Friday, 21 September 2012

Halfords Voted The Worst For Customer Service

Shoppers have dumped bicycles retailer Halfords at the bottom of the High Street pile in a customer satisfaction survey.The poll published by consumer champion Which? Ranked Halfords as the UK's worst store. One customer said Halfords had 'unhelpful and rude' staff and 'its products are worse than any I’ve purchased before'.

Halfords said it is improving its service by 'working hard and investing'. A spokesman added: 'At Halfords, providing a high level of great service is a top priority and our feedback shows thousands of customers each week love the help we provide.

I have not seen any changes in the last 35 years!

Is this a customer fixing his own bike in Halfords?

Can only be good news for the mobile bicycle mechanic, having heard similar stores from customers that have brought bicycles from Halfords, that are not happy with their customer service and would not use Halfords again. And now use the mobile bicycle mechanic to build new bikes, for service and advice.  

I would imagine that customers that are new to cycling use Halfords and customers that like it's ease of use i.e large shop and car parking, soon find out they offer cheap service and sell cheap bicycles for a reason.  Also read bicycle shaped objects why you should not buy one. It's not all bad news, many mechanics that work at Halfords move and further their career in a proper bike shop. Or better still start their own bike business as a mobile bicycle mechanic. 

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