Friday, 7 November 2014

3 Key Points To What Made My Business Successful

I always start any business plan, by putting down ideas on paper.

My 3 key points:

1. Being thrown in at the deep-end 
  • By starting with only a vision, very little money and a few tools, I had to make my new business work. 
  • This can be the same for starting a new job or for any life situation. 
  • By putting in real effort, having enthusiasm and believing in your vision 
2. Learning from mistakes 
  • You don't learn from doing it right, by making mistakes I can make the situation or idea better next time.
  • Don't be a busy fool! One of the hardest things to get right is charging the right amount for your time. Need to be considered in your hourly rate; skill's, knowledge, tools and running costs.  
  • I keep learning by developing new skills and working on my weaknesses 
3. Helping others
  • By being passionate in what I do and helping others with advise, I find others soon tell their friends.  
  • Being part of an network, I have support and trade contacts at my finger tips also I can share my knowledge and technical know how for all to benefit. 
Other advice:
Start your research and start your business while you still have a job so you don't have to borrow money or rely on making money in the first months, as most of your profit will be injected back into your business. 

Know how to price your product. Know what your margins are. Know what to set aside for insurance and TAX bills and pay your bills on time

Our business concept is unique, growing, potential and people are looking for our convenient services. If you like to know more please email and ask for an information pack. 

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