bike Business

You may be wondering why I give a lot of business information for free on this website - Well after 20 years of working for myself and being the founder of Cycle Tech UK, I like seeing people reach their goals. And the truth is I want people to know anything is possible.
But there is no quick way to success and I have seen many people start and fail with the simplest mistakes. That's why our growing Network of mobile bicycle mechanics can offer a better and effective business start-up programme, with supporting and shearing my 20 years of knowledge of running a mobile repair business...........

"I have also been overwhelmed with the amount of support from our members input with their own unique skills they have sheared within the group"

Mobile Bicycle Mechanics Unite.
Cycle Assembly And Repair Network, the national supply chain service, matching good mechanics and customers.
By using social media and online forums to unite - Mechanics use the internet to support each other everyday. "We do like to help each other when needed"

Evolution - It's what I love to do, help other mobile bicycle mechanics, start and grow their business, then they can reach more people.

Progress - Collectively if we can help and serve more people, then I reach my mission helping 10 million plus people to cycle more. More people cycling means more happy people, who can improve their health/fitness, cycling is also a great stress reliever, sociable and is also good for the environment.

Deviation - I  could see that this type of business was, and still is a niche business.
I like to be different from normality - By that I mean I have my own mind and started Cycle Tech in 2007 when we were entering economic crises and people who visited my Saturday Bike Clinic was surprised I was doing this full time and being mobile during the week. Back then customers also liked this business idea, even if a little bit surprised and even now I still get comments (Not as many) from passer-by's that this is a great idea not seen that before!!!

"Job satisfaction from fixing someone's pride and joy, who's going to have hours of pleasure riding"  

There is a lot of information on this Blog to help those looking at starting their own mobile bike business. You can also arrange a chat/meeting with me to answer your questions to find out if working for yourself is for you and a day on the road with me to learn hands on and talking shop.

Joining Fee:
I do know I could charge more for the service and support I offer - I am happy with the amount, without being greedy or devaluing our brand. It's a fair price and great value for being part of the largest group of mobile bicycle mechanics.

People who contact me about starting their own bike business often say to me "You are not charging enough for what you offer and for your time"

My usual answer "By enjoying what I do and working hard the money will come"
By having lots of money you can not change the world, you can only change yourself and the world around you will change..............

While this is very true - I do feel that we can all help people to better themselves and not to expect anything back. It does feel good knowing we are working together and building a strong network of mobile bicycle mechanics.
Also many of these people I help are also keen to help themselves, build a bike business and then they can offer their skills to help others.

"Working with my hands, I can do what I enjoy and help others"

By doing something you enjoy and not what others think you should be doing.
I have also travelled the world and people say why don't you teach English to foreigners? Well first my English is very bad and second I could not be indoors all day, in turn I would not enjoy it and I would not be working to my full potential and the children would not learn as well as someone else teaching. Also there are many people already doing this, so there is no real need for me to be doing something that has little benefit to anyone. BUT happy to have a go, as "nothing ventured nothing gained" taking one step at a time by helping young children learn Saturday mornings.
If you like to volunteer or work helping children in Colombia, please look down this PAGE I have put a guide together to help anyone looking to take time out.

"We are always learning and we will always make mistakes. It's how we deal with those mistakes, that will make a difference"

You learn by life experiences and then we can make our own choices.
I use to work as a car mechanic for a relatively large company with a small group of good working colleagues who also helped each other. Then the company got took over, we had a change of boss, new ways of doing things, with a new bonus scheme and more mechanics joined and had to fit in to our already small workshop.
To continue to earn a good rate of pay, we had to think only of ourselves, that meant not helping each other and being money orientated. While this worked short term, I could not see - it's NOT the way to do things. Until I decided to leave and start my first time as self-employed, by setting up my own business as a mobile car mechanic.

Martin owner and founder of Cycle Tech UK
Our greatest successes in life are often found in helping others succeed.
  • By having the right mind-set (An open mind)
  • Learning from the past
  • Willing to change so we can evolve
  • Have the opportunity to enable, encourage, and promote them along the way
  • The receiver has reached a far greater potential than they could have on their own
  • For me having more time than money - we need money, but if we learn to have less things then we don't need to worry for money. We don't need to be a slave to money and then we can be free to do what we enjoy.

Read more Guide Yourself To Run Your Own Mobile Business

Labour Of Love
By doing what you enjoy, people will see the best in you
It's like it was meant to happen, form the early days of 2008, people where contacting me and visiting me as they liked what I had built. They also liked our logo/branding and actually thought it was a franchise! But I soon explained that this is not a franchise and I don't intend to make it a franchise. People do think of money first, when in fact many people have tried to make this business a franchise. I feel that while this business is fairly cheap to setup, if you need to pay franchise fee's you will be bust within a year or a very busy fool. Cyclists tend to want to support a local business and that's why our members are not working to a cooperate way of doing things. Even though we do have agreement, it is kept simple to protect each member's area and working to high standards every cyclist expects from a caring bike shop.

"Working as a network we can achieve that no one can achieve alone"

There is so much to learn when staring your bike business. Even with years of experience every day you are learning something new
Our network is also a way to have support while building and running your new business. It helps to keep the pressure off and save you time and money. By surrounding yourself with people who are positive thinkers, successful and proactive will do wonders for you and your business.

How would the world be, if what we learnt we kept to ourselves? What I can tell you is, the time is now to change and do something great with your life. We are the creator of our own happiness, Its what we tell our mind that will come true.

“Starting your own business can be a daunting process. Research shows that many people who want to run their own business may need more help when they’re starting out"

I can help you today with our strategies and resources to start and grow your business to help you help your own customers. Giving you a sense of stability and freedom in what you enjoy:
  • Do you want the freedom of being your own boss and stability with the support of a national network, working in one of the fastest growing leisure sectors?
  • Do you have around £10k to invest?
  • Do you share the same passion? Are you like minded and care to help others?
Then please do get in touch with Martin Wilkins at for an information brochure.
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Sharing my story's and inspiring people to help themselves to help others.

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  1. Hi Martin,

    I am thinking of starting a mobile cycle repair business and have been searching the internet for information and I keep coming across your web pages. Thank you for all the great information I will contact you for a brochure.

    I have not been involved with the cycle business but have always had an interest in cycles, and have serviced my own cycles. I am about to enrol in the cytech training courses