Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cycle Show Network Meeting

  Cycle Tech UK Workshop Vans Line Up At NEC Cycle Show

Sir Chris Hoy speaking at the Cycle Show "It has been an amazing year, still haven't really had the chance for it to sink in and have some time to relax as it has been incredibly busy since the games but what an amazing year for myself the team for all of cycling and sport in britain it has been a year to remember "

Network Meeting: Cycle Tech UK Members join at the NEC for network review. Good feedback from all members new and established reporting that they have been busy and building a good customer base. 

Once again taking over the coffee stall

It's always good for new Members to network at the show

Cycle Tech Snowdonia. One of the newest Members

 Cycle Tech Eastbourne

Friday, 21 September 2012

Halfords Voted The Worst For Customer Service

Shoppers have dumped bicycles retailer Halfords at the bottom of the High Street pile in a customer satisfaction survey.The poll published by consumer champion Which? Ranked Halfords as the UK's worst store. One customer said Halfords had 'unhelpful and rude' staff and 'its products are worse than any I’ve purchased before'.

Halfords said it is improving its service by 'working hard and investing'. A spokesman added: 'At Halfords, providing a high level of great service is a top priority and our feedback shows thousands of customers each week love the help we provide.

I have not seen any changes in the last 35 years!

Is this a customer fixing his own bike in Halfords?

Can only be good news for the mobile bicycle mechanic, having heard similar stores from customers that have brought bicycles from Halfords, that are not happy with their customer service and would not use Halfords again. And now use the mobile bicycle mechanic to build new bikes, for service and advice.  

I would imagine that customers that are new to cycling use Halfords and customers that like it's ease of use i.e large shop and car parking, soon find out they offer cheap service and sell cheap bicycles for a reason.  Also read bicycle shaped objects why you should not buy one. It's not all bad news, many mechanics that work at Halfords move and further their career in a proper bike shop. Or better still start their own bike business as a mobile bicycle mechanic. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Think BIG

Now is a good time to start your mobile bike business, as lifestyles get busier, so does the demand for mobile bicycle repair services. Individuals and businesses are both searching for services that offer the added convenience and time savings that mobile bicycle repair businesses provide.
If you have money to invest, you could have your own business. Knowing where to invest your money is key, having the right van 'the mobile workshop', training, tools, stock and advertising to run a successful business.

Joining Cycle Tech UK I will shear with you inside knowledge to help start and run you mobile bike business.

Think BIG but start small, spending money on looking and being professional. 

If  you main objective is to own a successful  mobile bike business, you first need to make sure this business is for you and for you to start of with the right business plan.
Are going to work out the back of a car. What sort of jobs are you going to get? Cheap bikes to work on! You will need to work on 3 cheap bikes to make the same money working on a mid to high end bike. Of course Cycle Tech UK will work on any make of bicycle (not going to turn work away) the more you work on high end bikes the more work you will find you have all year and the more profit you will make. Don't be a busy fool.
A 2 week training course is only going to show you 10% of fixing of all bikes. You will need to continually invest in training. Working under Cycle Tech UK branding you will have the chance to work alongside me to see how  the day to day work is carried out.

Cycle Tech UK needs to continue to provide a professional outlook to customers and suppliers alike. In this way Cycle Tech UK can continue to move away from the ‘poor substitute for a bike shop mentality’. Cycle Tech UK is looking for like minded people who are willing to invest into their own mobile bike business working under the Cycle Tech UK branding and operating their business from a professional mobile workshop.  

There is a lot to think about starting and running a mobile bike business, so it's always best to have a chat or meet up and I can answer your questions to find out if this business is for you and if you like to join Cycle Tech UK to find out what you can bring to the Cycle Tech UK network.

Take The Path Less Traveled

Dare to take the road less traveled, for only this way you will achieve great success in all areas of life.
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

With cycling becoming more popular this business is growing fast. Cycle Tech UK can help you setup and grow your business D.I.Y or as a Cycle Tech UK Member. 

Please email  for a info pack.