Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mechanics Are The Most Passionate People

This is probably the number 1 reason for the success of many Mobile Bicycle Mechanics businesses.

Without passion how else will you succeed?    

Our job becomes fulfilling with social connections and working in a pleasing environment

The mobile service we offer, fits right in to the heart of our work and passion. We git to fix bikes and meet like minded customers, who like our service for it's ease of use, along with a mechanic who is happy to share his knowledge and encourage more people to enjoy cycling.

Beats sitting in a office all day!

What makes us more passionate as a mechanic then any other job/career?
  • You can change the world to a better place, by doing what you are passionate about
  • Gives you vision and inspires you with new ideas  
  • Being creative and not living in a bubble 
  • Working for yourself, you can put your mark on it
  • Doing things different can enrich the lives of your customers
  • There is no secret, passion makes you more determined and leads to success
We say go for it and live your dream!

Do you have the courage to do something you enjoy?
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