Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bicycle Service Recommendations "Gear Cables"

Why Cycle Tech UK recommends gear cable replacement every year.

Gear cables are the most common cause of incorrect gear operation, gear cables can become kinked, corroded and your gear shift will not be smooth adding wear to chain and sprockets. Cycle Tech UK recommends lubricating, inspecting cables regularly and replace once a year. Bike design's and rooting of cables though handle bars and frames is making it much harder to inspect cables for damage and wear, so cables should be changed regular to reduce failure.

Recommendations for gear cable after replacement;
After a gear cable replacement, especially on 10 and 11 speed gears, after fitting gear cables a road test is performed where possible for correct fitting and cable adjustment is carried out. Sometimes there may be a further adjustment made to fine tune gears. Also where we have recommended a replacement of a front and/or rear derailleur, a chain and/or a chainring which will also have an effect on gear adjustment/operation. This is where electronic gears like Shimanos Di2 work best on 10 and 11 speed over cable control, as once indexing is adjusted there is no further adjustment necessary till next service interval. 

Bicycle Mechanics Is An Art:
With parts made to be light weight, derailleur gears that are being made too extreme for their use and where cyclists are expecting to much out of them. 
The way a rider changes gear and use of extreme gears can add rapped wear to components. 
Carbon bikes with a heavy rider of more than 14 stone is going to increase the bike to flex along with light weight wheels that are built with less spokes and spoke patterns that not built for heavy riders.
Your expectations maybe too high for riding bicycles, that will go on forever without having any problems and with maintenance that is just spraying a bit of oil!
Maybe the parts don't seem to last as long as they use to or bikes/components are not built/made fit for purpose. A bicycle is a mechanical item that needs constant care, maintenance to perform well and you don't expect to work correctly with the drive chain gummed up with over oiling and dirt. 

A mechanic won’t know what the fault is in full, until a diagnostic procedure is carried out.

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Images of typical gear cable wear all on the same bike: 

This cable adjuster has broken off and left half of the thread in the derailleur 

Outer cable split at shifter end

Gear wire frayed

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