Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Boutique Colombian Coffee by Cycle Tech UK

How many cyclists do you know that like to drink coffee? Do you yourself drink coffee or stop on route while cycling for coffee or even visit a bikeshop that now serves coffee?

Always on the lookout for opportunities that others don’t see.
  • Finding non-traditional ways to compete
  • Staying focused on what matters most to your clients
  • New products and services that make people’s lifestyles more enjoyable
  • Not losing sight of how your product or service can make a difference in the world
  • Great business owners who seek to discover new opportunities are fearless when embarking upon new things and will continually test different methods to get the formula right 

Like I have said before "You have to have a business to be in business" then you can add new ideas to your business and grow, were if you have no business you cannot expand and market those ideas.

Basically you have a platform where by you can expand on the hard work you have put in to a business and using the branding that people recognise and known as a quality service or product. Also having a Network of mobile bicycle mechanics across the UK, you will share and expand rapidly by marketing direct to customers nationally.

Don't think it's easy to sell coffee - like any business there is more to it than one first thinks. Buy a coffee machine that uses pods, is a cheap easy way to make a poor cup of coffee, it does the job you may think, but its also part of your business and you are putting your name to it. Once you understand the importance of cup quality then you know that you are on the right path.
 "Coffee is more than just a product. It's a story and it starts from the green bean origins"
Having the money and business name work for you, from what you have learnt from building a business now can be put to good use. People need to love your coffee brand, then you will have more customers and more sales.      

Colombian coffee beans

Having direct relationship with the coffee famers who have pride in their speciality coffee
So after spending time in Colombia (Sorry to say no cycling) learning a lot about coffee, not just making and drinking a good smooth cuppa, but also where the very best coffee is grown to make that great cuppa. Most Colombian coffee growers live in fincas whose coffee cultivation's plots do not surpass 2 hectares (5 acres) on average.
  • Coffee grown at 1000m - is poor quality 1300 to 1700m - normal coffee 1800 to 2000m - high quality, more concentrated and organic as no herbicides are required at high attitude - the coffee "bean" is also smaller and takes 3 months more to grow before it is ready to be picked.
  • Coffee enthusiasts & aficionados identify as the dry, bright & sparkling sensation that sets a high-quality, high-grown coffee apart from a mundane, lower-grown coffee.
The coffee I discovered as the very best coffee grown between 1700 - 1900m and from small farms "Fincas" that are owned and run by small families is grown on the Central Andes from the small town of Bilbao Planadas Tolima Colombia. 

Coffee machine inside mobile workshop with Cycle Tech UK branding coffee mugs
Packaging designs experimenting while in Colombia 
Being associated with us will help you gain a name for yourself in the industry. Our name & branding is also recognised in the trade, making it easier to open trade accounts and gain better discounts. Cycle Tech UK is also approached by events organisers, for our services of event support across the UK also those who sell bikes online looking for a mechanic to assemble.
You too can start a mobile van service business and expand on our brand or strengthen your business by re branding and enjoy our susses. Cycle Tech UK is looking for like minded individuals across the UK to join our network and continue to grow our unique business.
Any questions can be answered in a Skype chat or meeting with me, helping you put your business out in front.
“Starting your own business can be a daunting process. Research shows that many people who want to run their own business may need more help when they’re starting out"
Do you have over £10k to invest? And you want the freedom of being your own boss but with the support of a national network, working in one of the fastest growing leisure sectors please do get in touch with Martin Wilkins at martin@cycle-tech.co.uk for an information brochure.

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