Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mobile Workshop Van Racking Systems

The mobile bicycle workshop, is going to be your biggest expense and your main tool. Make sure you do it right!
As a mobile bicycle workshop, you will need a safe area to work from, tools at a handy reach, storage of stock and display.
Below are 3 videos from Tevo, Syncro System and Bott. Showing a range of van racking and van storage solutions feature a wide range of options to suit small, medium and large vans, providing affordable and effective solutions.

Dexion is an alturnitive to be used to make shelving with 3 - 5 mm ply and tailored to suit your van and requirements, used with a tool chest - is a cheap way but is heavy and will add extra weight to your fully loaded van.

Will you work inside your van?

Set up to work from the rear

Van Racking Installation by Tevo
The world's leading supplier of modular van racking systems

Internal Modular Van Racking from Bott

System Edström has the most flexible system for van racking on the market.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

New Bike Business Stories

There are some important factors to consider when starting a bike shop. I have put a video collection (Playlist) of those who have started a bike business and run bike shops.
Listing to their stories as it may help you make up your mind to start your own successful bike business.

Also read this excellent article from Cycling Weekly The changing face of the british bike shop


Direct link to Youtube Starting a bike business playlist HERE

Sunday, 22 December 2013

FSA BB30 With Lateral Play

Some BB30's have lateral play and this is taken up by the wavy washer. The washer takes up play from 1.5 to 2.2 mm. But some bikes have more side to side movement. 
FSA recommend 0.5mm plastic shims (Spacer kit of 3: MS 188) between bearing cover and wavy washer to remove exes play.

Removing FSA lefthand crank-arm

FSA Spacer kit ref: 230-4038:
0.5mm plastic shims fitted between bearing cover and wavy washer to remove exes play.

DESCRIPTION & MATERIALS: There are instances where despite proper installation of BB30 cranksets into BB30 or PF30 bottom bracket shells, there is “side play.” MS188 shims will remove the side play. Place the necessary shims between the non-drive bearing cover and wave spring washer (road) adjustment collar (for ATB).

View installation-and-maintenance video:- HERE

Trooble shooting and installation PDF:- HERE

Do not face or ream bottom bracket shell! This can possibly prevent proper installation of the crank. 

Specialized have come up with using adjustable conical spacers,to take up the lateral play.  

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mobile Van Business

The mobile van based business, (independent or franchise) that offer's on-site service, is now grown in to a worldwide known business that people now turn to as their first choice of preferred suppliers. For the ease of service, fitting in with customers needs and busy schedules.
You can now find mobile van businesses from Dog Walking/grooming, mobile Coffee, Garden machinery repair, Mobile beauty, Oven cleaning, Car dent repairs/Car valet/Car mechanic, Man & a van, Home cleaning, Computer repairs, that's just to mention a few.

All these businesses have one thing in common. "Personal service".

Our personalized bike on-site services 
By being in personal contact with the mechanic, our clients have the opportunity to witness the work and discuss any further issues with him, keeping them informed and in control.

There are many opportunities out there to start your own van based business. Many of these van based business have become very successful and known as offering a high end service.
If you want to be passionate about the work you are doing, you have an interest in cycling/bicycles, meeting people and looking at starting your own business, then a mobile bike business is something you could do for the rest of your working life and beyond.

Our mobile van business "Cycle Tech UK" is not a franchise, every business is independent, working under our logo to our high standard and to our terms of business. We have become a cooperative, as each business is a Member to our growing national network, who can benefit from everyone's expertise and experience. Each Member can offer a local personal service,with the backup and support of our network. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Mobile Bicycle Tune Up Business | USA, Canada, Australia

Mobile bicycle Tune Up repair businesses are growing worldwide and it has long been the case that the US has paved the way for UK trends.
But with the mobile bike business, the UK leads the way with the greatest number of mobile mechanics, that many are now well established and very successful.

Cycle Tech UK is becoming internationally recognised as the lead body for the UK mobile bicycle repair industry.
As well as our mechanics working to a high standard and to our terms of business, (Fully qualified, insured, the right tools, stock and trade accounts) Cycle Tech UK also Provides for its Members:
  • Business setup information and contacts in the trade
  • A forum and group email 
  • Technical support
  • Library of business setup/help documents, technical documents and workshop manuals, that can be viewed on our group website and can be accessed by technician's phone/ipad, very valuable when working mobile
  • Monthly news letters
  • Yearly meetings
  • Trade shows & networking
  • Business listing & added to our postcode search 
  • And much more...............................
The next 7 years the mobile bike business is going to grow even more:

  • Online Bicycle Sales are on the up with road bikes taking over MTB’s
  • Cycle to Work continues to grow (Hits 400,000 bikes sold since 2005 and with a big investment and new opportunity's for 2014)
  • Olympics & Tour De France has had a big impact
  • More additional funding for cycle paths within London and the Home Counties
  • Cycling campaign groups are working across the UK to grow cycling culture.
  • Cycle Hire continues to grow in major cities
  • Promoted as being healthy and good for the environment
  • You will have seen for yourself, that there are more cyclist’s out on the road! Whether for fun, commuters, or for fitness. With this large increase and demand, there is a ever growing increase for our service’s for every type of cyclist!

And the next Bike Boom will be caused by Generation Y who, born 1985-2004 and currently 8-27 years old, will be at 100 million, the largest generation in history. Among this generation there are approximately 43 million now above 18 years of age with another 57 million adding to the ranks of adult consumers every year for the next eight to ten years. Looking at the above three generations table, you can see the potential impact on bicycle purchases and spending that the 20 per cent of Generation Y has already made. Compared to Baby Boomers, a higher percentage of adult Gen Y consumers planned to buy a bicycle this year and are also planning to spend 134 per cent more on that next bicycle. Imagine what will occur when all 100 million hit the market as adult consumers. Referring again to the US Birth graph you’ll see that Generation Y has been consistently above four million births per year over the past decade, a level of consistency not seen since the Baby Boomers. But it’s not the sheer numbers alone that will cause the Bike Boom, but the mindset and focus of these consumers. Those Gen Y consumers already above the age of majority have been driving the growth of urban bicycling activity in many of the major metropolitan areas of the US Gen Y consumers are shying away from driving cars and using public transportation and the bicycle to commute to work, school, and errands. One can also opine that this is influencing the growth of bike sharing systems in cities and towns of all sizes around the US The younger Gen Y consumer, 8 to 17 years of age, is growing up with an awareness of the importance of the environment and the negative impact on health caused by obesity and sedentary lifestyles. So the bicycle will be seen as an easy fix for improving both issues. Of course, their world is connected by technology and social media, so it’s become natural to discuss the good and bad of retail shopping experiences. Let the specialty bicycle retail channel be warned now to prepare for what’s coming. By 2020, Baby Boomers will have taken the place of today’s Silent Generation on the sidelines to watch and wonder at the world being quickly created by the younger Generation X and the full force of Generation Y. By 2022, Generation X will have taken the place of today’s Baby Boomers as they begin to age out of activities like bicycling but Generation Y’s 100 million adult consumers will be actively engaged in the communities of interest they will have built and bicycling will be one of those communities. So the next Bike Boom will be upon us in the US and it will be glorious.
Words by Elliot Gluskin, Gluskin Townley group.