Monday, 10 March 2014

Objectives & Aims

Knowledge gives you power to succeed.

When starting your business you will need to know what you are up against, how to Survive, how the bike trade works and what type of products to offer & true value of the service we offer. In order to know your Objectives & Aims, for your business to run at maximum efficiency and the direction you intend to grow.

First you have to have an understanding of the following;
  • That bicycles are not as simple as one first thinks 
  • There is a large range of bicycle styles to suit individual riders abilities and needs. 
  • The way the bike trade works, the suppliers and their brands. 
  • The changes in the bike industry, this and other industries are changing in the way business is done.
  • Competition 
  • How to Keep a positive mind 
Starting & running a business is an investment; 

They say: "You will need to invest a fortune to make a small fortune" and you will need to continue to re invest. Knowing where to spend your money to maximise your return, is key to any new business start up.

More & more people now turn to Google to shop:

Buying bicycles, parts & accessories online has been made easy, more people have confidence buying online and now look for bargains online. 

There is also more information online; 
  • How to choose the right bike
  • Reviews
  • And have a go, fix your own bike
As internet shopping continues, shoppers will be targeted with related adverts. 

Our specific business needs and choices for customers 
  • Offering onsite bicycle repairs, to save customers time and for hassle free.
  • Carry out new bike setup, warranty issues and servicing to new bikes brought online.
  • Carrying a range of specific workshop parts for 95% first time fix
  • Offering support at cycle & sponsored events events  
  • Working with trade suppliers
  • Offering the sale of new bicycles, to replace bikes we condemn as not cost effective to repair.  
You can't buy knowledge, it takes time, experience and a few mistakes. Joining our network of mobile bicycle mechanics, (MBM Net) will give you a better opportunity to gain knowledge from our already established mobile bike businesses. They are experts in their field and willing to share their business knowledge & skills to other MBM Net Members via our group email, website and at networking events. 
Remember we are not a franchise, even though some of the setup is similar, however we are a cooperative and share ideas for mutual benefit, such as marketing, supporting trade suppliers and gaining customers trade & public, in turn helps us become stronger with competition and market changes. We are known as A local business/individual with a national support that customers like using our services, as we are not a corporate company looking only for gain but where we can offer passion and in return will give us long term success.

If you haven't already joined our network, could it be time to invest in the expertise needed to make your business stand out? 

To find out more and how you can start your mobile bike business or make your bike business find it's unique qualities and expand with our network and support then email NOW!

Author Martin Wilkins Founder of Cycle Tech UK

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