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What's Included In A Bicycle Service

Its a bit like saying how long is a peace of string, unless you know the answers and use a little bit of common sense.

Be ready to answer the customer:
  1. How much is a service?
  2. What’s included in a service?
  3. How often should I have my bike serviced?
1. Service charges:
When a customer calls you need to ask some questions first to decide what bike they have and the age, use etc….. It’s sometimes best to say when a customer call’s you or emails you; the price is from £45 plus any parts and is best I see your bike first before giving you a price.

"The bike may need a clean before you can inspect for wear, which can take ½ hour"

If you feel they have a cheap bike then say a pre check will be £20 to see if your bike is cost efficient to repair, which is not chargeable if a service/repair is carried out. It will also depend on the model, age, use and how far you are going to travel.

"You may be asked why a 12 month old bike the headset and bottom bracket has worn out!"

2. Service will include the following:
To our check list -
  • A pre check (M check) including a Safety check of parts that may be damaged from a drop or a fall.
  • Check seat & handle bar height to rider (With kids do this first as they grow out of there bikes fast)
  • Clean chain and jockywheels (gear parts) before inspecting and lubricating
  • Remove wheels and check alignment and hubs for play (Adjusting is part of the service being carried out, strip down/overhaul is chargeable as an extra)
  • Inspect tyres Inspect brakes and adjust
  • Inspect gear and drive chain components including bottom bracket for wear and adjust gears
  • Inspect head set and steering.
  • Report of any additional work that is required to customer with estimate of cost
Tip: “Always road test every bike you have service or repaired.”

3. Service Intervals:
Manufactures very rarely recommend any service schedule
  • This will depend on how often the bike is used and the conditions used in.
  • Once a year for normal use, with a brake & gear service in-between.
  • Quit often a bike may have a lot of worn parts, and that’s why we carryout a pre-check, which should show up if the bike is past it’s economical repair life and just charge a fee of £20 for a inspection & report.
  • If the customer does not want all the work done in one go, then book them in your diary. Similar to what a dentist offers, this go’s for the next service. Don’t forget to take/save there email to send them a reminder! "This may not always possible or feasible to do, as you will find out if a bike needs parts/overhaul, then it needs doing in one go for it to run smoothly and give you a reputation for doing a good job".

Look for trouble before the customer finds it! "Brake pad alignment"

Other things to think about
Offering advice to a customer when working/visiting on site
When explaining what a customer can do between servicing:
  • Do not use WD-40 to lubricate a bicycle chain
  • Check tyre pressure at least once a month and advice on the correct pressure
  • Bike wash (DO NOT USE A POWER WASER)
  • Prolong the life of parts there are some simple steps you should take...............
  • Sale of accessories - Pumps, oil and cleaning products

Bike wash:
This is what many bike shops don’t offer, but makes a difference when you hand the bike back, can just be a brush and wipe over, if the bike has been left in the shed.
If it is going to take you time to wash, then you will need to explain to the customer, that there bike needs a clean before you can inspect parts and lubricate!

Keep customers informed:
If you have to take there bike away to repair, keep the customer updated with the cost and estimated time of repair.

“Being let loose on top end bikes is down to developing a reputation. After a year, I am now starting to get high end bikes because of a reputation - all it needs is one good job with the right person and the word gets around. I've invested a lot of effort into making sure I do a good job every time, especially as an inexperienced repairer - I've put quality first. I have quite a network of contacts and customers - working very locally that means I'm always working with someone who either knows someone I know or knows another customer. Nobody has ever queried my qualifications - they have queried my experience. If people won't let you loose on their bike, it means that they haven't seen what you can do. Recently, I fixed an old 4400 Tiagra 9 speed for someone who had been fiddling it for a year. I spotted that there was a fault on it making it miss a change at certain points, but used being aware of that fault it could be made to work reliably. That fix got him talking to everyone in the club and the calls have started coming in. I have never invited business from my own club, I have been deliberately low key - nothing worse than getting a reputation for being a leech within the club.” Ian Spenny Cycles Ltd

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