Monday, 13 October 2014

Its Not All Work Work Work

For those who are running an established business, It pays to down tools and take time off away from work.

In any business there is a changing market, competition and the chance to grow.

You sometimes need to get away and see the wood from the trees. 

To clear the mind and come up with new ideas, you need to get away from it all and do something you enjoy. After all it's your hard work, time building and effort running your business.

"I still put pen to paper and write ideas or things that need to be done"

Before you start working for yourself, you need to think is it about the money, the lifestyle or both?

Some businessmen find it hard to say no and forget why they got in to the bike trade in the first place.

Why it might not be possible for you to take time off yet:

Of course there is mortgage and bills to pay, but if you find you are working 7 days a week just to get by, then you may need a rethink the way you are running your business. 
  • Are you getting stressed
  • Feel under pressure to make x amount of money each week 
  • Can't find enough time in the week to finish all your tasks
If yes to any of the above, then this will be reflected on your customers. 

You may need to think about the following:
  • Charge more per job/hour
  • How to be more efficient
  • Review your business and home outgoings 
  • Find help/support
  • Review stock control 
  • Learn to say no to some jobs
  • Are you getting the best deal from your suppliers

Or are you struggling to find work:
Then you need to......
  • Review your image and branding. (The way you market yourself will have a big impact)
  • Is your vehicle suitable  
  • Is your business being found on the internet
  • Do you consider your business as being professional
  • Do you have the confidence and knowledge
  • Check your location and competition out
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses 

What changes can you make?
These are some of the things that a good businessman will overcome and why some businesses fail.

Start a list of what you need to do or changes need to be made. 

Our Network has the support and inside knowledge, that is shared with our Members. To not only get their business of the ground, but to help run their business and be profitable. 

Once I learnt to say no, I could take time off and do what I enjoy. 
Being in the leisure industry, I find customers like to hear of my cycling stories. 

When taking time out, I switch off my phone and laptop to help forget about work. 

Keep it simple, keep cycling, enjoy your work and the business will look after itself.

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