Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mobile Workshop Van Racking Systems

The mobile bicycle workshop, is going to be your biggest expense and your main tool. Make sure you do it right!
As a mobile bicycle workshop, you will need a safe area to work from, tools at a handy reach, storage of stock and display.
Below are 3 videos from Tevo, Syncro System and Bott. Showing a range of van racking and van storage solutions feature a wide range of options to suit small, medium and large vans, providing affordable and effective solutions.

Dexion is an alturnitive to be used to make shelving with 3 - 5 mm ply and tailored to suit your van and requirements, used with a tool chest - is a cheap way but is heavy and will add extra weight to your fully loaded van.

Will you work inside your van?

Set up to work from the rear

Van Racking Installation by Tevo
The world's leading supplier of modular van racking systems

Internal Modular Van Racking from Bott

System Edström has the most flexible system for van racking on the market.

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