Thursday, 27 December 2012

Cycle Tech UK Business Start Up's 2012

Once again it’s been a tough year for new businesses in the UK, with no respite from the tough economic climate and a less than inspiring Autumn Statement.

  • However, the start-up scene goes from strength to strength; Cycle Tech UK had 13 more members joining this year, with our youngest member Matt from Cycle Tech Tamworth who is only 24.
  • Cycle Tech UK network had valuable advice and encouragement from established members at our A.G.M; to help new members start up their mobile bike business, inspiring start-up tales and advice. 
  • Members reporting a busy year, with minimum of quiet periods compared with 2011 & 2010. And in many cases more busy than bike shops, when many shops where blaming the weather for a poor start to Spring. 
  • With plenty of encouragement this year from Bradley Wiggins, who became the first Briton to win the Tour de France and Olympic time trial gold medalist, that helped boosting sales of road bikes. 

Whilst Cycle Tech UK strive to provide practical and informative business start up help and long term support to it's members. Cycle Tech UK also hope to continue to inspire in 2013 it's members network, along with a steady growth in new members, that they will be-able to offer their best service to existing customers and gain more new customers using our unique services.
In uncertain times The Small Business Index Shows many other small businesses are cautiously optimistic and is a positive start for 2013.

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