Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mobile Workshop Van Racking Systems

The mobile bicycle workshop, is going to be your biggest expense and your main tool. Make sure you do it right!
As a mobile bicycle workshop, you will need a safe area to work from, tools at a handy reach, storage of stock and display.
Below are 3 videos from Tevo, Syncro System and Bott. Showing a range of van racking and van storage solutions feature a wide range of options to suit small, medium and large vans, providing affordable and effective solutions.

Dexion is an alturnitive to be used to make shelving with 3 - 5 mm ply and tailored to suit your van and requirements, used with a tool chest - is a cheap way but is heavy and will add extra weight to your fully loaded van.

Will you work inside your van?

Set up to work from the rear

Van Racking Installation by Tevo
The world's leading supplier of modular van racking systems

Internal Modular Van Racking from Bott

System Edström has the most flexible system for van racking on the market.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

New Bike Business Stories

There are some important factors to consider when starting a bike shop. I have put a video collection (Playlist) of those who have started a bike business and run bike shops.
Listing to their stories as it may help you make up your mind to start your own successful bike business.

Also read this excellent article from Cycling Weekly The changing face of the british bike shop


Direct link to Youtube Starting a bike business playlist HERE

Sunday, 22 December 2013

FSA BB30 With Lateral Play

Some BB30's have lateral play and this is taken up by the wavy washer. The washer takes up play from 1.5 to 2.2 mm. But some bikes have more side to side movement. 
FSA recommend 0.5mm plastic shims (Spacer kit of 3: MS 188) between bearing cover and wavy washer to remove exes play.

Removing FSA lefthand crank-arm

FSA Spacer kit ref: 230-4038:
0.5mm plastic shims fitted between bearing cover and wavy washer to remove exes play.

DESCRIPTION & MATERIALS: There are instances where despite proper installation of BB30 cranksets into BB30 or PF30 bottom bracket shells, there is “side play.” MS188 shims will remove the side play. Place the necessary shims between the non-drive bearing cover and wave spring washer (road) adjustment collar (for ATB).

View installation-and-maintenance video:- HERE

Trooble shooting and installation PDF:- HERE

Do not face or ream bottom bracket shell! This can possibly prevent proper installation of the crank. 

Specialized have come up with using adjustable conical spacers,to take up the lateral play.  

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mobile Van Business

The mobile van based business, (independent or franchise) that offer's on-site service, is now grown in to a worldwide known business that people now turn to as their first choice of preferred suppliers. For the ease of service, fitting in with customers needs and busy schedules.
You can now find mobile van businesses from Dog Walking/grooming, mobile Coffee, Garden machinery repair, Mobile beauty, Oven cleaning, Car dent repairs/Car valet/Car mechanic, Man & a van, Home cleaning, Computer repairs, that's just to mention a few.

All these businesses have one thing in common. "Personal service".

Our personalized bike on-site services 
By being in personal contact with the mechanic, our clients have the opportunity to witness the work and discuss any further issues with him, keeping them informed and in control.

There are many opportunities out there to start your own van based business. Many of these van based business have become very successful and known as offering a high end service.
If you want to be passionate about the work you are doing, you have an interest in cycling/bicycles, meeting people and looking at starting your own business, then a mobile bike business is something you could do for the rest of your working life and beyond.

Our mobile van business "Cycle Tech UK" is not a franchise, every business is independent, working under our logo to our high standard and to our terms of business. We have become a cooperative, as each business is a Member to our growing national network, who can benefit from everyone's expertise and experience. Each Member can offer a local personal service,with the backup and support of our network. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Mobile Bicycle Tune Up Business | USA, Canada, Australia

Mobile bicycle Tune Up repair businesses are growing worldwide and it has long been the case that the US has paved the way for UK trends.
But with the mobile bike business, the UK leads the way with the greatest number of mobile mechanics, that many are now well established and very successful.

Cycle Tech UK is becoming internationally recognised as the lead body for the UK mobile bicycle repair industry.
As well as our mechanics working to a high standard and to our terms of business, (Fully qualified, insured, the right tools, stock and trade accounts) Cycle Tech UK also Provides for its Members:
  • Business setup information and contacts in the trade
  • A forum and group email 
  • Technical support
  • Library of business setup/help documents, technical documents and workshop manuals, that can be viewed on our group website and can be accessed by technician's phone/ipad, very valuable when working mobile
  • Monthly news letters
  • Yearly meetings
  • Trade shows & networking
  • Business listing & added to our postcode search 
  • And much more...............................
The next 7 years the mobile bike business is going to grow even more:

  • Online Bicycle Sales are on the up with road bikes taking over MTB’s
  • Cycle to Work continues to grow (Hits 400,000 bikes sold since 2005 and with a big investment and new opportunity's for 2014)
  • Olympics & Tour De France has had a big impact
  • More additional funding for cycle paths within London and the Home Counties
  • Cycling campaign groups are working across the UK to grow cycling culture.
  • Cycle Hire continues to grow in major cities
  • Promoted as being healthy and good for the environment
  • You will have seen for yourself, that there are more cyclist’s out on the road! Whether for fun, commuters, or for fitness. With this large increase and demand, there is a ever growing increase for our service’s for every type of cyclist!

And the next Bike Boom will be caused by Generation Y who, born 1985-2004 and currently 8-27 years old, will be at 100 million, the largest generation in history. Among this generation there are approximately 43 million now above 18 years of age with another 57 million adding to the ranks of adult consumers every year for the next eight to ten years. Looking at the above three generations table, you can see the potential impact on bicycle purchases and spending that the 20 per cent of Generation Y has already made. Compared to Baby Boomers, a higher percentage of adult Gen Y consumers planned to buy a bicycle this year and are also planning to spend 134 per cent more on that next bicycle. Imagine what will occur when all 100 million hit the market as adult consumers. Referring again to the US Birth graph you’ll see that Generation Y has been consistently above four million births per year over the past decade, a level of consistency not seen since the Baby Boomers. But it’s not the sheer numbers alone that will cause the Bike Boom, but the mindset and focus of these consumers. Those Gen Y consumers already above the age of majority have been driving the growth of urban bicycling activity in many of the major metropolitan areas of the US Gen Y consumers are shying away from driving cars and using public transportation and the bicycle to commute to work, school, and errands. One can also opine that this is influencing the growth of bike sharing systems in cities and towns of all sizes around the US The younger Gen Y consumer, 8 to 17 years of age, is growing up with an awareness of the importance of the environment and the negative impact on health caused by obesity and sedentary lifestyles. So the bicycle will be seen as an easy fix for improving both issues. Of course, their world is connected by technology and social media, so it’s become natural to discuss the good and bad of retail shopping experiences. Let the specialty bicycle retail channel be warned now to prepare for what’s coming. By 2020, Baby Boomers will have taken the place of today’s Silent Generation on the sidelines to watch and wonder at the world being quickly created by the younger Generation X and the full force of Generation Y. By 2022, Generation X will have taken the place of today’s Baby Boomers as they begin to age out of activities like bicycling but Generation Y’s 100 million adult consumers will be actively engaged in the communities of interest they will have built and bicycling will be one of those communities. So the next Bike Boom will be upon us in the US and it will be glorious.
Words by Elliot Gluskin, Gluskin Townley group.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Buying A Used Van

Your van "The Mobile Workshop" will be one of the most important pieces of equipment you will buy for your business.
It has to transport you, your tools and stock of parts from job to job and back again.
So choosing the right van for our type of business is very important and choosing wisely will save you money.

At Cycle Tech UK we recommend a used van of around 4 years old or newer; of the typical size of a Ford Transit long wheelbase with high top roof or bigger. Or to help spread the setup costs of a new business setup is to lease a new van over 3 or 4 years.

Things to think about buying used:

You will soon find out looking at used vans is no easy task, vans are work horses and do not get looked after. Trying to find one with a full service history, low mileage and without ant dents is going to take a lot of your time, that's if you can find one! A private sale, one owner is not easy to find and they normally trade their van in as a deposit against buying a new one. Their are traders who specialise in selling used lease vans or ex police vans, with low mileage. You will also so find that 99% of vans will be plus VAT! 20% is a lot of extra money to layout, unless you are VAT registered and many small businesses are not!

You will need to be quick in finding a private van, as they go quick. Try searching on ebay, auto-trader and Gumtree, with ebay you can save your search enquiry. You also need to search within your area to view, or if you are willing to travel. Traders will also have a website or listing you can view all their vans or even call them to see what they have or is coming in.You may find that private sellers can be time wasting, by not answering your enquiries, not answering the phone or returning messages. And some sellers don't even have the V5 "logbook" "It been sent to Swansea, should be back soon" This is why many people choose to lease a van, or buy used from a trader and you will be looking at spending £7,500.00 + VAT for a used van with around 80k miles or more! As below make sure there is service history, MOT's and so on...........

Ex BT or British Gas Van's - Are worth a look, can be low millage, fully serviced and come with racking.

When I first started my mobile business, I started with a van smaller than this and within 6 months I had to sell and buy a BIGGER van. I was carrying a lot of stock and needed to have it stored as not to damage, to keep good stock control and to be-able to display items to sell.
The way you kit-out your van will also have an impact on your working environment, you will need to decide if you are going to work inside or outside, from the rear or the side of the vehicle. By having your tools and workshop parts at arms reach. For working inside the van, then consider buying a box van, as this will give you more room.
A question I do get asked a lot: "How many miles do you do a year?" A. 10k  For business running costs, this will be discussed in a meeting or chat.

The Mobile Workshop: Ford Transit, LWB, High Top used van

Do consider the following options to suit your needs:
  • Buy or hire. (Also talk with your account, to see what is best for saving on TAX.) Many used vans will also have VAT added to the price.
  • Whether you will need to manoeuvre the van around tight spaces and small driveways, as well as how much space you will need inside the vehicle.
  • The model you buy may have a big difference in the cost of your insurance. Check the weight load and engine size, some vans also have a sports model! 
When viewing a potential purchase:
  • Stick to your budget
  • Make sure the service book is stamped to date and check with old MOT'S and any invoices of service and any extra work done. If advertised as full service history "f.s.h" then it should be serviced up to date. It is not unknown for service books to be faked, so check that the stamps don't all look like they were created on the same day. It is far harder to forge receipts.
  • Keys - Make sure there is a spare key and that both work
  • MOT - is valued and when expires. 
  • Mileage - The more documentation you can get hold of, the better. If the interior is more worn than you would expect it to be, the mileage clock may have been tampered with.
  • Ensuring the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) matches the one on the logbook
  • V5C -  The V5C Registration Certificate (Also known as the log book) is the official document that records the name and address of the current and previous keepers, registration, chassis and engine number, make, year, model and colour. Check the Logbook,  for ownership. If the advert say 1 owner it should be 1 owner. Also check the Taxation Class for "Light Goods Vehicle" and not HGV if over max gross weight 3500 kg's. 
  • Make sure its complete with Radio code, spare key and any locking wheel nut keys.
Check & test drive the van:
  • Bodywork - for dents, rust or any paint bubbles or repair work that may have been from an accident. Particularly on the sills, wheel arches, seams, door bottoms and suspension mountings. Check the colour and texture of the paintwork match all over and the front end for excessive stone chips in the paintwork.
  • Interior - Check wear of seats, seat belts work correctly floor mats and damage to dash.
  • Tyres - check the tyres are road legal. While 1.6mm across the middle three quarters of the wheel is the legal minimum, 3mm is a safer level for the tyre tread to be at. If tyres are wearing on the inner or outer edge, could mean the tracking is out, or part of the steering or suspension is worn. And don't forget to check the spare tyre!
  • Engine - the oil and anti-freeze levels will give you a clue as to how well the van has been maintained to date. Check under the engine for oil leaks. Look for damaged hoses and frayed drive belts. They may not be expensive to fix, but the condition of the engine can reveal the degree of care and attention the van has had. Before the van is warmed up, look at the colour of the water in the radiator. The greeny tinge of anti-freeze is fine, but oily traces or a low water level could signal leaks or, even worse, a blown cylinder head gasket. Start the engine from cold, making sure it starts ok and let the engine run to normal working temperature and the heater blows hot air out inside the cabin. Listen for tappit noise or rattles and any smoke from the exhaust Rev the engine a couple of times to clear and then check. 
  • Brakes - perform an emergency stop on a quiet road to ensure they are in full working order. Stopping in a straight line and no grinding noise or juddering.
  • Gearbox & Clutch - check how smooth the gear changes are.
  • Lights & Electrics - check all lights are working correctly, heater, wipers, electric windows, mirrors, alarm, door locks.
  • Dash warning lights - (ABS, AIR BAG, ENGINE MANAGEMENT) come on and go out after self test.  
There's a lot to remember - so why not take a checklist with you? If any of the above are not in order then you have grounds to query the van, consider other options or negotiate for a discount to put things right. These are all bargaining points that could save you money.
Post by Martin Wilkins Ex Mobile Motor Mechanic @ MW Autos. City & Guilds with over 20 years in the motor trade before setting up Cycle Tech UK back in 2008

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mobile Bicycle Mechanics Needed To Fill In The Gaps

There is still plenty of room for more professional mobile bike businesses and continue expansion for 200 new business for Cycle Tech Members in the UK and already established businesses affiliated with our network over the next few years. 
Cycle Tech UK has been growing with our partners and is now Approved service provider with many bike manufactures, business who sell online and cooperate businesses.  

For example our partner “Canyon Bikes UK” now puts all their warranty work, service and repairs to Cycle Tech UK. And we need more mechanics to start their business in many areas across the UK NOW. To provide Canyon and all our partners full service cover, across the UK. As online bikes sales grow and customers busy lifestyles so do the demands for our services increase. 

We have now developed a Postcode search on our website for new and existing customers, to direct them to their nearest mechanic, which will be linked with our Maps
Our number of new Members and enquirers are still growing and looking extremely positive. I am developing our brand and changing at this existing time with the bike trade and it’s trends, making our network prepared for now and the future.
Cycle Tech UK will consolidate it’s position as leader for mobile bicycle repairs in the UK

We anticipate that we will generate even more customers to use our services with key growth areas we are constantly targeting.

Along with our unique inner circle of our network members and contacts in the trade, giving you the best support in starting and running your own bike business.

Please contact me today. Email for more information and I will send you a info package.   

As you pursue your business with my guidance, I want to inspire you to be the best you can be, shatter mental barriers and achieve personal growth and enlightenment in the process.
Martin founder of Cycle Tech 2008

Friday, 16 August 2013

Areas With High Demand - Bicycle Mechanics Wanted To Start Own Business

Due to high demand Cycle Tech UK is looking for new members to start their own business immediately in Colchester, York CambridgeLondon and more....................

Please don't miss this great opportunity and email me now for a information pack

Cycle Tech UK is being regularly contacted by potential customers in these areas and across the UK who are looking for our services.

Each new member has been a great success, generating new business not just for them but for the wider Cycle Tech UK network by creating awareness of the brand.

Quality Assured
Approved Mobile Service & Warranty Centre

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Our Branding Can Secure a Long-term Name & Success

Our brand marketing has been one of the most important factors in our success, as Cycle Tech UK continues to grow nationally, our name and logo is one of the most powerful tools in our brand marketing.

Where all our Members are individual business, working under the same branding to a Members agreement and not a franchisee or corporate business where targets need to be met, but where our members can offer more of a personal local service, with the backup and support of our large network.

Our memorable logo can give feelings of trust and security in our unique services, it can leave people assured that they know our brand is high quality and most importantly it can stay with people for life, which means a customer for life too. The Cycle Tech UK name & logo is becoming a powerful signifier and an instantly recognisable name & logo that can reap huge rewards.

Our logo concisely indicates the purpose of our brand and services in this niche market. It has been designed with the target audience in mind.  By simply using our name & logo it creates unmistakable recognition in the marketplace. Our logo can help your new business secure a long-term name for itself and can help bring much more success to your business.

The Largest National Network Of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics

Our logo, name and slogan says exactly what's in the tin, this has helped new bike business's to a great start and long term success. Cycle Tech UK know's our brand works and its not a new business idea anymore, with over 28 Cycle Tech UK Members, it has become the only network to support mobile bicycle mechanic businesses in the world.

Despite success, our brand extends to our Members who make Cycle Tech UK what it has become. Members can see the benefits and by each Member supporting Cycle Tech UK this has added value to our brand. Each individual Member/Business is like minded having coming from different backgrounds, with the same interest and outlook, putting their effort to helping other members, offering customer service to a high standard has helped spread our name and all Members have continued to grow in this market place.

Being associated with us will help you gain a name for yourself in the industry. Our name & branding is also recognised in the trade, making it easier to open trade accounts and gain better discounts. Cycle Tech UK is also approached by events organisers, for our services of event support across the UK.

You too can start a mobile van service business and expand on our brand or strengthen your business by re branding and enjoy our susses. Cycle Tech UK is looking for like minded individuals across the UK to join our network and continue to grow our unique business.

Cycle Event Support 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Jobs For Bicycle Repair Mechanic's Central London Full Time.

London has a growing number of cyclists and a shortage of mechanics. 

Cycle Tech UK is looking for new business start-up's in London. You would join our network as a membersimilar to a franchise with out the high fee's. Part of the package is our corporate partners across London require, Cycle Tech UK mechanics to cover the high demand of cyclists who cycle to work. All our members are independent business's with all the benefits and support of a national company. Cycle Tech UK Members all work to a high standard and offer our clients the very best in service and customer care. You will also have domestic customers using you for this unique service. You don't need to be experienced, as our members have all come from different backgrounds and our business setup manual will give you all the help to start your bike business.    

For more information on how to start your own business under the Cycle Tech UK branding, please email

Skyride London. One of the ways that has helped to encouraged  more cycling

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Join The Largest National Network Of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics

"Having a good start to your business is half the battle"

New Di2 11 Speed @ Shimano trade day.
Finding the right information quickly and easily when starting your mobile bike business can help it grow in the right direction.

The largest group of mobile bicycle mechanics best known as Cycle Tech UK has put a business "start up manual" package together, to get your business of the ground. Cycle Tech UK is committed to the support of it's Members; along with essential, tech help, our members group email, group website, network meetings and important contacts in the trade. Added with our great branding and internet presence you will also be able to achieve a successful business, for now and the long term.

The package has been put together with my experience in the bike trade and from helping new business setup's, support and running small mobile repair businesses over the last 15 years.

Please read first F.A.Q Page and Franchise or Join our Network.

Live chat
Email for more information and I will send you a PDF on how I can help you and how to arrange a meeting or live chat on Skype. My username cycletech1

Click on the Cycle Tech icon near your area, to find a Cycle Tech UK mobile bicycle mechanic.

View Cycle Tech UK in a larger map

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Trade Day at Core

This years trade day meeting at Core. Was Mike, MoMarkBobChris and Martin, Good day as always and great food.

Chris trying Campagnolos EPS 
Training day; Contact me for arranging a training day for EPS 

Stan's No Tubes
Tip; When using Stan's tape, clean rim with wet & dry to give a key for the sticky tape, on MTB wheels do not inflate over 40 psi. Road wheels rape tape around twice. 

KMC quick links
TIP; When ordering 7 and 8 speed take note that Shimano and Sram are not compatible (Different pin size) 

Mike's sign written van

Thursday, 24 January 2013

What If Money Was Not An Issue?

I am often asked; "What do I gain from helping people with their dream of starting their own mobile bike business?"  It's more about sharing what I am passionate about, by offering that gift and by doing what I enjoy, I will make enough money to live happy.

I really THINK that working on something you really believe in. Offering, sharing your unique gifts and talents, your LOVE to the world has value.

What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?
If you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time.

What if money were not an issue and you were able to do the things you love doing, the things you are really passionate about and live life without fear or regret?

What if you had the courage to say NO to a job you don’t like, and maybe hate, and YES to following your dreams and going after what you love doing?

View the short video 'What if Money didn't matter:

Monday, 21 January 2013

Payments By Text, Replace Payment By Cheque For Small Businesses

By the start of next year, every bank customer in the country may have the ability to transfer cash between bank accounts, using an app on their mobile phone. Barclay's became the first bank to launch an app for its own customers. As Mobile phones have become an essential part of our everyday life, the technology has grown significantly over the past decade and mobile phones have many uses from taking photos to banking. 

Having your customers know you except this form of payment, will be positive move to the susses of your business. Contacting customers with a email news letter early in 2014, letting them know your payment details and how easy it will be. 

It will be interesting to see if there will be any charges for businesses excepting this payment! 
End of the cheque?
"The banking industry denies that this is all a cunning plan to ensure the demise of the cheque. An outcry from MPs and consumer groups last year forced the banks into a highly embarrassing U-turn. After planning to phase out the use of cheques by 2018, the banks had to promise to keep accepting them, more or less in perpetuity. But about 25% of all cheques are written by individuals to pay other people, credit card bills, businesses such as tradesmen, and regular bills. If these payments switch wholesale to ones triggered by mobile phones, cheque use could drop even faster than before."

UK mobile users will be able to send and receive money by sharing only their phone number by spring 2014, the Payments Council has said.
Account owners will be asked by their banks if they want to opt-in to a database that will allow the sending of money by text message.
Its launch will bring the UK up to speed with technology long in use in the developing world.
Mobiles in the UK are already being used for a variety of online banking tasks, with services such as Barclay's PingIt simplifying sending money to and from accounts.
But this new set-up will be the first to not require users to set-up a separate account with a mobile wallet service. Account holders who do not wish to have their details in the database will be able to refuse - only customers who opt-in will be signed up. "The scheme will be administered by the Faster Payments service which processed more than 800 million online and phone banking transactions in 2012 - and the Link network, which processed 3.1 billion cash machine withdrawals last year."
Joined-up accounts
The system will mean people can send and receive money to others by sharing just their mobile number, rather than having to swap other details such as sort code or account number. However, the Payments Council said a passcode or similar security measure would ensure the system could not be abused. Also, banks will have the ability to remotely disable accounts suspected of misuse. The limits regarding how much money could be transferred with the service would be put in place, but that the amount had not yet been decided. Research would be conducted to make sure the limit represented a blend of "convenience and security", 
The Payments Council is working on getting the remaining financial institutions who are not yet involved in the project on board.
The eight institutions already backing the service are:
  • Barclays
  • Cumberland Building Society
  • Danske Bank
  • HSBC
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Metro Bank
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Santander

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Start-up - Tips and Hints to get your Bike Business To The Top‏

Managing Director and Founder of Cycle Tech UK Martin Wilkins has been blogging - and we think you might be interested in what he has been saying!

Martin has been sharing the lessons he has learned and the challenges he has faced whilst building Cycle Tech UK. Martin is here to help you succeed. He want's to make sure you know what to do if you are faced with the same obstacles we've met, to help you plan ahead and stop anything from standing in the way of making your business amazing.
If you haven't already come across these articles, please do have a look: 

Starting a mobile bicycle repair business

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Corporate Business Start-Up In Bicycle Repairs & Team Building

As cycling to work continues to grow, with London outnumbering the rest of the UK, as more and more people are turning to cycling, as they are all finding the added benefits of:

  • Fitness
  • Avoiding public transport
  • Going green
  • Reduce pressure on parking

Now is a good time to start a new business, with corporate business opportunities, making the workplace more cycle friendly and having companies signed up to your business model offering the following services.

  • On-Site bicycle servicing by visiting a corporate workplace 
  • Combining corporate team building with learning bicycle maintenance and safety
  • Valeting service
  • Technical support for corporate cycling events
  • Secure & safe bicycle parking facilities
  • New bikes & equipment saving TAX through the Cycle to Work scheme
  • Cycle hire, cycle fleet or pool bikes
  • Travel planning & cycle routes 
  • Incentives to encourage and assist staff to start cycling to work 
  • Launch Workplace BUG (Bicycle User Group) to maintaining the enthusiasm  
  • Low cost measures to make cycling to work easier for their employees
  • Cycle training, learn the skills for cycling on the UK's roads though Bikeability 
  • Keeping track and monitoring how well a company is encouraging cycling in to the workplace

With our large network of members operating in most areas of the UK, we are an ideal partner to allow you to launch a nationwide service. Cycle Tech UK can provide a complete servicing package for you and are happy to design a service with you to suit your needs. Cycle Tech UK operate under our own brand but we are happy to provide services for other brands. All Cycle Tech UK need from you is a realistic business model, and by that Cycle Tech UK mean one where Cycle Tech UK are able to offer our professional service at our normal rates - Cycle Tech UK are giving you a way to get your business off the ground, Cycle Tech UK don't expect to have to give you money as well! If you need Cycle Tech UK to be offering a low priced deal to make your business plan work, then you have failed at the first hurdle, it is not in our interests to subsidise other people's dream business! Our rates are visible to the public, but where there are activities such as day clinics or support services you would need to contact us as your idea of what is needed may not be the same as our view based on several years of offering these services. Where there is travelling involved, we need to recover vehicle costs and time spent travelling which is time not spent earning money fixing bikes. Don't be put off though, the bike industry is growing massively and there is plenty of room for different approaches to delivering bike maintenance to ensure customers a safe and enjoyable ride.

Cycle Tech UK can offer you a package to help your new business of the ground, saving you time and money by supplying you the inside knowledge to run a successful business to corporate clients:

  • On-site requirements
  • Risk assessments
  • Service check sheet & report
  • Teaching notes and materials 
  • Pricing 
  • Insurance
  • Agreement
  • Where to find funding

If you like to know more or like to arrange a meeting please email me today:

If you are a corporate organisation that has interest for this service please view our website for more information