Monday, 3 November 2014

The Bicycle Whisperer

The art of bicycle mechanics
The Bicycle Whisperer - As well as looking (observing) at a bike to find what's wrong, also requires listening and feeling.

"Cycle Technicians are not miracle workers but problem solvers" 

When a bicycle comes to the mobile workshop, the technician uses his knowledge and skills to diagnose problems, which the customer may not even be aware of. 
The technician can first ask the customer questions, while casting his eye over the bicycle. By checking the bike over "The M Check" the technician can start his diagnostic procedure.
Part of the M check is to apply the brakes, spin the wheels, feel and spin the bottom bracket and headset for wear or play. These are just some of the many checks the technician will go through to have a full understanding of not only what is causing the problem, but an idea of how worn out other components maybe. As this could also determine a costly repair or how much life is left before parts need replacing. 
A road test also may be required to diagnose a noise, poorly operating gears or brakes. 

 The Bicycle Whisperer

The next step, would be to put the bicycle in the work-stand and have a closer inspection, the bicycle may even require a clean to be able to closely examine components. 
By spinning the wheels the technician can see if wheels are buckled, feel/hear for worn bearings and check brakes are aligned correctly.
A good technician can use his skills and knowledge, an art built up over time and has become known as The Bicycle Whisperer.
What it does not involve is guess work, fitting parts and hopping will sort it out or saying to the customer see how it go's................

Service Check List

By using a check list the technician can make a report and estimate of his findings. Or further investigation may be needed to remove components.    
The technician will best advice the customer the best options available.   

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