Saturday, 23 March 2013

Our Branding Can Secure a Long-term Name & Success

Our brand marketing has been one of the most important factors in our success, as Cycle Tech UK continues to grow nationally, our name and logo is one of the most powerful tools in our brand marketing.

Where all our Members are individual business, working under the same branding to a Members agreement and not a franchisee or corporate business where targets need to be met, but where our members can offer more of a personal local service, with the backup and support of our large network.

Our memorable logo can give feelings of trust and security in our unique services, it can leave people assured that they know our brand is high quality and most importantly it can stay with people for life, which means a customer for life too. The Cycle Tech UK name & logo is becoming a powerful signifier and an instantly recognisable name & logo that can reap huge rewards.

Our logo concisely indicates the purpose of our brand and services in this niche market. It has been designed with the target audience in mind.  By simply using our name & logo it creates unmistakable recognition in the marketplace. Our logo can help your new business secure a long-term name for itself and can help bring much more success to your business.

The Largest National Network Of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics

Our logo, name and slogan says exactly what's in the tin, this has helped new bike business's to a great start and long term success. Cycle Tech UK know's our brand works and its not a new business idea anymore, with over 28 Cycle Tech UK Members, it has become the only network to support mobile bicycle mechanic businesses in the world.

Despite success, our brand extends to our Members who make Cycle Tech UK what it has become. Members can see the benefits and by each Member supporting Cycle Tech UK this has added value to our brand. Each individual Member/Business is like minded having coming from different backgrounds, with the same interest and outlook, putting their effort to helping other members, offering customer service to a high standard has helped spread our name and all Members have continued to grow in this market place.

Being associated with us will help you gain a name for yourself in the industry. Our name & branding is also recognised in the trade, making it easier to open trade accounts and gain better discounts. Cycle Tech UK is also approached by events organisers, for our services of event support across the UK.

You too can start a mobile van service business and expand on our brand or strengthen your business by re branding and enjoy our susses. Cycle Tech UK is looking for like minded individuals across the UK to join our network and continue to grow our unique business.

Cycle Event Support 

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