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Start 2017 with your own bike business

Looking at starting your own bike business or a change of career? Then Cycle Tech UK is where it can all start.
Start and grow your own bike business by joining our growing network of mobile bicycle mechanics, who own their own bike business, that offers a local service to cyclists that has the support of a national operation.

"Start 2017 by not living someone else's dream, working the 9 - 5 grind and start building your own dream"

Why a Mobile Bike Business

Place yourself in the shoes of a cyclist and consider their options they have, when it comes to getting their bike fixed, where to take it, how they will get their bike there and back. 
How about a family who have 4 bikes that need checking over before they go on their summer holiday - they may have a bike carrier, but can they park outside the shop, will the bikes all be ready in time, does the shop have enough space at this busy time of year.  
More people whether new to cycling or not are buying bicycles online, who will they use to assemble their new bike or to take care of servicing and any warranty issues? As many shop's will not carry out any work on a bike they did not sell, or the customer does not want the inconvenience of taking their bike to a shop.  
Now walk yourself through the customer experience of a mobile planned business, asking yourself: What will make people find and choose about this type of business over a shop, and what will keep them coming back?
  • Saving the customer time - Onsite service at their home or place of work, who have a busy lifestyle. Our business is about helping those people, by being convenient, saving time, which means more people cycling.  
  • Talking with the customer direct - makes explaining what work is required a lot easier face to face then over the phone. Along with offering any free cycling advice. 
  • Customer's feel they have had good value with a mobile service and they soon tell their friends. 
Mobile Bicycle Repair Onsite Service

Your business our network

Our members have come from all types of backgrounds and with the right business start-up they have grown their own bike business and helped other members grow theirs. We are proud to be part of the largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the world.
Now that we have built a good foundation, that puts us in an ideal position to offer our home bike build services to cyclists that are buying more and more online. That also brings in service and warranty issues that be carried out onsite, direct with the customer and fits in with their busy lifestyles.

Start a business with Cycle Tech UK - mobile bike business opportunity. 
  • Discover about our network of mobile bicycle repair specialists - a cooperative of likeminded mechanics/businessmen 
  • Great business name and logo - that has a proven record, established and continuing to grow
  • It's your own bike business - we are not a franchise. You have a territory and minimum professional setup but the business is yours, use your own creativity and personality to be individual, that is nationally reconsidered, with support and linked in with our business partners.   
  • Start Here - We are here to tell you how it really is and if this is something you really want to do then we will show you how. 
"Start your own bike business, carry only what you need and find a way to make a living from it. Anyone can do it!"

With over 75 mobile mechanics across the UK

About Cycle Tech UK

Is a mobile bicycle repair business with over 75 Mobile Cycle Technicians open or under development across the UK. As bicycle ridership is booming, cyclists (increasingly millennials) are demanding a convenient solution for all their bike needs. By bringing a fully equipped mobile workshop to the customer, Cycle Tech UK provides the ultimate consumer convenience offering service, parts & accessories and new bike sales. 

Network Of Mobile Bicycle Repair Specialists
Claim your territory today and join the rapidly expanding Cycle Tech UK Team. Opportunities available across the UK.

For a information brochure to learn more and a meeting with me to see if this business is for you. Please email

Martin has over 20 years of running mobile mechanical onsite repair business.

See Index for more posts and how to start a mobile bicycle repair business today.

Martin Cycle Tech UK Est Dec 2007

"Anything in life is only important as you want it to be" 

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Mobile Mechanics Article - The Figures

Ever wondered how much is it going to cost to setup your own mobile bike business?

This type of business is home-based with low setup and running costs compered to a bike shop. It’s important to understand the costs specific to your venture. Getting the number right will help you determine what financing you may need to get off the ground.

In this post I have been contacted by the Cycling Industry News Editor, which is always a good sign to get approached more than once in the same year. That they are interested to post an article about mobile bicycle mechanics businesses setup costs.
This post will help you better understand how to estimate the costs of starting your mobile bike business from scratch.

Mobile Mechanics Article - The Figures 

Hi Martin,
You may or may not have spotted, but we’re set to go to print shortly with our first ‘Trade Journal’. Within I want to revisit the topic of mobile mechanics, but with a particular focus on the numbers. 
I wondered could I give you a call to chat on this? Keen to find out a typical investment from the beginning, time to recoup, ongoing costs and any other realities that may be overlooked by those considering going mobile. 
Mark Sutton

The number of mobile bicycle mechanics:
In our growing national cycle service network, we have over 70 full time professional mobile bike mechanics. (Professional - means; fully kitted mobile workshop, ongoing training and part of our technical support network) At a good guess by the number of contacts, enquires, meetings I have and searches I do, there are well over 70 others working the streets full time, plus those doing this part time/hobby that I have no numbers for. Also, there are those doing collection and delivery service to their home workshop. Also see reply from Alf "The Bike Inn" below with his view on numbers of mobiles businesses. 
Like any business, there is always new start up's and those going bust, as well as those making a 
good living. 

Do read: Which Bicycle Mechanics Training Course
The Figures:     
This post can only be a guide from figures "The Minimum Costs" as it depends on the individuals 
circumstances, personal outgoings, the setup and how they run their business will have an impact 
to the figures. 
A new business setup as a mobile bicycle mechanic is no different than setting up a bike shop 
when it comes to working out the figures. 
As a sole trader, will be different to a limited Company. 
Will the business be VAT registered, will there be a need to borrow money or have savings or a partner who will support the business for the first 6 months and so on....................    

"People often overlook cash flow and are not prepared. Setting money aside each month can be difficult while building a new business, but is crucial to running any business long-term
How quick you can recover costs and make a profit will also depend on the setup, your location,
pricing your services, type of jobs, amount of travel, how quick you can get up to speed with 
mechanical skills, confidence, business skills, customer care, and making the right decisions.  

There is a north/south divide when it comes to charging. London, home counties, affluent areas and where it is geared up for cyclists (Parks and trails) can charge a better hourly rate for servicing and repairs, then those in low earning and high unemployment areas or where driving long distance to each job is involved on a daily basis. Also, those working in affluent areas see more bikes and higher-end, meaning they can also make a better margin with turning over more parts. 
But there is always the same problem "the busy fool" with many businessmen not charging enough for their services and not being a little flexible to each bike, number of bikes and customer they see. 
You should see the first 6 months of your new business as a big learning curve and a investment to learning the ropes!!!! 
This is where I make notes over a short period and act on it, by adjusting pricing till I feel I have got it right, there are many times you need to be a little flexible, but have a minimum charge and stick to it. (It's your time, tools, knowledge and your reputation) 

The Mobile Workshop Cycle Tech UK
We put the expenses in to two groups

"This is a Guide Only" Based on a mobile onsite service, working 5 1/2 days a week (30 hours productive) 45 weeks a year, working in an average location, working on entry and mid-end bikes charging £40/hour with a turnover of £60k in year 2. 
You would have to do your own calculations to your circumstances and how you want to setup your business as being professional or not!  
1. Setup Costs  
The minimum Costs. The Essentials: 
Used Van high top M/W/B £10,000 plus VAT 12,000
Training                                                            1,800
Tool kit                                                             2,000
Van racking, storage                                           500
Stock                                                                2,000
Sign writing                                                        500
Stationary (Invoices, business cards)                  300
Website                                                                 50                            

Total                                                              £19,150

Cash flow (Back account)                                1000
Security locks                                                     200
Awning                                                               500
Marquee                                                             300
Accommodation (Training) 
Market research (Travel) 
Fees paid to professionals

2. Running costs (Yearly) 

Business insurance                                             300
Van insurance                                                     600
Road TAX                                                          180
Van service/maintenance                                   400 
Van fuel                                                            1500
Business bank charges                                       300
Advertising                                                        100
Admin, accounts                                                300
Consumables                                                       50
Specialist tools                                                  500
Ongoing training                                               200
Cash flow, savings for TAX, NI                        00  (year 2.     3600)
Buying parts, stock                                          6000 (year 2. 14,000+) 
Phone, internet                                                  500
Web/domain                                                        50
Total                                                             £10,980


Loan repayment and interest
Van leasing payment

  • If the costs are looking too high, revisit your expenses and look for ways to cut them. But don't buy cheap and have to buy twice, better to buy what you need by spreading the costs buying one at thing at a time as required.  
  • It's better to overestimate than underestimate. 
  • As well as thinking about your start-up costs, also consider how long it will take until your business will open its doors and you will be generating revenue.
Recover your costs and make a profit:

Many of these costs are tax deductible, including anything you bring to the business (Tools you may already have, computer, etc) Capital Expenditures – You’ll also incur one-time costs to purchase assets such as inventory, property, vehicles,etc. These don’t typically qualify for a deduction, but can be written off through depreciation. Do check on or talk with an accountant to see how best to setup and run your business.
Being serviced based, with low overheads and invoicing customers same day direct, giving your business a good cash flow, in-turn our mechanics are making a profit. It's quite normal to recover costs and make a small profit of about £10k in year 1. (There are not many businesses that can boast making a profit in their first year)
There are also no guarantees you will make any money or that you could even make a loss. But with the right support your chances are much higher. 

Cycling Industry News magazine article 
(Right click images to view in a new tab to view large)

Chris Froome and Mike Cycle Tech Hertfordshire
The reality:
  • Undercharging - in any business one of the hardest things is getting the pricing right, too cheap and you are devaluing your services and becoming a busy fool. ("You will need to have the courage after around 6 months of trading, to review your business and put your prices up to the going rate in balance with the value of service you now offering") 60% of your time is productive, the rest of your time is unpaid, that will consist of travel, looking up parts.......... also not allowing for holidays, sick days and cash-flow.
  • Managing money by being ready with a good cash flow forecast, ready for your year-end and those quite times over the winter months, until your business is established.
  • Is down to how committed you are and how you prepare yourself is essential to making the difference to your business survival. 
  • Not being prepared to work odd hours to what you have been use to, in this type of business, sometimes things move very slowly, and at other times – really fast. 
  • Not knowing the customers needs, knowing how to solve their problem and making them feel they have had value.  
  • Knowing how to survive the competition and being prepared to deal with each situation as they arise.
  • More miles then minutes - depending on location and if you are working from a workshop, spending more time driving then fixing bicycles.    
  • Not being fully mobile means not just doing extra miles, but missing out on doing extra work/jobs. Not unusual to have more bikes waiting then originally booked in and the neighbours will see you too. 
  • Not having a large enough van The Mobile Workshop - not being seen and not looking professional. Have a well equipped workshop, gives you pride and confidence in your workmanship.   
  • Not getting up to speed with product knowledge and building confidence to take on all types of jobs on site. 
  • Not knowing where and what to spend investment on wisely - The correct set up of essential parts and tools, where to advertise and where not to. 
  • Knowing how to market your business, being seen and found. One way is by buying the largest size van you can afford, is difficult for those looking at starting this type of business to understand, unless you are on a budget. As many people like to test the water first by having a cheap small van. The van is the image of your business and you need to be able to operate as a mobile workshop, carry tools, parts and bicycles. 
  • Looking for new customers is always good for any business, but don't forget the one's you have already invested your time in and they will always tell their friends bout you amazing services. (Many mechanics become comfortable with earning x amount of money and stop growing their business, by only taking on certain jobs and covering a smaller area)
  • Willingness to learn, organise your time and running day to day business with good customer care skills will have an impact on returning customers and them recommending you to other cyclists. 
"When I first worked in a family bike shop, the owner said to me, you do a 100 great jobs, and one person will be told, you do one bad job and 100 people will know" As we become busy, the chances of making a mistake is a lot higher, especially when you are doing a customer a favour to get his bike back in time. this is something you will learn. But if you do something wrong and do your best to sort the problem out, you will have a customer for life.

A day in the life of a mobile bicycle mechanic

From Alf - The Bike Inn
In gaining answers, I sent Alf at the Bike Inn a message for his knowledge, as he as been in the bike business a very long time teaching new bicycle mechanics. 

That will help with the article, that we highly recommend using for anyone looking to start a bike business as we always get good feed back and they always go the extra mile to get their students doing and learning more then any other training center........................

I asked Alf for his thoughts as he has a large number of students each year and been doing this for a very long time................... See History of The Bike Inn.  

Morning, Martin.
First – thanks for your interest and support in the various ways that you do.
Much appreciated and your recommendation with your back-ground and standing in the trade certainly adds to our prestige.
In some cases, to save some writing, will ‘insert’ answers into yours below. That will clarify our various notes.
Please keep in mind that I am more than happy for you to print my notes but insist that you keep them in context of the whole discussion.
"I do see many people think they can do this type of business setup in a few weeks, as you know if you don't have the skills already there is more to bikes then one first thinks"
With ten courses per year at seven per course, our yearly full time attendees are seventy.  Of these at least 60 are setting up their own business or charity projects.
Add to that, wheel building, hydraulics and other short seminars it often adds up to a total of 100 people we train and teach per year.
You will see my attachment of our Certificate of Attainment.  It gives an indication of the level we teach.   You, above every-one, will recognise that it is needed in present day bike mechanics.
As you say and rightly question – some people think because they have done a few jobs on their own bike, it is sufficient to start their own business.   We often tell our people that they will leave us with more knowledge and skills than many that are ‘bike mechanics’ in shops.  It is not our intention to discredit shop mechanics but we so often hear of bad (dangerous!) work that can only come from a complete lack of any training.
Even without naming a few establishments, the lack of knowledge and on-going follow-on advice and assistance leaves a lot to be desired for the fees they are paying.
Our strength comes from full and complete tuition in the ten days they are with us.  This is extended enormously by the on-going advice and help long after they have left us.
"The number of full time mobile mechanics including pickup and return in the UK?  I am thinking minimum of 170 - 200"  
Whilst actual ‘mobile mechanics’ was not original to us it is certainly one that we have promoted over the past twelve years, recognising we have been teaching full time since 1991.
So, in an effort to answer your question – if we take just the last ten years at 70 per year, of which an average of 90%, an accurate figure would be: 700 x 90% = over 600 setting up their own business, charity, shops or other.
OK – some may only want a small part-time business but the majority have become successful.  But your figures should be increased to at least 800 if you include our folks.
Sounds like a lot, but spread around the whole of the UK and Eire, still only scratching the surface.
I have not included the numbers of people that have come to us from other countries, purely to attend our course.
In the early days there was some friction between shops and mobile.  But that seems to have become a situation (encouraged by us) to develop a rapport between shops and our trained personnel that has and is working well.   We regularly have e-mails from our former students about this.
I would hope that with the useful info above you will have sufficient to write a good report on mobile bicycle mechanics.
Feel free to quote me, keeping in mind my request to keep all in context.
Alf The Bike Inn 

See Who needs bicycle sales anyway? (January is our second busiest month of the year)

See Index By reading all our Posts & Pages, will give you a better insight to costs of running your own mobile bike business.

Average set up costs are in the region of £20k. I did this 9 years ago on a shoestring, but I had mechanical skill's, worked in a bike shop, had contacts in the bike trade and run a mobile car repair business for 10 years before I decided to go back to bikes, that all helped me. Plus I knew what I wanted and I become very creative in making it work on a budget and keeping up with any market changes.  

Whatever your budget, Cycle Tech UK can help you get your business on the road. Email me today for a information brochure. We can talk in more detail and answer any questions you have.

Owner and travelling mechanic Cycle Tech UK

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Commitment To Your Mobile Bicycle Repair Business

Whilst motivation and passion helps with setting goals, taking action to start your business and vision. It's your commitment that matters for long term success. You can't have motivation and passion everyday, but you can have commitment to function at your best, practically and emotionally every day, by having the right attitude and able to make smart decisions.

A great step forward towards success is having a plan that has been carefully prepared, then all that remains is to carry it out.

"Carrying out the plan is about having responsibility and being disciplined"

1st make a list of what you need to do the job. See: Business Planning

2nd preparing solutions to overcome anything that might stop you from succeeding
  • Hurdles
  • Barriers
  • Pitfalls
"Turning failure in to a challenge and problems in to situations, is an opportunity to develop yourself and your skills"

How much commitment and sacrifice will you make, not only to start your business but for the long road ahead?

Success has to be worth the price you pay for it! See: Make it happen - Your mobile business a success

"Success is when you are on the road to making something you enjoy happen, taking those small steps at a time to achieve it, by continuing learning new things and maintaining what you have achieved. We soon forget the hard work once we get what we want and the value of material things that we can buy so easy without working hard and saving for"

Commitment to your mobile bicycle business:
  • Responsibility is all about managing your time, feelings and getting down to business without excuses. 
  • If you have responsibility for your plan, then you must be held accountable for it.
  • The chances of success increase when we have deadlines and progress reports on how it is all going, making you feel obligated to act. 
  • When you become accountable, you will audit the way the things are going. Then you will step in quickly, if things are not going according to plan. 
  • Borrowing money - if its within your means. It you really want to make this business happen, then first cut back on your personal expenses and pay off any loans. Even get a part time job, better still a job in a bike shop and then start fixing friends bikes for money. 
"Having a good idea and being organised is the easy bit, but being disciplined and doing what needs to be done to make your business a success is where most people fail"

Immersing yourself 
By networking and surrounding yourself with positive people and businessmen

Cycle Tech UK "The Largest Network Of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics"  
Our business is based on having good foundation, like minded mechanics, (Businessmen) who put in as well as take out, a great system, we make it by being different and built slowly taking one pedal stroke at a time.

I can guide you step by step from setup to running your mobile bike business and you will have more chances of running a successful business:
  • Choosing the right van "The Mobile Workshop" See: Mobile bicycle mechanic business van & storage
  • Contacts in the bike trade (Trade suppliers) 
  • Organise your mobile workshop and the day to day running of your business 
  • Tools and stock - Essential tools, specialist tools, equipment and setup workshop stock of parts
  • Get you up to speed - Confidence with fixing/repairing and making the right decisions
  • Cash flow management
  • Technical and business support - Trade secrets & group support      
  • Great branding, website business listing and postcode search 
  • Ownership of your own local business, but with being part of a national network and cycle assembly group. 
Our entry level mobile workshop setup

Don't believe everything on this Blog. By that I mean limiting your belief that we must be all things to all customers and how you should run your business in order to be successful. I am here as a guide, helping you gain confidence in yourself and remove fear of starting your own bike business, that you can do it how you want to work, by using your talents and creative thinking. In the end it is your bike business.

For a information brochure and a meeting with me to see if this business is for you. Please email

Martin has over 20 years of running mobile mechanical onsite repair business.

See Index for more posts and how to start a mobile bicycle repair business today.

Martin Cycle Tech UK

"Anything in life is only important as you want it to be" 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Interview with two students from University Sergio Arboleda from Bogota Colombia

Students who are studying business, finance and foreign trade have contacted me for an interview, and I thought I would share with my readers and anyone looking at being a successful businessman.


  • Interview a person who has a great business and ask how did you do to start and things like that!

"Hello to students of the university of Sergio Arboleda in Bogota Colombia. This is  an interview with two of the students Catalina Andrade and Daniela Serrano from Colombia and with me Martin Wilkins from England. The name of my company is Cycle Tech UK. I started the business 9 years ago as a mobile bicycle repair service. The business operates at customer’s home or work place from a mobile workshop And has now grown in to a network of over 50 mechanics know as members"

At what age, did you conceive the idea of being an entrepreneur? 
I think the idea was planted in my mind at an early age. I started by fixing friends bikes before I left school, then my dad gave a me the use of his garage and bought me my first tools. I left school at 14, having already been working part time in a bike shop on Saturdays and holidays and worked on a farm every Sunday. I eventually gave the Sunday job up and worked full time at the bike shop. After 3 years, I decided it would be better to study at college and completed a 3-year apprenticeship as a car mechanic. I stayed at this job for 10 years. Whilst working I also fixed cars after work. In that time, I learnt a lot of useful business skills, how a business operates, organizing jobs, booking in jobs, ordering parts and built up a large tool kit. While working, I come up with the idea of being my own boss and thought long and hard about being a mobile car mechanic and soon started organizing and planning to start a business, researching the legal side, making a list of things I needed to do and buy. 

What characteristics of your personality and character have facilitated you to become an entrepreneur?
Being very organized and commited, I make lists of things I need to do each day. I knew what I wanted to achieve and through taking small steps, being creative and good at managing my time and money. 

How long did it take you to consolidate your company? 
To start the company was quite quick. Once I got the idea and wanted to do this, I first put pen to paper and made a list of what was required to setup a mobile bike business and a list of things needed to run this type of business. I put a free advert on Google, bought a van, applied sign writing to the van and had business cards made. It took 18 months of hard work and finding ways to market myself before the business became solid and I could grow the business. My marketing with Blogger also spread the concept of my business idea to people looking to start their own mobile bike business. Often they were having difficulty establishing a business but through my experience I was able to assist them. I established Cycle Tech UK in 2009, as a network Of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics. Within 7 years the network expanded from running a single mobile bicycle workshop over 65 trucks on the road under the Cycle Tech UK branding. The network operates like a franchise but without the associated costs. There is a charge to join our network and an annual fee. This fee covers regular updating of technical information, business info, trade contacts, business name and logo. The idea is to enable businesses to start off with the very best inside information whilst promoting our network. Customers now buy bikes online and we are well suited to build the bike, service and carry out any warranty issues, all in the comfort of your home where we can also give basic cycling advice, to help more people enjoy cycling. 

What difficulties did you have to overcome to consolidate your company?
Back in 2007/2008 the world was in economic crisis – people were worried and did not want to spend money, unless necessary. Contacts in the trade were hard to find and suppliers were not interested in supplying unless you had a shop. Mobile service to the customer was a new concept! It took some time to establish optimum stock levels for many of the parts and spares that the customers would require. Very soon I realised I had bought a a van that was not large enough to hold my stock and tools and had to move up to a larger van. 

In your family, there is a tradition of entrepreneurs? 
Not really. I have cousins who have run their own businesses, but don’t think there is a tradition in the family, I was different and a go getter. 

How did you decide which products were to be marketed in your company? 
Firstly, I had to decide what were the likely customer’s requirements. Next I had to market the products of my mobile service offering together with. I had to publicise the benefits of the mobile service such as convenience to the customer avoiding the need and hassle of taking bikes back and forward to the bike shop often then waiting some time before having to return to collect in a weeks’ time. 

Did you do studies that allowed you to apply them to your company? 
Yes – I spent time researching what bike shops where offering, pricing and why some people did not want to use a bike shop, so I could find ways to market my business for little cost and often for free. 

Have you run your company since it was founded? yes for the last 9 years is been hard work, even enjoyable, but constantly learning and that I have grown our network of mechanics each year while being a mechanic. 

How do you define strategies that respond to the demands of the environment? 
Through listening and talking to customers, encouraging more people to take up cycling, running bike clinics and providing service at cycle events. 

How did you manage to position your company in the market? 
Very quickly I gained a reputation for offering an excellent value service, giving sensible free advice, helping others and the very best customer care. By word of mouth my reputation soon grew, since cyclists soon tell their friends. The ever increasing network of skilled mechanics helped grow our branding quickly becoming known to cyclists and suppliers. 

What distinguishes your company from the others? 
The unique service we offer, fitting in with the customers’ demands, needs and busy lifestyle. 

What characteristics should an entrepreneur have? 
Motivation, vision, persistence flexibility and willingness to take calculated risks and fulfill promises to customers. 

How do you think an entrepreneur should be prepared? 
Willing to learn from failure/mistakes (How they deal with each situation) make sacrifices to achieve your goal, know what you want, take small steps, know how to manage your time and money. 

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who want to consolidate a company in the future? 
Do extensive research. Know what you want to achieve from owning your own business and the benefits it can offer? (Money, time, health, family) Make major decisions then test them before finally applying them. Make it happen step by step. By immersing yourself with positive people, networking, volunteer to gain knowledge and skills, through yourself in at the deep end and swim, do what you enjoy, be different, knock on doors and sell yourself to gain business. I wish everyone great success and in the future, you are welcome to contact me and network, please feel free to email me

Thank you so much
We had the highest note
Catalina Andrade

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

BOSCH e bike Training

Your e-Bike our network
Our BOSCH trained mobile bicycle mechanics

Buy your e-bike direct online and have the peace of mind in knowing that it can be assembled and setup by trained mechanics at your home.

Keeping ahead with regular training and updates, with years of backup support from a network of mobile bicycle mechanics.

BOSCH Expert e bike Service:
  • New bike build and setup to bikes brought online
  • Battery reset 
  • Software updates 
  • Service and repairs
  • Warranty 
  • BOSCH batteries and chargers 
  • BOSCH Parts and Accessories 
  • Advice and upgrades 
  • Key replacement 
  • Full printable PDF (From service history to usage) 

e-Bike Mechanics - BOSCH Trained

BOSCH training school

Find your nearest e-bike mechanic HERE

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Excellent business opportunity with all the advantages of a franchise,

but without the ongoing franchise costs!

I can help you today with our strategies and resources to start and grow your business. 
Giving you a sense of stability and freedom in what you enjoy:
  • Do you want the freedom of being your own boss and stability with the support of a national network, working in one of the fastest growing leisure sectors?
  • Do you have around £10k to invest?
  • Do you share the same passion? Are you like minded and keen to help others?

Then please do get in touch with Martin Wilkins at for an information brochure to explain in more detail the benefits, to arrange a meeting and possible the next step in your journey to start your own bike business...................

Cycling is an addictive sport. All over the world, folks are getting on bikes and never getting off. Whether it’s for fun or exercise, or relied upon as a source of transportation, bikes are undoubtedly well-loved. Retail expert: Phil Chang network Hubba

UK'S Growth for The Mobile Bicycle Workshop 
A short comment before explaining the positive side to being mobile:

You may be seeing more and more cyclists, but many bike shops have been seeing a slowdown in bike sales for sometime now. As with many types of businesses they are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with online sales. Bikeshops are finding it harder and harder to make a good mark up on sales of bikes and accessories, to cover costs of business, let alone making a living from.
It takes more than a bike shop specialising to keep customers coming back, it also takes being established, having a team who have good product knowledge and the very best customer care (Knows what the customer wants and how to treat them) But many customers seem to be only window shopping "to get the right information" before buying online! Shoppers like to buy cheap and not for value. To make it worse, many shop's are not receiving the support and back up from many of the big suppliers. Especially with new businesses, like help with buying the right products and choosing the right brands.

As a group of bicycle mechanics whether shop based or mobile, we often see the same situations coming though the workshop: -
  • Customers who have brought the wrong size bike or even the wrong type of bike for their needs/use.
  • Customers may have been confused buying a new bicycle, with the variety of wheel sizing, gearing and braking systems now available. 
  • Bikes that have not been assembled correctly or poor quality bikes that are not safe.
  • Those new to cycling, rarely been shown or told about how to use the gears and pump up tyres on a regular basis. 
  • Those who have bought high end road bikes and join a cycling club, find if difficult riding in a group at high speed and many give up as not been shown or explained before investing in a new bicycle. 
  • Not all cities are embracing cyclists, with heavy traffic and minimal cycle paths. While road bikes and commuters are still in large numbers, we are seeing more people returning/turning to mountain bikes and riding off road only. 
Long term, all the above means not a good buying experience and not enjoying cycling to its full preternatural.

"In any service type business we are always learning how to be better and one thing is there is not a quick way. Those new to the bike trade will soon find out, it works different from any other type of business you may have worked in"

There's a growing requirement for Mobile Bicycle Repairs which include anything from:

High demand, we fit in with customer's busy life. 
Work direct with customer. We can easily show and explain everything we do or advise. 
Save the customer time and inconvenience of taking their bikes to the bikeshop.   
Customer feels they have had good value form our friendly services. 


High on-line sales (That require correct setup) 
More cyclists turning to the Internet to buy their new bicycle.
Our network is ideally setup to fit in with the way many customers now choose to buy online. 
Less returns to the supplier Specialist mechanics and tools required


Cyclists particulate road bikes require bike fit to rider. 
optimise comfort, maximise your efficiency and prevent injuries.


e bikes - the fastest growing sector in cycling, with BOSCH leading the way.


Factory built wheels combined with poor roads soon need mechanical attention. 
High demand for specialist hand built wheels to touring, mountain and road bikes.


Anything mechanical requires repairs and new parts need replacing regularly. Many new bicycles come with cheap components and require upgrades.

Typical Mobile Bicycle Workshop Setup
  • Sales of Tyres, tubes, brakes, gears and accessories from the van
  • Di2 upgrades
  • Suspension service
  • Frame prep
  • Ongoing service and maintenance..............
Whether a child's bike handle bars have come lose or a full overhaul service is required, Cycle Tech UK make the whole experiences for the customer much more simpler, by making a home visit in a mobile workshop. All with free cycling advice from a friendly mobile bicycle mechanic and customers are happy to tell their friends about our unique services. 

All in all, 2017 looks to be a big year for cyclists and our mechanics are ready to cater the changing market.

Thank you for reading my post. Martin - encouraging more people to have start their own bike business and to get more people cycling.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Mobile Bicycle Mechanic Network - Postcode Search & Map

Find a bicycle mechanic from the largest national network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the UK
below you can find a mechanic who is a local independent business that can come to you.
Service, repair and cycle assembly at your home or place of work.  

To add or amend your business listing please email: 
Read more: Mobile Bicycle Mechanics Unite - Add Your Business Details - For Referrals

From over 70 vans

Approved bike companies please email and we will direct you to a cycle technician within striking distance.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Brizebox - Parcel Delivery Box

Brizebox is giving on-line shoppers peace of mind by providing secure package delivery when they’re not at home.

No more waiting at home for a delivery or a delivery that requires a signature.

Brian Willcox, the owner of Brizebo: said, “I am passionate about engineering as well as being a regular on-line shopper. My experience of parcels being idly left outside my home, awkward Post Office collection hours and grumpy neighbours got me thinking about the problems faced today by on-line consumers and couriers alike.”

Made of zinc-coated sheet metal and for strength and durability, lever mechanisms, locks and hinges are made of stainless steel. To prevent water ingress rubber seals are used on the drawer and door.

Ideal for mobile bike mechanics who are working away from home and can't be in to places at once. Now you can continue to book work in each day, knowing your deliveries will be take care of. 


Find out more about Brizebox and to buy click image.

Click to buy and more about Brizebox

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Beeline Bikes - Mobile Bike Shop | North America

The future of the mobile bike shop is continuing to grow worldwide and is a service that is very convenient making riders life a whole lot easier getting their bike(s) serviced or repaired.

This video from the cool Beeline mobile bike mechanics from over the pond in the USA, who have done a great job with their mobile workshops.

Video: See inside the trucks The Mobile Bike Shop - tools and stock

They use two large vans "Trucks" Mercedes Sprinter and The Ford Transit

Pete Smalls Marketing Director - Beeline Bikes

"Bring connivance to the customer, you can go online and schedule appointment and a friendly mechanic will show up at your location of choice" 

"Started with one truck in the Bay area San Francisco, now have 31 trucks across the US and have serviced over 12,000 bikes to-date"

Mark Altamirano - Beeline mechanic

"You are looking at bringing the bike shop to the customer instead of the customer having to go to the bike shop" 

"Gives me the ability to interact with my customers a little bit more. We work closely and we are not drawing a line between the customer and the mechanic. So that's a pretty big deal" 

Pete Smalls Marketing Director - Beeline Bikes

"We got the mobile bike shop right here behind me, we use the two different vehicles as the platform the Mercedes Sprinter and The Ford Transit. Its the perfect vehicle for a bike nerd, you could take this on any bike trip you can imagine, through a sleeping bag on the floor and you are set to go!

Mark Altamirano - Beeline mechanic

"Let's take a look at it. So the idea is to keep everyone rolling on their bikes, so we are fully inventoried, ready to do most service. I have a selection of wheels, I have all the parts do a pad service on Mountain bikes, road bikes, we also have full cable sets to replace all the cabling and shifting. The ability to replace any broken spokes, we have a complete spoke library.
This is a great magnetic stand, so everything really clung to the tool bench. A complete selection of chains, if I do to do any sort of tube replacement, I think I have got it covered here. Truing stand complete with dial gauge and then I have my wall mounted service stand. So there you have it my compact mobile shop"

Pete Smalls Marketing Director - Beeline Bikes

" It a really interested time in the bike industry, I think customers are demanding a level of convenience that traditionally may not get in every bike shop out there and presents a unique  opportunity for businesses like ours"

Mark Altamirano - Beeline mechanic

Lots of folk out there don't have a lot of time, you just want to pull up your app and you want to ride your bike tomorrow, this all fits in with them. I don't know a lot about surfing, but I feel like I am in the line up and I am getting ready for the really big wave. And to me this really feels like a really big wave, the next big ride, so this is the best way to spend my time for sure, I can keep spreading the love because I want to get everyone on bicycles"