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Do You Want To Be A Cycle Technician?

Welcome! If you want to start your own bike business, gain customers, increase your chances of susses or just generally want to build your business, you've come to the right place. Cycle Tech UK provides business advice to our members to help them flourish.

Become a Trusted Network Member of Cycle Tech UK
Benefits to you:
  • Your own business and not a franchisee, where you are your own boss
  • Build a business with a resale value
  • Be recognised by Clients as their number one trusted Cycle Technician in the business
  • Build your business on the back of our reputation and establishment 
  • Varied and interesting business – you won’t be bored
  • Draw on support from Cycle Tech UK on any new skills required
  • Gain full support from the Cycle Tech UK team so that you can focus entirely on your business
  • Full technical support from Cycle Tech UK and its group of Members. 
  • We encourage Networking with other members at trade days. So you can get the knowledge firsthand.
  • Introduced to those useful contacts in the bike trade
The UK’s enthusiasm for cycling continues
Now is a great time to start your bike business, with this large increase and demand, there is a ever growing increase for our service’s, for every type of cyclist! 
  • Bicycle Sales of high end are on the up 
  • Cycle To Work continues to grow (Hits 400,000 bikes sold since 2005 and with a big investment and new opportunity's for 2014)
  • Olympics & Tour De France has had a big impact. 
  • More additional funding for cycle paths within London and the Home Counties.
  • Cycling campaign groups are working across the UK to grow cycling culture. 
  • Cycle Hire continues to grow in major cities 
  • Promoted as being healthy and good for the environment 
  • The next bike boom predicted 2020 – 2022 by Gluskin Townley Group 
  • You will have seen for yourself, that there are more cyclist’s out on the road! 
The Member
The qualities you will need are:
  • Energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about small business development
  • Self-starter who is keen to initiate meeting, engaging with people and enjoying talking to them
  • Very comfortable taking on new challenge.
  • Your input, knowledge and skills are welcome to share with other members for all to benefit and continue growth of our network. 
We have members from different backgrounds and skills. All of them have become perfect at building their business, all with full training and support is provided extensively throughout the first year to broaden the skills as required.

You can own and direct your own business with the enterprise level of support from Cycle Tech UK. That other small businesses do not have and which will maximise your success. 
A full package of support will be delivered throughout the first year for you to invest into your business.

A day in the life of a Cycle Technician
Spend a day with Cycle Tech UK team member 

You will spend your time divided between the following activities:
  • You will be shown "What they did'ant teach you at bicycle school"
  • Hands on and engaging with customers
  • What to spend wisely and what not to spend your investment on; Advertising, Tooling, Stock, van......
  • Stock control and information on ordering to save money. 
  • Opening accounts with suppliers
  • Business plan
  • How to make best use of our established network
You will also receive a welcome pack full of business information, that I have put together over the last 6 years or running my bike business and helping new business setups.
It is in our interest to help you succeed, as a mutual benefit as we grow slowly and stronger together. 
Your Internal Investment
In the region of £20,000

Example of set up costs: are around 15k of your investment would go in to the setup of your professional bike business and £5,000 used as working capital for the 1st year of ruining costs of your business.  
This will depend on how you are going to run your business, the scale of your plans. Every one is in a different situation financially to set up and run their business. You will also need to consider your personal expenses in the first year.. 
Many determined people have started a business on a shoestring and been very successful. Much of a business success comes from the image, reputation along with determination and sacrifices. 
This would be talked over in more detail at a meeting or chat. 
You should make a list and will include the following:
  • Van “Transit, LWB Hi Roof” Recommended. 
  • Racking 
  • Awning 
  • Sign writing  
  • Training 
  • Tool kit  
  • Stationary  
  • Set up Stock  
  • Cycle Tech UK Fee 
Example of running costs: 
  • Van Insurance 
  • Business Insurance  
  • Tools  
  • Build stock level 
  • Cash flow
  • Bank charges
  • Fuel  
  • Van TAX, Service & Maintenance 
  • TAX, VAT Accountant  
Two of the most common questions we receive are 

"What training school? and how much will I make?"
These are great questions, I have put together a page full of common topics and I’d recommend thoroughly reading ALL of the material listed on this Blog. 

Recommend reading first:
Here's were to start:
  • F.A.Q. Page
  • Which Training Schools. Page
  • Why we are a Cooperative and not a Franchise. Page
  • Starting A Mobile Bicycle Repair Business. Page
  • Our Branding Can Secure a Long-term Name & Success. Post
  • Buying a used van. Post
  • And all our Blog Posts
If you have curiosity about joining our network, please email 
I will then send you a information pack, which will tell you more and the cost to join our network.

If you want to take the next step after reading our info pack. I recommend writing down some questions and arrange a meeting or chat. 

We are looking for passionate individuals to become our network partners operating their own local mobile repair business in territories that complement our established network throughout the UK

If you would like to receive a copy of our information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact the Managing Director Martin Wilkins

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