Friday, 22 May 2015

Cycle Tech UK - Road Show 2015

Martin Wilkins the traveling mechanic and the brainchild of Cycle Tech UK. Will be touring the UK in his campervan come mobile workshop/display van. Visiting over 40 mobile bicycle mechanics working under the Cycle Tech UK name, known as "Members” of the network of mobile bicycle mechanics up & down the UK.

The Road Show will run from June till the end of August. The mobile workshop is kitted out to offer full onsite service & repair to most makes of bicycles. A stock of common spare parts and tyres. The workshop will also be stopping at cycle events across the UK, which are intend to get more people cycling. Where Martin together with of Members of Cycle Tech UK will give free bike checks and cycling related advice at different locations across the UK.
Martin will also will be meeting Members to talk shop, training, offer support, new business ideas and ways of offering better customer support in this demanding business.
The Road Show will be promoting the individual Members business locally and nationally.

Next stop Cycle Tech Bournemouth 7th July
Up and coming for new Members:
Cambridge, Lake district, Oxford, Reading & Marlow
There will also so be discovery days for those who are looking at starting their own mobile bike business. Where Martin will personally meet you and answer any questions you have over a coffee.
To register your interest for a discovery day or a cycle event you are organising please email

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

National Cycle Event Support - UK

Cycle Tech UK event team can provide a full mobile bicycle repair service to all cyclists participating in cycle events across the UK to keep them on the move!

Our cycle event team support will be providing high end experience, working from a large mobile workshop, carrying the quality tools and spare parts and able to charge the going rate for their skills and knowledge. Many of these large events means working a 12 hour day and often including Sundays.

Cycle Tech UK event team only work with reputable cycle event organisers.

Local and European Events catered for by arrangement, Cycle Tech UK event team have over 40 professional mechanics across the UK

For further information or an informal discussion to tender your event(s) please call Martin 07739614579 or email

Mechanical support for race events

6am starts

Cyclists line-up for last minute checks

Cycle Tech UK Event Team

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Join The Elite In Mobile Bicycle Repairs

The largest Network of professional mobile bicycle mechanics in the world - Cycle Tech UK

Cycle Tech UK are the champions of mobile bicycle mechanics and have moved on from being the new kids on the block back in 2008 with our mechanics now becoming great legends in the cycling world. 
The Cycle Tech UK branding has grown in to a successful small business.

Join our network and be part of the team, working as a small independent business owner with the support and benefits of a national company. Unlike a franchise!
You can even buy your uniform direct, see samples From Oxford Safety Suppliers 

The mark of a pro mechanic
Cycle Tech UK is looking for like minded people with mechanical experience or with a love for bicycles to be apart of our growing network.
There are many reasons why some businesses become very successful while others fail.
Many businesses don't even make any money in the first 3 years, you may even have to get your wife/partner involved, work more hours then your previous job, with no time to go cycling and you may even put weight on!
To make your business a susses it really comes down to you, your investment, your time, your attitude and your decision making.  
Cycle Tech UK will help you be prepared to start and run your business. By networking with our members and with contacts in the bicycle trade. Working to our proven system and our good name.
Working under our branding will give your business value. As a Cycle Tech UK business you will be providing high end experience and able to charge the going rate for your skills and knowledge.
A big part of our success is down to each individual mechanic/business who promote Cycle Tech UK and their input with supporting our network. As Cycle Tech UK is not a franchise and this allows each business to be independent working under a national brand. Not only do customers like us for being a local business and not a corporate company where money is king. And our mechanics feel happy to put their skills and knowledge back in to our network.
Martin the founder of Cycle Tech UK has built the network of mobile mechanics to help and support new business setups and the growth of the individual business for the future.
Cycle Tech UK can give you the opportunity of owning your dream bike business  
Tips for success:
  • Having the right skills in bicycle mechanics is the important factor for success. People will use you and are willing to pay more as they trust you to look after their bicycle. You can gain these skills by training and experience.
  • Customer care; by making the customer feel they have value in your services.
  • Unique service; mobile service is very helpful and saves the customer time.
  • By doing what you enjoy and something you believe in, along with the help and support of Cycle Tech UK will give you the chances of owning your own successful business.     
Your first steps:
  • Is read all the Pages and Posts on this Blog. Use our Index 
  • Make notes and any questions you may have. There are 101 things to think about and everybody is in a different situation.
  • Arrange a meeting or chat with me to find out if Cycle Tech UK can help you and this business is for you.
  • Ask to receive a copy of our information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model, how much you could be earning and forecast then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins Email: 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mobile Bicycle Mechanics Business - High Wycombe Area

Start with a new life change and do something you enjoy that also has a growing income.

This is an interesting and unique opportunity in the fast growing leisure industry:

FOR SALE: The Flagship Business "Cycle Tech High Wycombe" and surrounding areas. The highly regarded premier Mobile Bicycle Workshop in South Buckinghamshire. Est 2008
Have a job that you enjoy, that has a growing income and that you can still continue with when you retire.

Asking Price: £25k

Assets for sale include the intangible assets / goodwill including trading name (“Cycle Tech High Wycombe”), databases (e.g. of customers and suppliers), website, telephone number, logo and marketing material, general ‘know how’ and trading style, and the right to represent oneself as carrying on the company’s business, together with in-situ tangible assets including trading stock, spare parts, workshop tools and equipment.

Work is booked in every week and ready to go
This is a no brainer - Professional business, once in a life time opportunity to work, own your own destiny. By putting your hard work and effort in to something you own and not for a company, who suck you in and then spit you out.

Skills/Experience Required 
Ideal what I am looking for, but not essential, will have experience in all duties required for fulfilling the role of a professional bicycle mechanic. Or in the process of learning the following:
- Cytech qualified levels 1 and 2 or equivalent (C&G, EAL) 
- Experience in high end custom builds
- Wheel builder
- Experience in Bicycle assembly and PDI'S
- Competent knowledge of all bikes, equipment and tooling
- Organised and target driven
Excellent communication skills and a passion for cycling
Please email your CV/details to 
More details in full on application/meeting
Trading hours: Mon to Fri: 8am to 6pm Sat: 8:30am to 5pm Summer 9.00am - 12.30 winter Saturday at Bike Clinic location
Cycle Tech High Wycombe - The Mobile Workshop
Due to growing demand of Cycle Tech High Wycombe and needs of cyclists.
Full take over for a full time bicycle mechanic is required to buy Cycle Tech High Wycombe, to continue with high quality repairs and service with ongoing and new customers. Including working with local contracts and bike clinic locations, giving an instant business and steady income.
A once in a life opportunity to do something you love and make a good living from.

I am seeking investment
Start an instant business and earn today, by buying Cycle Tech High Wycombe. (Will include an investment from you of around £25k depending on stock and tools required)
High earnings. Experienced Mechanic would except to earn over £30k -£35k net p/a Of course it means hard work like any business.

Includes being part of the Cycle Tech UK Network with over 40 Members.  
[Other areas available]
The hard work of getting known is done and the business is making a good profit! 
* Good established business which has been trading for over 10 years.
* Niche business servicing and repairing cycles at the customer’s home and with the occasional sale of new bicycles and accessories.
* Located in an affluent area, with main service & repairs to high end road bikes. Followed by all levels of road bikes, MTB's, family bikes, hybrids and commutes.
* High gross profit and low overhead business which should produce good net profits consistently.
* Ideal business for an enthusiastic cyclist, an ex- mechanic, someone moving to the area or someone looking for a new challenge.
* Essential contact's in the trade and trade accounts included for best discounts on parts.

Business: Ongoing. Mobile service and repairs to all types of bicycle with sales of parts, accessories, bicycles and teaching bicycle mechanics.
The business has website, phone line, Stock, Trade accounts, Tools and large Customer base.
Has established customers, a reliable income, a reputation to capitalise and build on and a useful network of contacts.
A market for the product and service Cycle Tech High Wycombe offer, has already been demonstrated and market will continue to grow.
It will be easier to obtain finance as this business has a proven track record.

Reason to sell: Some people may be surprised I am looking to sell. But I am expanding Cycle Tech UK. But I will only look for the right person to join.
There is a Cycle Tech UK Members agreement and I will continue supporting and growing the brand. I will show the new owner the ropes and continue support, as in the standard legal agreement. This will free up my time to build the Cycle Tech UK branding.  

  • Van - 2010 Renault Master MWB The mobile workshop and Fully kitted workshop, storage for tools and stock.
  • Tool kit
  • Customer base: Large customer base, local and 10 miles plus of High Wycombe
  • Website, phone number and email address
  • Stock essential workshop parts. Trade accounts, vital to operation of any business, to buy at the best deal, next day and technical help with latest products.
  • Support: On-going support as part of the cooperative network
  • Exclusive territory: See Map, Bike Clinic locations and paid cycling event support.  
  • Launch marketing; email newsletter, social media and website listing
  • Website: Listed on our website: & Cycle Tech High Wycombe website:
  • You just need the 2-week training and trade insurance and you are ready to start.
Mobile Bicycle Repair Business - Workshop

There are many good reasons why buying an existing business make's good business sense.

Also included:
  • I will personally working alongside you if required for the first month or so, to show the ropes of the business, workshop, customers, website, trade suppliers and more........
  • We would start by doing a complete bike build, you can do this before your qualified training, to help with confidence, knowledge and to work to a high standard.
  • Day's on the road - dealing with everyday issues and customers need's.
  • If you have never been self-employed I will give you guidance on this.

One of the most frequent questions; Will customers trust the new mechanic who takes over the business or will they only want to deal with Martin? A. Loyalty vs. can’t wait! Most customers are happy to have their bicycle fixed as soon as possible and seeing a professional Cycle Tech UK mechanic in uniform are only too pleased. Some customers will expect to see Martin, as there is a trust, it would only be a matter of time and we would also promote the new owner in email newsletters, website and social media via a large database to help maximise your return. And I can also offer support at the beginning, working alongside you and introduce you to those customers.

Disclaimer:Viewing is essential to fully appreciate this business and strictly by appointment only.

For more information then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Cycle Tech UK The Bicycle Workshop - Bike Shop

If you are thinking of opening your own Bike Shop Then there are something's to think about.

Some of our mobile mechanics have done just that, after just 2 years running their own mobile business have decided that a Workshops/Bike Shops is the way forward.

What makes them successful?
The main reason is knowledge, they say after 3 years of trading ,they would have done things differently in the beginning, if only they knew!

There is a lot to learn before your shop will become successful. But before you even open a bike shop, you should have put a plan together. To include, Shop location, size, layout, monthly outgoings, Stock list of parts & accessories, stock of bikes, trade suppliers, insurance, security, marketing and employee's. You may like to read Setting-up a bike business 

Both Cycle Tech Eastbourne &
Cycle Tech Snowdonia have both opened bike shops after running as a mobile outfit.

Knowing what bikes your customers will buy

Sales of bikes

£250 hybrids or £3000 plus carbon road bikes? Will it be down to the colour , will you have the right size in stock, can you order from your supplier next day? It will mean a lot of money tied up on the showroom floor. Price Range £300-2,000 is the price range to aim for.
At the end of the day bike sales will rely on getting people in the shop, having bikes outside your shop and the amount of passers by it draws into the shop is remarkable.
Bike sales change each week and season, you don't need to stock every size bike.

What to charge?
Labour for bike repairs; Bike shops charge on average £35 - £45/hour including VAT and have a minimum of 30% mark-up on parts.
VAT Reg?
If you sell cycles your turn over will increase, also you can claim vat back on your stock and van. You can also sell cycles on the cycle to work scheme. Remember you will need to stock a number of bicycle to sell one.
If you stock it will you sell it?

Epos system – to manage stock, bikes and booking in jobs. Also linked to trade suppliers stock. 
Its easy to buy too much of the wrong items that only sell twice a year and then it may go out of date.
Knowledge of what to stock is key to your success, Cycle Tech UK supply a stock list and a list of trade suppliers to its Members.
EPoS stands for Electronic Point of Sale. They can be used as a replacement for the old fashioned cash register, and can greatly improve the efficiency of your business.
The software used with EPoS systems is capable of a wide range of tasks that include monitoring stock, weighing items, taking payments for products, and keeping track of what has been sold and by whom. This allows you to keep better track of what's going on in your business, which will lead to better productivity and staff performance. An EPoS system helps your customers too, by reducing the amount of queues.
Specialise in the best on EPoS systems for you - Is Citrus - Lime
With an EPoS system, you'll get the following benefits:
  • A system that can monitor the transactions made by your business. What's been sold, how much stock there is, and who's sold what.
  • More functionality than the traditional cash register, a must for any business seeking to keep themselves modern and in the know.
  • A high degree of integration, meaning all your different machines can communicate with each other and work together better.
  • The ability to make use of touch screens and other technology that can reduce the amount of queues in your stores.
 Stock control using EPos

Customer care and decision making
The key is trust and the customer feeling comfortable in your shop. Along with your knowledge and decision making.
  • You will need to keep a balance of workmanship/customer care Between being a busy fool and not getting angry with customers.
  • Every job you take on is individual to the bike and customers needs 

Location location is key to the success of your bike shop but in the bike trade, if a shop 20 miles away is selling a top brand, the chances are you won't be-able to sell it! Do your research with local shops and suppliers.


Will your bike shop be big enough, to stock new bikes, show products and have room for repairs.

Turnover & Expenses

Running a bike shop you will have bigger bills to pay each month, where's a mobile mechanic will have a much lower running costs and will probably make money in his first year where's a bike shop could take 4 years to make any profit. You will have to work longer hours to cover costs and more worry in the quite winter months until you become known.
Can you afford to employ a mechanic?

Its down to you to make your business work. They say in the bike trade, to make a million £££'s you need to invest 2 million!