Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Encouraging More People To Cycle

The last 5 years has seen an increase in cycling. With the support for community cycling continues to blossom with bike share programs, bike lanes, bike safety education and secure bicycle parking. The Tour de France in Yorkshire has been a big hit along with Bradley Wiggins, British Cycling, Sustrans, Cycle to Work Scheme, Cycle shows, Availability of on-line sales, Bike hire availability, Cycling Holidays, health benefits and enjoyment. With this increase there has also been an increase in new bike businesses setups, and ever growing number of mobile businesses across the UK.

Mobile workshop setup to give advice and pre bike checks before a family cycle event

Since I first started the mobile bicycle workshop back in 2008 “Cycle Tech” has grown in to the largest national network of mobile bicycle mechanics of its kind in the world. Not only helping/supporting its Members, but also encouraging others the confidence to start their own bike business and helping more people enjoy cycling.
As with any business there is going to be professionals and those who think they can run a business from the back of a car. All our Cycle Tech UK mechanics are fully qualified, have group support and run their business from a fully equipped mobile workshop.

The customer whether new or returning to cycling has more choice where to shop and often finds the mobile bicycle mechanic fits in with their busy life style. The mobile mechanic can visit on site at the customer’s home or place of work. The mobile mechanic can also offer a unique service by advising the customer directly, with any cycling issues. Whether; upgrades, where to cycle or recommend the correct bicycle(s) for their needs. 

“There is more to cycling and the art of bicycle mechanics than one first thinks”
Cycle Clinics/Dr Bike checks

Just a few adjustments to a customer’s bike can make a big difference.
For example; by just setting the saddle, handlebars and brake leavers in the correct position (Providing the bicycle is the correct size) and pumping up tyres to the correct pressure makes a huge difference and a better cycling experience.  Cycle Tech UK mechanics use our check lists to safety check and for service and report or any faults/advice.

Parktool Home Mechanics school

As much as you try to keep your beloved bike in tip-top condition, wear and tear inevitably sets in after clocking the miles. The not insignificant cost of replacing parts, and paying for a professional to fit them, can soon mount up too. And yet there are many maintenance tasks that, with the right tools and training can be performed at home - cutting at least some of the expense. Cycle Tech UK has teamed up with Park Tool School; The Number 1 in bicycle Tools and we have created The Park Tool School Of Home Mechanics.
To view Approved Instructors, more info and authorized Park Tool distributors view HERE

Cycling Events
Cycle Tech UK support many cycling events across the UK, whether it’s a charity ride or competition, our mechanics are ready for any last minute requirements and adjustments. We have become known for our reliability and expertise with the well-known cycle events.

In our experience the customer uses our service not only for ease of use but for the unique personal service and customer care that is not always found in a busy bike shop.

How was your last visit to your local bike shop?  

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