Tuesday, 17 June 2014

High Wycombe Entreprenur Celebrates 35th Franchise

High Wycombe based entrepreneur Martin Wilkins, is celebrating the 35th UK franchise of his mobile bicycle service and repair company "Cycle Tech UK". Just four and half years after setting up the company as a franchise, Mark Fairhall of Cycle Tech Shropshire is the latest and 35th Cycle Tech UK franchise, joining 34 others spanning Britain from Glasgow through Snowdonia to Eastbourne.

A car mechanic by trade Martin returned to his first love "bicycles" in January 2008 when at the height of the global recession he set up Cycle Tech with no intention of starting a franchise and within 2 years the first franchise Cameron McAdam of Cycle Tech Glasgow joined Cycle Tech to meet the growing demand for high quality, service, repair of bikes of all types, visiting customers at their homes or workplace. Cycle Tech UK was born and now provides maintenance services for companies including Canyon Bikes UK, Active Cycling projects, Coventry City Council and for the RAF.

Success breeds success 
Why Cycle Tech UK "The national network of mobile bicycle specialists" has been very successful in business;
  1. By having a group support network of cycle mechanics
  2. Offering customers great value by focusing on customer care 
  3. Ease of service by visiting the customer at their home or work place.
Customer care is a must in any service business, by offering an onsite service where the cycle technician can talk direct with the customer, offer a bike wash, bike setup to rider and by giving the bike a road test after service/repair work, along with offering advice to customers individual needs, minimises any issues that may arise. I often get comments back from customers saying they really did not expect this sort of great service. Which in a way, is very sad for the bicycle service industry as a whole.

Two mobile bike business have now moved in to shops; Cycle Tech Snowdonia after only 1 year as a mobile outfit and Cycle Tech Eastbourne after 2 years of offering mobile service. And they also still offer pickup and delivery, as they find this service has great value.

Commenting on the company’s rapid growth, Martin said;
“It’s been a tough six and half years but the rapid growth of the company has been built on a winning combination of expert mechanics providing top customer service to riders of all ages. We've built bikes brought onlinecomplete bespoke bike builds for individuals, serviced all types of bikes for Mums and families up and down the country. We've also introduced home mechanical classes for customers to maintain their own bikes and provided cycle maintenance at numerous cycle Events and Sportives across the UK

Local rider sponsorship
As part of his mission to promote cycling and encourage a healthy lifestyle Cycle Tech UK sponsors two local amateur riders, mountain biker and cyclocross rider Steve Merrett of Aylesbury and road racer and time trialist Will Houghton of Great Missenden. 

Will and Martin with Cinelli Saetta Sprint

Will has been sponsored by Cycle Tech UK for two years and rides for Oakley based Hillingdon Cycle Club under 23 Squad. Will rides a Cycle Tech UK provided carbon framed Cinelli Saetta Sprint and a time trial bike built by Cycle Tech UK to his specification. He was seventh in the national under 18 category last year in the Best British All Rounder time trial competition and is currently racing in category three road races. 

Steve riding Superior bike 29er

Steve has been sponsored by Cycle Tech UK since the beginning of March 2014 and races in vet classes in both mountain bike Southern region and cyclocross central region.

We are looking for passionate individuals to become our network partners operating their own local mobile repair business in territories that complement our established network throughout the UK

If you would like to receive a copy of our information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins

Friday, 13 June 2014

Smart Bicycle Servicing

Do you want to make a better living from your mobile bike business?

Then you need to be working to our Smart Servicing System

Its no secret, but often overlooked! That bicycle repairs is the biggest profit maker in the bike trade. Combined with low overheads of a mobile bicycle repair business and you are on to a winner.
But don't be fooled, if it was that simple everyone would be doing it and making huge amounts of money. It doe's take's time to get your business running efficient and maintaining a high level of customer care.

With the growing number of bicycles combined with cyclists usage; meaning more mileage equals more maintenance and more parts need replacing = more profit.

Bikes being used in wet & muddy conditions along with lack of cleaning and maintenance; means more parts need replacing when those gears start to jump or become noisy.

Profit on parts starts at 30% and with 50% minimum on most workshop items, like; tyres, tubes, chains, cassettes, headsets, bottom brackets, chainsets, brake blocks, etc..........

Its not just about taking on more work or charging more! Bicycle mechanics is not that simple.

Our Smart Servicing combines years of knowledge with;
  • Mechanical skills
  • Diagnosing procedure
  • Pricing a job
  • Booking system
  • Network support
  • Product knowledge
  • Working with trade suppliers for best discounts on workshop items 
  • Good stock levels, stock control and ordering system
  • Customer care 
  • Keeping the customer informed 
  • A system that you can work to be more efficient 
  • Setup of your mobile workshop
  • Minimize your overheads 
This system is for anyone who wants to maximize their potential without becoming greedy or a grumpy business owner. Combined with our great business idea and customers ease of our service and this eliminates the need for high overhead costs associated with a traditional bricks and mortar businesses.

We believe if you offer the very best level of service and enjoy what you are doing by working to our Smart Servicing you will make a lot of money.  

This is a business opportunity you can't afford to miss! 
Get a head start on the biggest opportunity in mobile bicycle repairs and join our fast growing Network of mobile bicycle repairs in the UK. 
Cycle Tech UK owners have the opportunity to capitalize on the back of the bike boom along with our established branding.  

As someone who has built my own successful business in the past, I knew that to work inside our framework I can really believe in our vision and you will be 100% confident you will be backing a winner.

We are looking for passionate individuals to become our network partners operating their own local mobile repair business in territories that complement our established network throughout the UK

If you would like to receive a copy of our information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model and how much you could be earning, then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bicycle Service Recommendations "Gear Cables"

Why Cycle Tech UK recommends gear cable replacement every year.

Gear cables are the most common cause of incorrect gear operation, gear cables can become kinked, corroded and your gear shift will not be smooth adding wear to chain and sprockets. Cycle Tech UK recommends lubricating, inspecting cables regularly and replace once a year. Bike design's and rooting of cables though handle bars and frames is making it much harder to inspect cables for damage and wear, so cables should be changed regular to reduce failure.

Recommendations for gear cable after replacement;
After a gear cable replacement, especially on 10 and 11 speed gears, after fitting gear cables a road test is performed where possible for correct fitting and cable adjustment is carried out. Sometimes there may be a further adjustment made to fine tune gears. Also where we have recommended a replacement of a front and/or rear derailleur, a chain and/or a chainring which will also have an effect on gear adjustment/operation. This is where electronic gears like Shimanos Di2 work best on 10 and 11 speed over cable control, as once indexing is adjusted there is no further adjustment necessary till next service interval. 

Bicycle Mechanics Is An Art:
With parts made to be light weight, derailleur gears that are being made too extreme for their use and where cyclists are expecting to much out of them. 
The way a rider changes gear and use of extreme gears can add rapped wear to components. 
Carbon bikes with a heavy rider of more than 14 stone is going to increase the bike to flex along with light weight wheels that are built with less spokes and spoke patterns that not built for heavy riders.
Your expectations maybe too high for riding bicycles, that will go on forever without having any problems and with maintenance that is just spraying a bit of oil!
Maybe the parts don't seem to last as long as they use to or bikes/components are not built/made fit for purpose. A bicycle is a mechanical item that needs constant care, maintenance to perform well and you don't expect to work correctly with the drive chain gummed up with over oiling and dirt. 

A mechanic won’t know what the fault is in full, until a diagnostic procedure is carried out.

Read: Finding a good mechanic 

Images of typical gear cable wear all on the same bike: 

This cable adjuster has broken off and left half of the thread in the derailleur 

Outer cable split at shifter end

Gear wire frayed

Mobile Bicycle Repairs

If you want to start a mobile bicycle repair business in the UK; with the growing number of cyclist's, virtually all you need to do is stand outside your house with a tool kit!

Bicycle mechanics - it shouldn't surprise anyone that it really isn't that simple!

If you like to run a professional bike business, make a profit, invest in your business to give you long term susses and something you can still do when your retire, then be a Member of our network Cycle Tech UK

Our Network support can help you build your new dream bike business. Contact me about one of our discovery days

If you are curious you can catch up on the latest news and past posts:

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  • Thinking of starting a mobile bicycle repair business, read this guide to see if this business is for you
Cycle Tech's youngest helpers

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We are looking for passionate individuals to become our network partners operating their own local mobile repair business in territories that complement our established network throughout the UK

If you would like to receive a copy of our information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Finding A Good Bicycle Mechanic

Good mechanics take their time with customer’s bikes, they do not rush procedures and they make sure to preform each step carefully. That means they will not be able to handle large number of customers. Good mechanics also get good referrals because they do an excellent job and make people feel good. Their diary quickly fill's up, since there are few good mechanics. Solo mechanics do not over book in jobs per day as they are not rushing from one customer to the next. Good mechanics care about the customer’s bike, you will be able to feel it when you ride your bike. 
Beyond good mechanics there are great mechanics, yet even they can make mistakes, they are human and bicycle mechanics is an art where it may take several visits to perform certain procedures. 
In the confines of a profession a professional mechanic may preform certain procedures very well, yet not excel at others. For example one mechanic might be brilliant working with Campagnolo, while another working on suspension and another might be good at repairing wheels.    
A good mechanic will advise, keep the customer informed and make any recommendations. To minimize any issues and fix your bike first time, a mechanic requires the customer to be present, especially if a new customer, to talk though work required, to be able to diagnose any symptoms and authorise any work that requires new parts or stripping down for further investigation.
Good mechanics will also have product knowledge and trade accounts with main suppliers they can turn to. They will be qualified to the industry standard, have liability insurance, correct tools and  have stock of good quality parts suitable for your bike.

From Alf Webb @ The Bike Inn:

Bad mechanics; They will often offer comments such as: "See how that goes" "It needs bedding in" "I think it's OK now" "Let me know if you have any more problems" In other words he did not really know - he's just hoping! See full article here..........

A list of approved bicycle mechanics can be found HERE 
Disclaimer:  As with any business always call the mechanic directly, check their website and ask that they are qualified to the industry standard, have liability insurance and that you feel happy with them working on your bike.

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Monthly Discovery Days

We hold monthly Discovery Days at our office in High Wycombe

These days are designed to enable you to find out everything you wish to know about Cycle Tech UK and our exciting Membership opportunity. Contact us to book your place or to find out more.

Build your Own Business as a Cycle Tech UK mobile bicycle mechanic.

At Cycle Tech UK we have successfully advised businesses for over 5 years. This Membership opportunity is designed to enable you to build your own business using our proven methods.

It will deliver you:
  • Welcome pack that will guide you through every step of running your business
  • Tool and stock lists, pricing
  • Business logos and stationary templates 
  • Head office support
  • Group buying discounts 
  • Launch and continues internet marketing 
  • Directing customers to your territory or within striking distance.
  • Added to our data base of approved mechanics for online retailers for backup and warranty issues
  • Exclusive territory
  • Further in house training and business guiding to include day on the road 
  • Our network has also successfully established support at national cycle events, (Cover at your local area) where organisers pay for our outfit and any fuel expenses.  
Be your Own Boss but still feel part of a Team By joining us as a Membership partner you will build your own local business and benefit from:
  • Trade accounts and elite trade pricing with main suppliers that sell the popular brands. Shiamno, Sram..........
  • Group support network via access to the Members Group email and web, where you can discuss and access a wide range of business topics with other Cycle Tech UK Members and view "trade secrets how to operate your business" business and technical support documents. That has all been built up over the last 6 years. 

We are looking for passionate individuals to become our network partners operating their own local mobile repair business in territories that complement our established network throughout the UK

If you would like to receive a copy of our information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mechanical Event Support For Human Race At The Chiltern 100

Was a great day working with a professional Mike@ Cycle Tech Hertfordshire helping riders at the start and 3 food stops along the 110 mile event Chiltern 100 with over 2500 riders, dealing with any issue that arose; gear problems, gear cable replacements, gear hanger re alignments, Di2 faults, brake problems and selling out of tyres and tubes. With riders queuing up non stop. With many riders not turning up with cycling shoes, wheels and gloves. We are booked in to support at next years event!

10 out of 10 for marketing!

First job replace 2 spokes

Mike back of mobile workshop

Cycle Tech High Wycombe mobile workshop

5 am start

Riders lineup