Friday, 10 January 2014

Removing Truvativ X0 Crank Arm, With BB30 Press Fit Bearings

This system is very simple and makes removing very quick.
Can be done after riding in wet and muddy conditions, to clean out any dirt, water from axle and keep BB30 bearings running smoothly and give them a longer life.

First you will need to remove the drive-side crank arm to service or repair BB30 bottom bracket.

You will need a Trox "T55" socket and bar, do not remove the hex nut plastic dust cover. 
The crank bolt is a right hand thread, so turn anti clockwise and the head of the bolt will hit the cover and will extract the crank of the axle, also you will need to remove the chain off the chainring as it comes free from the axle.
You may need to use a rubber mallet, to knock the axle though! 
Clean inspect components and feel bearings for wear. Service or replace BB30 bearing as necessary.   
After cleaning, put a smear of TF2 grease on the axle where the bearing run and re assemble.
The crank bolt should be tightened to  48 - 54 Nm. 

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