Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Corporate Business Start-Up In Bicycle Repairs & Team Building

As cycling to work continues to grow, with London outnumbering the rest of the UK, as more and more people are turning to cycling, as they are all finding the added benefits of:

  • Fitness
  • Avoiding public transport
  • Going green
  • Reduce pressure on parking

Now is a good time to start a new business, with corporate business opportunities, making the workplace more cycle friendly and having companies signed up to your business model offering the following services.

  • On-Site bicycle servicing by visiting a corporate workplace 
  • Combining corporate team building with learning bicycle maintenance and safety
  • Valeting service
  • Technical support for corporate cycling events
  • Secure & safe bicycle parking facilities
  • New bikes & equipment saving TAX through the Cycle to Work scheme
  • Cycle hire, cycle fleet or pool bikes
  • Travel planning & cycle routes 
  • Incentives to encourage and assist staff to start cycling to work 
  • Launch Workplace BUG (Bicycle User Group) to maintaining the enthusiasm  
  • Low cost measures to make cycling to work easier for their employees
  • Cycle training, learn the skills for cycling on the UK's roads though Bikeability 
  • Keeping track and monitoring how well a company is encouraging cycling in to the workplace

With our large network of members operating in most areas of the UK, we are an ideal partner to allow you to launch a nationwide service. Cycle Tech UK can provide a complete servicing package for you and are happy to design a service with you to suit your needs. Cycle Tech UK operate under our own brand but we are happy to provide services for other brands. All Cycle Tech UK need from you is a realistic business model, and by that Cycle Tech UK mean one where Cycle Tech UK are able to offer our professional service at our normal rates - Cycle Tech UK are giving you a way to get your business off the ground, Cycle Tech UK don't expect to have to give you money as well! If you need Cycle Tech UK to be offering a low priced deal to make your business plan work, then you have failed at the first hurdle, it is not in our interests to subsidise other people's dream business! Our rates are visible to the public, but where there are activities such as day clinics or support services you would need to contact us as your idea of what is needed may not be the same as our view based on several years of offering these services. Where there is travelling involved, we need to recover vehicle costs and time spent travelling which is time not spent earning money fixing bikes. Don't be put off though, the bike industry is growing massively and there is plenty of room for different approaches to delivering bike maintenance to ensure customers a safe and enjoyable ride.

Cycle Tech UK can offer you a package to help your new business of the ground, saving you time and money by supplying you the inside knowledge to run a successful business to corporate clients:

  • On-site requirements
  • Risk assessments
  • Service check sheet & report
  • Teaching notes and materials 
  • Pricing 
  • Insurance
  • Agreement
  • Where to find funding

If you like to know more or like to arrange a meeting please email me today:

If you are a corporate organisation that has interest for this service please view our website for more information

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