Thursday, 24 March 2016

Mobile Bike Shop Franchise Opportunities

The cycle industry is changing at a rapid pace and with the ever growing number of on-line sales, the mobile bike shop is what many cyclists are now turning to, as it that fits in with their busy lifestyle. Also more and more on-line bike sales like the peace of mind of a new bike assembled correctly and large companies like to promote cycling to work, where there are opportunities to service entire fleets.

"we’ve grown accustomed to ordering everything online"

The traditional bike shop may no longer look like the best business, with high setup and running costs. With more cyclists turning to the internet to buy bicycles and accessories.

Mobile Bike Shop Franchise Opportunities:

Velofix Started in Canada 2013 and now claim to have 46 vans on the road in Canada and the USA.
Van, kitted out, signwritten and filled with Park Tool gear, sit within the $90,000 set up cost.
See more HERE 


Beeline Bikes who operate a fleet of mobile repair shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. A Beeline Bikes franchise requires a total investment of between $78K - $130K. See more HERE

Beeline Bikes

Consider doing it yourself?
If you want the freedom of being your own boss, flexibility, not working to targets, but with the support of a national network, working in one of the fastest growing leisure sectors please do get in touch with Martin Wilkins at for an information brochure.

Is the mobile bike shop franchise the way to go?
Before you make the commitment and part with your hard earned money, make sure you’ve got a realistic picture of what life as a franchise owner would be like:
  1. Its the American way/dream - is it your dream?
  2. You should always call and talk with 2 or more existing franchises and find more of an average performer, to have a better understanding of profit v's setup and running costs, to see whether this is a business that builds wealth and helps create financial independence, or more of a daily grind where you end up netting the minimum wage Ask the question "Would you buy this franchise again if you had it to do over again?"
  3. Has it been over marketed and sounds better then reality? "is often more of a testament to the aggressiveness of their PR efforts than to the strength of their franchise program.”
  4. What are the reasons you want to work for yourself? Or is it you like the safety net of having work found for you - but having to pay for the privilege!!!!!  
  5. While corporate work is profitable and it may sound good to someone new to this business, reality is that your main business will come from private customers. Who are more loyal, pay more and pay same day - giving you better cash flow.

A franchise is not for everyone. Read why HERE

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