Tuesday, 25 February 2014

iceBike 2014

A trade day with some off the Cycle Tech crew! Always good to meet up and see whats new and pick up great trade day offers! 

With Chris at the Continental stand
We picked up a lot of free goodies (Chris with his new hat)

Conti Mud Kings ideal for all this rain we have been having

Nice neat tube dispensers look good in any workshop or mobile van

Conti road tyres GP4000 Still their best selling high end road tyre
Conti also have a new road tyre range, with good margins. The tyre is sold as being a upgrade to most entry level road bikes. Might be good for bike shops that are interested in making a quick buck, but for the mobile mechanic who likes to offer what's right for the rider and the type of riding they are doing by selling something we have confidence in and we will benefit from the customer coming back to us and telling their friends and we see a profit long term 

New: Park Tool board, great to display in workshop, Park Tool School or in the mobile workshop
You can now subscribe to Park Tool newsletter 
Tool board - QKWMTBMET £59.98
Fittings kit - QKWMTBFK1 £22.98

At the Thule stand, quite literally. With Chris & Matt. Their new work stand that comes with the bike box below

Thule Bike box. Does not fit on their EasyBase. Shame maybe they will redesign for next year

Thule bike panniers 

DT Swiss, always good to see the boys at DT and this year we picked up DT Swiss chocolate

Pearl iZUMi My favorite cycle clothing

PEarl iZUMi X-Project mens MTB shoe

Pro bar ends. Screw/weg fitting a must for every road bike drop bar and in cool colors.

Yes we like Shimanos disc brakes for road bikes (With Peter) Just means another style of bike to have in the collection. It's like the wife having a shoe collection it's only fair! 

Shimano MTD groupsets
After a chat with Shimanos top guy; He says that the UK growth is in parts & accessories with steel bike frames being very popular here with the British. Say no more! We are use to have great built bikes with style in the past and not everyone wants carbon.

Wheels manufacturing range of bottom brackets

M-Part have repackaged their branding and have added GoPro and Garmin mounts

New product Duck Smart Bike wash & cleaner. See more here

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Using Social Media For Business - Facebook Or Google+

You will need both Google+ and Facebook page for your business as you can set any new post's so they will be linked to your Blog. (That is if you are using Blogger as your web platform and why not is free?) Google will put Google+ profiles higher up the search list results and Facebook with Instagram is growing in popularity.

I have been Blogging with Blogger since the early days of setting up my business. I wanted a web platform that gave me control, was free and easy to use. It has worked for me very well; I am being found in the top search results. If you have a bit more knowledge of html coding, then you might like to use WordPress.

The most important things are:
  • Your web or Blog must be friendly, unique, show you care and have a love for all thing cycling.
  • High quality content, that is related to your Blog that's applicable to the searcher
  • Your website is mobile phone and tablet compatible. More customers are now trying to find services like yours via these devices. Can they find and contact you? Visitors will leave a mobile unfriendly site!
  • High quality images that are named in relationship to your posts
  • It does take time to work on your weekly posts, however it's much cheaper than any other forms of marketing.
  • Giving free information & advice related to your Blog/business. 
To boost your profile, it's a great way of networking and proving to search engines that you are a popular source of good information.

You should start with choosing the right platform:
  • Use Blogger.com as it's also free and easy to use with templates and mobile phone viewing
  • Then buy a domain from reg123 and use the setup in Blogger to link your domain name. You will also be-able to setup your email with reg123 using the same domain keeping your business looking professional. I then link the email with my Hotmail, allowing me to send and receive email all from one easy to use location. You can setup more than one email address, for example service@cycletech.co.uk or info@cycletechuk.com    
Having your own Blog gives you control and you are not paying for every time you want to update a new post or any maintenance.
Blogger is easy to use and once setup, you can even download an app to your phone and add new posts with images from anywhere in the world.
With Blogger it is easy to link all your Google products, like Youtube, Google Maps, picasa & Google+

Adding links:
  • Link only to websites that have similar/related content as yours
  • Never accept payment for links
  • There are professional writers, who will write an quality related post with related links that is only unique to your Blog. These request will come flooding in.
Our Blogs:

Being part of our network we automatically link back to you from many of our related Blogs:
  1. Our new bike review for SuperiorBikes.co.uk
  2. My work Blog Cycle Tech UK Ltd
  3. If you are a Blogger and would like to write a quality related post to CycleTechUK.com then email: martin@cycle-tech.co.uk
What else to think about:
  • Make navigating simple 
  • Don't over advertise, keep it related and keep them only visible when scrolling down the page
  • Do use analytic tools; Google webmaster tools and Google analytics both are free and ensures your Blog stays healthy
  • Give your Website a home page
Sharing your content with social media:
By recommended on Google+ 
  • Linking your social media profiles up with your Blog will ensure your content also shows up in relevant searches
  • Having your content linked to your TwitterFacebook and Google+ will increase the size of your audience
  • Allowing people who view your posts, to share your content, by having Google+ and Facebook like button visible on your post, so it can be recommended on Google+ 
  • Add links in your email signature 

To get attention keep sharing, building relationships with those in the same field of business, who in turn might promote you to their network of SM contacts with a link to your Blog post.

Blogger, Google+ and Facebook are very powerful tool's when used correctly. There are many other things you can do to get noticed, being part of Cycle Tech UK we will share these with you....................

Don't forget you can start now by liking our Social Media pages by clicking on the links above.

Bicycle Roadside Recovery - Rescue & Breakdown Service

Pro & Cons for the mobile bicycle mechanic 

In the event of a breakdown (that can't be repaired onsite) or accident, you could use your mobile workshop as a recovery van to take the rider and bike to the nearest railway station, overnight accommodation or home if within "say" 25 miles.

Some insurance companies do offer this service. (An emergency roadside recovery service for cyclists)
If you became unable to complete a journey in the UK due to a cycling accident, vandalism or irreparable breakdown of your bike.

A 24-hour recovery call centre contacts you direct with details of recovery:

Doing pickups for customers, it doesn't really make sense. Basically, you have to go and find someone, give them a lift (insurance issues -are you for hire?) Repair the bike, all at a time that suits the customer. big potential interruption, lies potential repair cost. Many people when faced with a realistic bill would remember that either they'd got a mate who could help them out, or could leave the remnants of their steed secure somewhere for later retrieval. Chances are you'll be hunting down country lanes miles from home.

To customers this could be an invaluable service.

As a mobile service, during our day to day business and a customer called for assistance then more than likely we would do our best to help or advice. Especially if we was needed when the cyclist could get to his place of work, as we carry a lot of stock we could also offer a roadside repair or even organize so the bicycle can be delivered to one of our workshops.

Lexham Insurance offer Cycle Recovery for £1.25/month See more HERE..........

It would make more sense for the AA, RAC or Green Flag to offer this service as they are already have the infrastructure. They are probably already watching the AAA in America who started to offer roadside assistance to cyclists in Oregon and parts of Idaho. And would offer a package to their members, which in turn is not being directed to cyclists, who for many would not want to pay for assistance when they could do it themselves or for those in the middle of nowhere on their mountain bike would be out of the reach for a patrol vehicle. Some cyclist see the AA as only interested in supporting more roads for cars and not interested in the environment.

Get a quote here

Yellow Angles - In Germany this is already happening. Motoring associations in Germany and Austria opt for Bosch power assistance

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Add your Business Details For Free

If you offer a mobile service or pickup and delivery to your customers, then you can attract more business by joining our network of mobile bicycle mechanics and being listed on our database for free.

Would you like more business in your area and benefit from our network?

Our simple solution:
"Locally targeting customers with a mobile mechanic" Customer or Business partners contact us and we 
see if we can identify someone from our database within sensible striking distance of the customer and then we contact the nearest mechanic. 

Online bike sales are a steady stream of business for us:
Our network needs more mobile bicycle mechanic businesses to give full national coverage, to help support in this ever growing business of sales of bikes online.
It's FREE to be added to our database for approved cycle assembly group of mobile mechanics.
For National strength & local service; for those who want their mobile bike business to be found on the Internet. You will be added to our Map & Postcode search Then our corporate business partners and customers looking for a mobile mechanic in your area are directed to you.

Please send the following details to martin@cycle-tech.co.uk Subject: New business Listing

Business Name:
Phone Number:
Date business established:
You will need to be a professional mechanic with a minimum of level 2 qualification in the cycle industry. 
Your details will not be passed to any third party, only to our business partners who require our services. 
To find out more about applying to join our network email: martin@cycle-tech.co.uk

View Mobile bicycle mechanic in a larger map

Cycle Tech No 1

In the UK for bicycle repairs.

Our Network of mobile bicycle mechanics are all qualified and work to strict standards set out by Cycle Tech UK. All businesses are independent and NOT a franchise, so members can offer a local friendly service with group support and backup from a cooperative of like minded mechanics.

Disclaimer: Cycle Tech UK are not associated with other websites offering bicycle repair-service. Only approved members will be listed on our website.

Cycle Tech UK established since starting up on my own, back in 2007 and soon after the network of mobile bicycle mechanics.
Continuing to grow with a good reputation and now approved mechanics for many online new bike sales for cycle assemble and any warranty issues.

Our Network of Cycle Tech Mechanics