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Guide Yourself To Run Your Own Mobile Bike Business

What I have found with running my own highly successful business, is that you can't do it alone. I don't mean that you need to employ people, but you need people as your customers. Without them there is no business.

Q. What does it mean to you - To be successful in business?

A. Success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Money? Power? Fame?  I ask to try to help us understand why we do what we do….
  • You have become a legend in the cycle community. Customers who are happy with your work, they return and tell their friends.
  • You have time to do the things you want (More time for cycling)
  • You are able to help other reach their success.
Q. How will you achieve this? Do we ever reach this?

A. Maybe just maybe its taking small steps and/or being successful each and everyday by having the ability to enjoy what we do and being grateful.  

People often say; I don't want to be rich, I just want to be comfortable. To get rich or to be successful, you need to get uncomfortable to make things happen. If you don't change you will keep producing the same out come.

Learn to Organise and Manage Situations

The two most powerful words:
That will make or brake you "I AM"
I AM the greatest, I AM good at what I do, I AM happy, I AM..........
Or I AM stupid, I AM not cleaver, I AM sad, I AM ........
Tell yourself; I can do that or I could do that. And NOT I should do that.

We all make mistakes, that's how we learn. You could say you have failed! But by saying I have a situation. This will make it easier to deal with each mistake. It's how to deal with your mistakes that make's the difference between success and fail. You are always learning and becoming more organised to deal with your business and everyday life issues.
If you are the type of person who keep's starting something new and never finishes, then you need to look at yourself first, at what can you do to change, so you complete what you really should be doing.

Guide Yourself To Run Your Own Mobile Bike Business

On this Blog I often talk about what type of person makes their business successful or not and those who *fail end up returning to their old job. This post is about what makes this real and is down to your decisions that only you can make. I also talk a lot about putting pen to paper and start making your plan - you may be surprised but only 2 % of new businesses do this...............
*Fail - There is nothing wrong with failing, it's how we deal with it, learn from it and try again that makes us successful

Writing down goals allows you to create a crystal-clear focus of what you want and shows a great degree of commitment.

 "Its your dream and you can guide your own way to having a successful business"

Guide Yourself To Run Your Own Mobile Bike Business

Self guide:
Simple but its never easy to get the business you want, by believing in yourself, with motivation, lots of hard work, having the right attitude and not blaming others, you will make it happen.
  • You go out looking for cyclists to fix their bikes - Try going out being a bicycle mechanic and cyclists will find you.
  • You tell people you are the best mechanic - No need to go in to detail, or put other mechanics down, just do a good job, be honest and customers will tell their friends.
  • You treat customers and their bikes how you would like to be treated.
  • Its normal to make mistakes - this is how you learn and continue.
  • Listen to your customers needs.
  • By telling yourself you can make your business a success - It will happen.
  • Tell yourself you are worthy of the things that come your way.
Success in business means:
12 Things you want to get out of life by running your own business in the next 10 years (The things money can not buy)
  1. A lasting business
  2. Job Satisfaction  
  3. Mature relationship with your customers 
  4. Loving and lasting relationship with your partner
  5. Good health and a high level of energy 
  6. Free from anger
  7. Financial Freedom
  8. More time - for friends, family and cycling
  9. Having less things and being grateful for what you have
  10. Peace of mind
  11. Lean new things
  12. Sharing
What is it you want from life by having your own business? By knowing will make guiding your business much easier.

All these things above and what you want to achieve will make a difference to how you start and run your business and your life.

 VIDEO - Napoleon Hill Secrets to Financial Freedom
"If you don't change, your business will stay the same"

When I started my mobile bike business, late in 2007 I had to be very creative with how to be found, as funds was low and mobile bike business was almost unknown. The Saturday Bike Clinic was a huge susses, not only with being found as a local bike mechanic. It was like a magnet to those across the UK looking to setup their own bike business. Soon I was having people visit me on a Saturday to talk and see my operation. And Cycle Tech UK was born, to what has become the largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the world.
From one person who liked helping others build their dream and share experiences has now passed on to 40 or more bicycle mechanics who can also continue to help support each other to grow their business and those in our network.

By joining Cycle Tech UK can help you in positive ways to start your own business. Some things to think about when planning the start of your new business:
  • No impulse buying - We share our stock list of essential parts and tools saving you time and money required to start your business, from our approved trade suppliers, who have years of experience and offer better trade discounts on bulk buying. 
  • Peace of mind - With cycle trade insurance company who specialise in mobile/work from home businesses, who also require event cover, part time employee, public liability, tool and stock cover. We also can supply rick assessment for Dr Bike and event support.
  • Good name of our established branding - To help promote the start-up and for providing long term of your business. We are known as a local service with national support, that cyclists like to use our services, along with those online sales that also need our service nationally for cycle assemble and warranty work, that brings in returning customers for long term business.
  • Group support - Not feeling alone with our network of experienced mobile mechanics, offer technical and business advice. Along with regular group meetings and tech/training days. As a group we also offer our support at events across the UK, that helps promote Cycle Tech UK to cyclists nationally.
  • Learn from our mistakes -  With all our support, branding and marketing. For this to become reality it needs to come from you with your vision, your attitude and making sacrifices.

“Starting your own business can be a daunting process. Research shows that many people who want to run their own business may need more help when they’re starting out"

Do you have over £10k to invest? And you want the freedom of being your own boss but with the support of a national network, working in one of the fastest growing leisure sectors please do get in touch with Martin Wilkins at for an information brochure.

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