Monday, 1 February 2016

Mobile Cycle Repair Revolution - Whatever The Size May Be

The idea of operating a mobile bike business may no longer be a new one. In 2007 when I started this business I have seen The Mobile Cycle Repair Business grow from around 40, to what must now seems like 400 mobile vans out there!
Back then some were doing this as part time or as a hobby, a few running as a professional setup and that have been established for some time! And there is still no difference in the type of business setup whether a hobby or professional today. People are having a go, but as with any existing new business opportunity's, there will always be those "here today - gone tomorrow" no different with the bike trade, we see many setup their business in the summer and then can't sustain the winter. Don't let that put you off, there are many that are established and making a nice little nest egg for themselves.

"There is a large market out there if done right! And if done properly it can be very profitable".

Not all businesses are mobile. There is also The Hybrid Model "Collect & deliver" and fix them back in the workshop/shed/garage. There are advantages as well as disadvantages with both these types of business models. (The pitfalls can be sheared with you, in a Skype chat or meeting, where you can find out more info about our network, see if this business is for you and talk over your business idea in more detail). "If you don't get it right, you will fail at the first hurdle."

Cycle Tech UK like to do things different

The mobile bike business is not going away; in fact, it is still growing.
It fits in to a nice niche market, of cyclists looking for a convenient and flexible service.

"It's a good thing to have competition in any business, it means everyone is going to have to raise their game and that means us here at Cycle Tech UK"

Here at Cycle Tech UK we like's to be different and set ourselves apart from the rest. As well as being known as convenient, we are also known for being professional and offering great value for money. By drawing on years of my experience in the bike trade, being self-employed and our support network of mechanics. I can constantly look at new ways of working in a changing market with suppliers and looking at demands of today's cyclists! With the advantages of being part of any network you can achieve that no one can achieve working alone.

It does not feel right buying components from on-line suppliers "The Chain Reactions of the internet world". Cycle Tech UK believe in working close with our trade suppliers, as well as our network having a buying power and new business setups as a Cycle Tech UK business you are able to open trade accounts. Our network also has access to technical support, new product knowledge, further in-house training and a host of other advantages that saves us time.

By not working to cooperate targets, Cycle Tech UK has established itself and can grow very big. But we choose to grow things slowly and grow each business so our marketing can be more targeted without losing the great service we offer. Cycle Tech UK is unique in that we offer a local independent friendly service, working face to face with each customer. With the backup and support of the largest national network of mobile mechanics in the business.
Like everyone we are seeing a market boom and thanks to the networks long established reputation and well trained mechanics, business is continuing to grow. However, that simply is not enough, we continually push our business in the right direction and by growing steady it is also realistic enough to know what can be archived and expanded on with our multiple locations. Key to our success is being unique, open minded, supportive and our strong branding.

Unior Master Wheel Building Tool Kit
Each business or "The Member" will have the industry's training, full tool kit and stock to carry out most jobs on site. Along with insurance and service check lists, the rest is up to them how they run the day to day of their business and of cause offering the very best in customer care.

If you want the freedom of being your own boss but with the support of a national network, working in one of the fastest growing leisure sectors please do get in touch with Martin Wilkins at for an information brochure.

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