Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Cycling and Coffee Go Hand In Hand

Since I started giving business support, I have met a number of people who have had the same idea of opening a bike shop that also offers an area within the shop to sell coffee to cyclists.

This has already been proving a success in London with Look Mum No Hands also see this MAP across the UK.

If you already own a bike shop, you can just put a coffee machine in and offer coffee to your customers.
But don't think a £50 coffee maker and packet coffee will work! Cyclist know their coffee and you may end up losing customers over a poor coffee.

Professional coffee machines 

Niche Market 

Coffee is the fastest growing business on the high street, along with a boom in cycling.

Coffee and cycling is open to all ages.

If this is your dream to own your own business; a bike shop/coffee shop.
Then my advice is "Make it happen"

Coffee shops are opening up in the high street, in villages, garden centers and farm shops. Even pubs sell coffee along with petrol stations and supermarkets.

To attract cyclists you will need to offer an atmosphere and of course good fresh coffee. People like to support local businesses and don't mind paying over the odds, as long as they feel they are getting value and a feel good experience.

Ask yourself; what you look for when buying and drinking your coffee:
  • Is it the price that attracts you
  • The convenience 
  • Free Wifi
  • Or the good feel factor 
By giving your bike shop/coffee shop a setting:
People feel at ease and comfortable with nostalgia.
  • Coffee and bikes are associated with Italy  
  • Classic road bikes of the 80's on display
  • Pictures of old school riders and winners
  • Info about the coffee you are selling 
The coffee you sell:

People are more concerned about where the coffee comes from and the impact on the environment. So buying fair trade or direct from a small farmer where you can ask about how the coffee is grown, harvested and roasted. 

One coffee supplier I can highly recommend; is Milly at Exsotic Coffee Roasters Milly is Colombian and buys direct from small farmers in Colombia, who grow high quality arabica coffee beans. Milly can offer you the art of making a proper cup of coffee, espresso, latte at their micro roasting HQ in Oxfordshire.         

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