Monday, 1 February 2016

Rotor - Hydraulic Derailleurs. Uno Road Group Set

Test ride of Rotor Bike Components - The Uno Road Group Set; Hydraulic Derailleurs and Q-Rings at this years trade show. With Rotor Boris Hrusovsky "International Customer Service" and a invite to have a tour of the factory later this year.

Always an excellent opportunity to test new technologies & products before they hit the market.

  • That will hit the market in spring 2016 and Rotor has yet to quote exact figures for pricing.
  • The low-pressure hydraulic line and mineral oil is certainly lighter than lengths of steel cable and housing.
  • By flicking the grey lever on the rear derailleur, you can manually position the cage at to any gear, and then lock it into place again. To remover rear wheel or for a lower gear to ride home in the event of a crash.
  • Levers are fully adjustable for different size hands and Uno shifter paddles operate much in the same way as SRAM’s well-known DoubleTap system.

Uno Road Group Set Rear Derailleur

Uno Road Group Set Front Derailleur
Rotor is manufacturing and assembling all of the components of the Uno road group set in Madrid Spain. Then shipping complete assemblies to Magura in Germany for bleeding and final testing.

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