Saturday, 8 December 2012

Stuck In A Job That Makes You Feel Like Your Life Is Going Nowhere

While most workers prefer to stay with their job that they don't like, than look for a new job in fear of the new job not working out or loosing their new job as being the last one in is the first one out, as many Company's are not expanding and investing. With Britain struggling, Banks not lending at low rates and the outlook is becoming like Japan as the UK is stagnating. Those people that can not live like that or not prepared to adjust where not much is happening, can change their outlook on life and start their own bike business. Even in times of uncertainty, with the right planning and support could be a step forward for your life change. Having a business that gives you time to spend with your family, enjoy what makes you happy and invest in your future.

Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to express yourself and develop your concept in any way you choose. You get to do what you’re interested in and you can expand on your bike business and make it grow as big as you like; the bike business market is unique and you can grow your bike business and add it with health and fitness, environment, tourism, cycle hire, teaching cycling or maintenance classes and whatever you imagination takes you, with the ability to be as creative as you like is far more appealing than a one-dimensional job.

As their is a uncertainty with the long term recovery of the UK and with low interest rates on savings, then you may be thinking if you have around £10k to invest in starting your own business. If so then Cycle Tech UK can help and guide you, with out you falling flat on your face. Every business has a risk, you will need to calculate the risk first of running your business. I have been running Cycle Tech for 5 years, it can be very profitable, it’s not just large corporations that make large profits. Although the start up process can be tough, running a business from home reduces costs and with the added help of Cycle Tech UK’s experience, support and business start-up pack, you can run your business well and the rewards can be huge. 
It has taken me time to build my business and I still need to keep ahead of the game.
Being a member of Cycle Tech UK you too can have a working lifestyle to suit your needs. Even grow your business so in the future your children can have a job and eventually take over where you can still take a profit as a income as part of your pension.
There are no guarantees, but building your own business/future you have the control, where working for someone else you are just a number, your job has no guarantee, along with your pension and investments.

If you are uninspired by your monotonous job, starting your own business will keep you on your toes and stretch your abilities to the maximum. If you want a career where every day is different, going it alone could be for you.

You can start by making a simple business plan; just make a list of items to start your business and a list of running costs, also make a list of your private monthly outgoings from your bank statement, as a guide of what you need to earn/set aside each month over a 12 month period. You can use this list to see if you can cut back on any monthly payments; like down grading your phone (This will be a tax deductible item once you start your business)
You could even start this business part time, to get it of the ground before you give up your job completely and use any holiday due to complete mechanics qualifications. Although juggling the two can be tricky, but having a successful sideline should be a very profitable option, before giving up a regular income. See our F.A.Q page. 

If you are interested in running your own bike business and change your life, then please read this Blog first (Even print the pages to read or show a family member or friend first before contacting me as there is more about running a bike business then one first thinks, as you may have more questions to ask me) and email me for more information and I will send you a PDF with ways how I can help you and if you like to take the next step, how to arrange a 1/2 hour meeting or chat.

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