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Mobile Bicycle Repair Partnership Opportunity - A Cooperative Type Business

Bicycle owners are a passionate group. By Providing a superior service, you are sure to develop a strong following.

Whether you're a mechanic or just after a good business, this could be for you.

There is a lot for you to think about before starting any business, there is also more to mobile bicycle mechanics than one first thinks and all your questions can not be answered in a single Blog post. Please take a moment to learn about Cycle Tech UK " The Largest Network Of Mobile Bicycle Repair Specialists" the industry and the partnership opportunity.

To obtain more information about our Network of mobile bicycle mechanics and how to start your own bike business today, please have a look on this Blog. By clicking Index to view the latest News, Pages & our top Posts.
Email martin@cycle-tech.co.uk for our brochure which explains about our network, the benefits, cost and to see how this could work for you, by becoming a Cycle Tech UK Member.


Business Profile: Cycle Tech Bournemouth
Start of business 1st May 2015
Entrepreneur and Cycle Tech UK Member Andrew Downton has many years engineer experience, keen triathlon cyclist and is a cycling coach.
Vehicle "The Mobile Workshop" has been leased to help spread setup costs & is fully Cycle Tech UK branded.
With Andrews cycling background has paved the way for attending cycling events and reaching out to those customers with mid to high end road bikes. Andrew is a keen member of Cycle Tech UK, he gets active in our group support, networks with other members and has spent a day with me getting his hands dirty and talking shop. Before leaving his full time job, he planed & prepaired his business setup by; kitting out his van, advertising with local cycling clubs, working on friends bikes, buying tools and stock. He set himself a date to start full time and handed his notice in at his full time employment to start Cycle Tech Bournemouth. "Andrew has become a credit to our group"

  • Cycle Tech UK Partnership offer the first “Network of mobile bicycle mechanics” on site service for all types of bikes; mountain, road, hybrid, touring, tandems, trikes, recumbent and even electric bikes. 
  • Each mobile workshop is a one-stop shop for all  maintenance needs - gear tune, tyres, wheels, brakes, drive chain & service intervals.
  • This business opportunity is poised to help you capitalise on these trends with only a small investment.
  • Cycle Tech UK Est 2007 with over 40 members across the UK

The Industry
Today’s cyclists are better educated and earn considerably more than the national average. They love to ride, they don’t service their own bikes and these RUCs "Rich Urban Cyclists" & MAMIL "Middle Age Men In Lycra" hate to miss a ride because they have to leave their bike several days at the bikeshop for simple gear adjustment and brake service.

Buyer Profile
Understanding the “Cyclist Mentality” is important. Our Members understand: “It’s All About the Ride.” Offering the very best advice, customer care and of course bike service second to none.
"Look for problems before the customer finds it"

Job Description
Advertise to cyclists, network with local clubs, cycling events and promote charity rides explaining the benefits of a mobile service. Mobile bicycle repair workshop is a specialist on-site service offering maintenance & service to all makes of bicycles, tyres & tubes, gear and brake services, wheel truing. Manage day to day of your business; booking in jobs, oversee inventory (stock control & trade parts orders), marketing and finances.

Seeking Members
Nationwide who are willing to use our branding, working full time and work from a large mobile workshop.

Initial Investment Outlay
You should be looking at £15 - £25k Figures vary as it can depend on your setup; with buying or leasing your the mobile workshop, (A new fully fitted out van) or buy used and then new when business takes off, being VAT registered, sole trader or Limited company and whether you need to borrow any money to fund your start-up with have an impact on costs. There is obviously a big difference with a mobile business rather than a bikeshop/workshop based one. And of course there are no high franchise fees!

How much can I earn?
Realistically, you might expect to earn around £40,000 after a couple of years as a Cycle Tech UK Partner. But how much you actually make depends on how skilled you are at customer satisfaction. Of course the initial advertising and leaflet drops are important but regular work from long standing customers will be the most lucrative. Location will also make a difference, how quickly you gain knowledge (in mechanics and business), confidence and become known for your workmanship. Stock investment, stock control and having trade suppliers for the best deals. Along with a mark-up on trade prices, it will only take a short time to profit from. But some of that profit will need to be put back to buy more stock, so you have the right parts in stock, that will allow you a fast turn around with jobs being completed on the same day. And work very hard, of course – this is not money for nothing.

Who is it suited to?
The member will need to have some mechanical experience – although Cycle Tech UK doesn’t specify this requirement, as we require all our members to undergo the level 2 training. But those people that tend to have technical experience, if not necessarily mechanical experience and have worked for a company that has a system of professionalism and customer care will do better as they are use to working to a very high standard and can organise themselves to make the working environment more efficient without compromising quality. Our two desk job type people have also worked out and have become successful. Anyone with hands on experience will have the best chance and if you have enough interest and an aptitude for knowing how things work at a DIY level, you might find yourself enjoying the different challenge a mobile bike business brings.

By building your business is the smart move
Working with our network company, will allow your business to gain skills and time to make money and all at a low setup cost. Also you own the business unlike a franchise with the ability to control your own destiny. Our proven system will show you how to start and run your business and to get best use from our network.
Putting your money in the bank to save, is designed to loose value, where investing in your own business will give you a monthly payment and long term future investment. It's all down to your values and whether you take calculated risks. Why study at school to work hard for a cooperate business that you will never own?
There is no get rich quick scheme to make money overnight, it takes time. And if this is your first time as a business owner, it will be a big step with the transition from an employee. There are 2 types of people you will hear from, those who will tell you "you won't make it" and those who say "go for it". Cycle tech UK will help and support you for as long as it takes.

Tips for success
  • Every bicycle needs looking at some time in its life and this isn’t likely to change. People also have busy life styles and don't have time to take their bike to the shop and that isn't likely to change either. However, you still need to approach the business in a realistic manner.
  • There will always be someone trying to undercut you so it’s important to be good at your job. If you offer a good service people will come back and will recommend you to their friends.
  • Work won’t roll in automatically. There can be some seasonal variation until you are established. So work to get referrals as well as constant new businesses.
  • If you do a good on-the-spot repair and can also offer bike builds, frame swaps, tyre change and servicing, there is a good chance the customer will call you back when these need doing again.
  • Good relations with potential customers are also important and new potential clients are always better wooed face to face.
  • In addition, a recognised brand name will help members to attract customers, as people will already know what the company has to offer. Our branding on our van's generate the most work, you will find its essential in your business start up for gaining enquiries.
  • Offering advice for free, but don't be a busy fool, charge for your time, knowledge, skills and tools.
  • Make sure you get a designated area to work in. Research the area thoroughly – there is always going to be competition but if you start off near already established mid to high end bikeshops, you will be giving yourself a better chance to succeed as cyclists will be riding quality bikes and not willing to wait up to 4 weeks to have them serviced.
  • Talk to people who are already on the ground. And concentrate more on the newer members rather than the older ones. These are the people who will remember which were the best – and worst – decisions they made at the beginning and could be your most useful source.
  • Customer care is also of the utmost importance. People are extremely protective of their bicycles, often seeing them as an extension of themselves. You must treat them that way too. If you send a bike out covered in greasy handprints, un-repaired faults or without reporting any of the faults you may have missed or did not recommend, that customer is unlikely to come back.
Much like the freedom a cyclists, our members are independent and who want to become their own boss. Cycle Tech UK offers that opportunity, though it also requires flexibility, hard work and an ability to follow proven strategies for success. For the right person, "unlike a franchisee" our network of mobile bicycle mechanics can give each member the freedom to run their own business, and yet have the support of successful business practices to back it up.

A happy business makes a successful business
There are many benefits to owning a Cycle Tech UK Partnership. Perhaps one of the biggest is having a strategic partner with the resources and brand recognition that attracts and retains customers. Investing in Cycle Tech UK strengthens our brand while giving the member proven strategies for marketing, distribution and an overall successful way of doing business.

Be prepared for your business start-up and the journey ahead
Cycle Tech UK is a brand leader; an instant franchise type business at low cost, where you will gain valuable knowledge, support, trade contacts, networking, branding and members designated territory to a unique business specialising in mobile bicycle repairs that's in high demand.

Remember their is more to this business than one first realises, Martin has been sharing the lessons he has learned and the challenges he has faced whilst building Cycle Tech UK. Martin and the Cycle Tech UK Team are here to help you succeed. They want to make sure you know what to do if you are faced with the same obstacles we've met, to help you plan ahead and stop anything from standing in the way of making your business amazing. If you haven't already come across these articles, please do have a look HERE

To help you decide whether a Cycle Tech UK Partnership is right for you.
Simply email martin@cycle-tech.co.uk for an information brochure and to arrange a meeting, to disuses any questions and the next step.

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