Sunday, 18 May 2014

Franchise Type Business | Cycle Tech UK™

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own bike shop business?

By joining our network you get all the trade contacts, business setup help and continues support. We can make your dream come true and you can dramatically reduce the risks involved in starting a business and enable you to get up and running – and earning – much more quickly than you would starting from scratch.

Your investment Level: £10,001 - £25,000
Industry: Bike shop, Bicycle Repairs, Sales, Sports Equipment, Teaching and Van based
Established since: 2009
Growing Market 

Cycle Tech UK is the largest national Mobile Bike Repair Service in the UK

Note: Cycle Tech UK is NOT a franchise, but a network/cooperative that works very similar to a Franchise agreement and territories. But without the high Royalty fees, business restrictions and tie you to buy expensive products.
Our approach is based on an in depth network knowledge, group marketing along with our high standards accompanied by our great branding.
Our packages start from £P.O.A Subject to agreement and pre-approval of your business

Another Cycle Tech UK mobile van being kitted out
The latest mobile bike business to hit the streets Cycle Tech Bedfordshire

First established in 2008 as Cycle Tech, at the time of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930's and in 2009 with our first member joining, which has now successfully grown in to a network of over 35 Cycle Tech UK™ Mobile bike mechanic businesses and continues to grow.
Back in 2009 we soon become known as Cycle Tech UK. "The national network of mobile bicycle mechanics"
Cycle Tech UKis becoming the preferred supplier for many online retailers by offering our service and warranty support, though our national network. 

Our Cycle Technicians are trained to the highest standards in the cycle industry.

Cycle Tech UK are confident that anyone can become a Cycle Technician and run a successful business, with our proven system, accompanied by our great branding.

Cycle Tech UK has established this niche market and customers see great value in our service.

Owning a Cycle Tech UK Business is high revenue in this growing market. The customer base is immense, the profit margin huge and the job satisfaction is priceless.

Our proven network model package includes:
  • Welcome pack that will guide you through every step of running your business
  • Tool and stock lists, pricing
  • Business logos and stationary templates 
  • Head office support
  • Group support network via access to the Members Group email and web, where you can discuss and access a wide range of business topics with other Cycle Tech UK Members and view "trade secrets how to operate your business" business and technical support documents. That has all been built up over the last 6 years. 
  • Trade accounts and elite trade pricing with main suppliers that sell the popular brands. Shiamno, Sram..........
  • Group buying discounts 
  • Launch and continues internet marketing 
  • Directing customers to your territory or within striking distance.
  • Added to our data base of approved mechanics for online retailers for backup and warranty issues
  • Exclusive territory
  • Further in house training and business guiding to include day on the road 
  • Our network has also successfully established support at national cycle events, (Cover at your local area) where organisers pay for our outfit and any fuel expenses.  

We are looking for passionate individuals to become our network partners operating their own local mobile repair business in territories that complement our established network throughout the UK

If you would like to receive a copy of our information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins

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  1. Cycle Tech Shrewsbury21 May 2014 at 00:16

    Hi Martin,

    I hope you are well and business is good. I am now pretty much setup and the only outstanding thing at the moment is the van sign-writing (which should be complete by Wednesday) and then I will be good to go.

    Once the van is sorted I will get some photos done and send them to you for your website.

    I have got access to the One Drive and I am receiving group emails and I can already see that the support network is really good and questions get answered very quickly.

    Kind regards,