Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bicycle Roadside Recovery - Rescue & Breakdown Service

Pro & Cons for the mobile bicycle mechanic 

In the event of a breakdown (that can't be repaired onsite) or accident, you could use your mobile workshop as a recovery van to take the rider and bike to the nearest railway station, overnight accommodation or home if within "say" 25 miles.

Some insurance companies do offer this service. (An emergency roadside recovery service for cyclists)
If you became unable to complete a journey in the UK due to a cycling accident, vandalism or irreparable breakdown of your bike.

A 24-hour recovery call centre contacts you direct with details of recovery:

Doing pickups for customers, it doesn't really make sense. Basically, you have to go and find someone, give them a lift (insurance issues -are you for hire?) Repair the bike, all at a time that suits the customer. big potential interruption, lies potential repair cost. Many people when faced with a realistic bill would remember that either they'd got a mate who could help them out, or could leave the remnants of their steed secure somewhere for later retrieval. Chances are you'll be hunting down country lanes miles from home.

To customers this could be an invaluable service.

As a mobile service, during our day to day business and a customer called for assistance then more than likely we would do our best to help or advice. Especially if we was needed when the cyclist could get to his place of work, as we carry a lot of stock we could also offer a roadside repair or even organize so the bicycle can be delivered to one of our workshops.

Lexham Insurance offer Cycle Recovery for £1.25/month See more HERE..........

It would make more sense for the AA, RAC or Green Flag to offer this service as they are already have the infrastructure. They are probably already watching the AAA in America who started to offer roadside assistance to cyclists in Oregon and parts of Idaho. And would offer a package to their members, which in turn is not being directed to cyclists, who for many would not want to pay for assistance when they could do it themselves or for those in the middle of nowhere on their mountain bike would be out of the reach for a patrol vehicle. Some cyclist see the AA as only interested in supporting more roads for cars and not interested in the environment.

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Yellow Angles - In Germany this is already happening. Motoring associations in Germany and Austria opt for Bosch power assistance


  1. Sounds like a good idea to me Martin, like the RAC for bikes! But tell me - would we have to wear a uniform and salute the customer? :-)

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    Looks great, Actually I completely agree with this post. My suggestion is to have best car recovery service number in your mobile. It will help all in worst condition