Sunday, 23 February 2014

Using Social Media For Business - Facebook Or Google+

You will need both Google+ and Facebook page for your business as you can set any new post's so they will be linked to your Blog. (That is if you are using Blogger as your web platform and why not is free?) Google will put Google+ profiles higher up the search list results and Facebook with Instagram is growing in popularity.

I have been Blogging with Blogger since the early days of setting up my business. I wanted a web platform that gave me control, was free and easy to use. It has worked for me very well; I am being found in the top search results. If you have a bit more knowledge of html coding, then you might like to use WordPress.

The most important things are:
  • Your web or Blog must be friendly, unique, show you care and have a love for all thing cycling.
  • High quality content, that is related to your Blog that's applicable to the searcher
  • Your website is mobile phone and tablet compatible. More customers are now trying to find services like yours via these devices. Can they find and contact you? Visitors will leave a mobile unfriendly site!
  • High quality images that are named in relationship to your posts
  • It does take time to work on your weekly posts, however it's much cheaper than any other forms of marketing.
  • Giving free information & advice related to your Blog/business. 
To boost your profile, it's a great way of networking and proving to search engines that you are a popular source of good information.

You should start with choosing the right platform:
  • Use as it's also free and easy to use with templates and mobile phone viewing
  • Then buy a domain from reg123 and use the setup in Blogger to link your domain name. You will also be-able to setup your email with reg123 using the same domain keeping your business looking professional. I then link the email with my Hotmail, allowing me to send and receive email all from one easy to use location. You can setup more than one email address, for example or    
Having your own Blog gives you control and you are not paying for every time you want to update a new post or any maintenance.
Blogger is easy to use and once setup, you can even download an app to your phone and add new posts with images from anywhere in the world.
With Blogger it is easy to link all your Google products, like Youtube, Google Maps, picasa & Google+

Adding links:
  • Link only to websites that have similar/related content as yours
  • Never accept payment for links
  • There are professional writers, who will write an quality related post with related links that is only unique to your Blog. These request will come flooding in.
Our Blogs:

Being part of our network we automatically link back to you from many of our related Blogs:
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  2. My work Blog Cycle Tech UK Ltd
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What else to think about:
  • Make navigating simple 
  • Don't over advertise, keep it related and keep them only visible when scrolling down the page
  • Do use analytic tools; Google webmaster tools and Google analytics both are free and ensures your Blog stays healthy
  • Give your Website a home page
Sharing your content with social media:
By recommended on Google+ 
  • Linking your social media profiles up with your Blog will ensure your content also shows up in relevant searches
  • Having your content linked to your TwitterFacebook and Google+ will increase the size of your audience
  • Allowing people who view your posts, to share your content, by having Google+ and Facebook like button visible on your post, so it can be recommended on Google+ 
  • Add links in your email signature 

To get attention keep sharing, building relationships with those in the same field of business, who in turn might promote you to their network of SM contacts with a link to your Blog post.

Blogger, Google+ and Facebook are very powerful tool's when used correctly. There are many other things you can do to get noticed, being part of Cycle Tech UK we will share these with you....................

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