Thursday, 25 February 2016

ParkTool 2016 New Products

Always a pleasure to meet the guys from Parktool. When they visit the UK at this years trade show and see the full range of tools their new products.
With Calvin at the Parktool trade stand
 ParkTool 2016 28 New Products catalogue
Must have tools:
  • ATD-1 adjustable Torque Driver. The most used tool in the workshop? Used for new bike assembly and general maintenance - Ideal for stem & bar bolts, seat post bolt & brake rotor bolts. Includes 3,4,5 & T25 bits. Adjustable to 4,4.5,5.5 & 6 Newton meter (Nm)
  • FR-5H Cassette Remover. With a difference, no need to remove quick release skewer to fit this tool. Saving time, as it slips over the nut and uses the nut to centre its self, while removing and fitting cassette.
  • TL-6.2 Steel Core Tyre Levers. Provide smooth, scratch free operation and super strength for the tightest fitted tyres.
  • TWS-1 Torx Key set. Used in those hard to fit locations, like rear brake callipers, where a socket is to big to use. Torx head bolts are becoming more common on bikes.

Trust me I'm a bike mechanic sticker

View the new tools and their uses in more detail on Video

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