Saturday, 9 April 2016

Rozone Parts Washers - Mobile Smartwasher

 The “Smart Washer” is designed as an alternative to Mineral Spirit based solvent cleaners and other “sink on a drum” type units, with advantages relating to:
  • Environmental Issues 
  • Health and Safety requirements 
  • Operating costs. 
Environmental advantages: Relating to the Smartwasher are significant. The bio-remediating technology is well proven, and the Smartwasher product emits no VOCs, also avoiding the problem of weekly or monthly generation of significant quantities of hazardous fluid waste which must then be taken off site.
Health and Safety Advantages: The pH neutral cleaning fluid is Non-flammable, non-caustic and of lower risk than solvent based materials if in contact with skin etc. Requirements for PPE and risk assessment are lower for the Smartwasher than some other solvent based cleaners. Expenditure on PPE and other items can be significantly reduced.
Cost Advantages: The running costs of the units in use at a wide selection of sites have consistently proved lower than those of traditional solvent based cleaners. In addition, the nature of the cleaning medium means reduced expenditure on personal protective equipment, risk assessment procedures, waste transportation and disposal and many other areas.
Rozone, a leader in cleaning solutions, has launched the PCS100 Benchtop Parts Cleaner.
The Mobile Bench Smartwasher

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