Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mobile Bicycle Mechanics Needed To Fill In The Gaps

There is still plenty of room for more professional mobile bike businesses and continue expansion for 200 new business for Cycle Tech Members in the UK and already established businesses affiliated with our network over the next few years. 
Cycle Tech UK has been growing with our partners and is now Approved service provider with many bike manufactures, business who sell online and cooperate businesses.  

For example our partner “Canyon Bikes UK” now puts all their warranty work, service and repairs to Cycle Tech UK. And we need more mechanics to start their business in many areas across the UK NOW. To provide Canyon and all our partners full service cover, across the UK. As online bikes sales grow and customers busy lifestyles so do the demands for our services increase. 

We have now developed a Postcode search on our website for new and existing customers, to direct them to their nearest mechanic, which will be linked with our Maps
Our number of new Members and enquirers are still growing and looking extremely positive. I am developing our brand and changing at this existing time with the bike trade and it’s trends, making our network prepared for now and the future.
Cycle Tech UK will consolidate it’s position as leader for mobile bicycle repairs in the UK

We anticipate that we will generate even more customers to use our services with key growth areas we are constantly targeting.

Along with our unique inner circle of our network members and contacts in the trade, giving you the best support in starting and running your own bike business.

Please contact me today. Email martin@cycle-tech.co.uk for more information and I will send you a info package.   

As you pursue your business with my guidance, I want to inspire you to be the best you can be, shatter mental barriers and achieve personal growth and enlightenment in the process.
Martin founder of Cycle Tech 2008

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