Saturday, 7 November 2015

Mobile Bicycle Mechanic Business - Van & Storage

Buying the right van for your business needs, is the first decision you need to take very seriously.

The mobile workshop is the image of your business, as-well your workshop. That's going to be professional, to tackle all those jobs!

The best advice is; "get the biggest van you can afford" or you will find you soon need to replace it for a bigger one.

Cycle Tech UK Mobile Bicycle Mechanic Businesses.
The Mobile Workshop
What to think about when planning the layout of your van. Basically a bikeshop in the back of a van. For a mobile business:
  • Your working area; do you plan on working inside your van, from the side or from the back? If working inside; then you may conceder a box type van or a van with square sides to maximize your working area. Like a Peugeot boxer. (Its not unusual to have a fleet of 5 or more bikes to work on at any one visit)  
  • Cleaning area for parts/bikes.
  • Storage of your tools, for easy to find & workbench or folding table for stripping down parts and vice.
  • Storage of stock; wheels and tyres, small parts, chains & cassettes, chainsets, derailleurs....
  • Storage of bikes; Bikes that will be taken away to work on and then returned.
  • Display area; for selling accessories, pumps, locks, lights, tyres at cycle events as well as working onsite where customers can view.
  • What will be your main place of work, at customers home/place of work, events, Dr Bike, onsite corporate work, schools?
  • Electrics; lighting, phone charger,
  • Insulation; keeping your stock dry in the cold damp months.
  • Security; alarm, dead locks
  • Awning; for working from the side, with protection from rain and strong sunlight.
  • Sign writing; your van is one of your main ways of advertising.

Working from the side of the van. Tools and workshop parts close by. Parts & accessories on display

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These questions and more can be answered in a meeting or Skype chat.
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