Friday, 3 January 2014

Carrera Luna Girls Mountain Bike - 24" Review

In the bike trade we often hear; "I don't wont to spend too much money on a bike, as my son/daughter will grow out of it" Think of the fun/enjoyment they will have from a well made bicycle and not to mention safety. 

Build then cheap, stack them high

These bikes are a throwaway item and uneconomical to repair with poorly made parts, lack of grease in the bottom bracket, headset and wheel hubs.

I have just worked on a month old Carrera Luna girls bike. The rear brake was not working, I could just about pull the left brake leaver on and was not stopping the rear wheel turning. The bike has a cable operated disc brake!
It would be very difficult and very dangerous for a young girl to use, as when both brakes applied she would have been thrown over the handle bars. It had poor quality galvanised brake wires, that had corrode and made using the brake impossible. I have now replaced the gear wire with a Shimano stainless steel wire, with a drop of oil at the openings of where the wire go's though the outer cable and at the leaver end. Adjusted the caliper and all is working how it should be.  

Cheap bikes are made with poor quality parts, poorly assembled, and offer very little backup/support and no one wants to work on these bikes. Not a enjoyable bike to ride as it will be heavy, have plastic pedals and brake leavers which can brake easily, cheap twist shift gears with poor gear parts making poor un-smooth gear change and brakes feel spongy even when setup correctly if at all possible. 

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It had poor quality galvanised brake wires, that had corrode and made using the brake impossible.

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  1. Ive got a carrera luna bought from halfords its the second bike ive had ive returned 6 times brakes constantly getting stuck and rubbing it has cheap plastic pedals and brakes really poorly made / built its a joke really